Thursday, December 24, 2009

To reduce the cough with aloe and honey


The cough is annoying in itself, and when it comes a cough attack is necessary to look for remedies that allow to fight it of effective form. In this sense, the home-made remedies are the best option, since they act as better than the conventional syrups, and also they have a much more conditioning action.

We present today a home-made remedy for the cough, cocktail with two ingredients much known in the ambience of the natural remedies: the honey and the aloe will see. Both components are known by his conditioning effect, and to combine them implies multiplying his effectiveness.

The aloe and the honey work repairing the annoyed textiles, and in case of the honey there is added to him to this function the aptitude to add energy to our organism to recover more quickly than the cough.

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