Saturday, December 5, 2009

Properties of the dull grass


I confess addicted to the dull grass, plant that is consumed by a ritual associated with her (that involves a cultural apprehension to the mate in Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina) and that serves so much as morning alarm clock for his effects energizantes, as well as accompanist.

Nevertheless, what today is used like popular concoction, in his antiquity he took advantage straight for his benefits. The properties of the dull grass are multiple, and the traditional medicine has been able to extract profit of them. We emphasize next some benefits of the dull grass to be born in mind.

First of all this one has an important effect to lose weight, since it acts inhibiting the activity of many genes associated with the development of obesity. Also, it has been demonstrated that to consume it for 45 days helps to that those who consume it feel fuller at the time of feeding.

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