Friday, December 25, 2009

Chakras: Chakra of the Heart Anahata and the love


The way is a symbol of unit and of synthesis. This way, the quarter chakra also named Anahata or Chakra of the Heart is an union of put up, crossing, integration. It is half of the system of seven chakras, and as such it is located in the center of our body, I joust at a height of the heart.

The Chakra of the Heart (by it his name) is deeply associated with the love and with the compassion. It is this the one that governs our feelings towards the others, and to we allow to love deeply, feel compassion and piety and have a deep feeling of peace and centrality.

The Anahata governs physically the blood circulation that comes to all our corners in the unit of our body, emotionally it governs the unconditional love for one himself and for the others, mentally it governs the passion and spiritually it governs the devotion.

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