Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grape juice to take care of your brain


Of the grape wine does not go out only, and the grape juice is other of his delightful products. As it happens with his alcoholic brother (?), this juice also is provided with numerous benefits for the health. It is necessary to add a very important antirust potential to the proper benefits of the grape for the cerebral health that we find in this drink.

In fact, from the University of Cincinnati Dr. R. Krikorian has carried out an experiment with twelve patients to prove the benefits of the juice of grape with regard to the cerebral health. All the participants were developing early phases of illnesses that affect the memory.

The investigators offered to them grape juice to half of them for twelve months, and then the results were compared with regard to another half of the group. On having finished the year of study, which had consumed the juice demonstrated to have better levels of memory than the others.

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