Saturday, December 12, 2009

Maha-Mantra or Big Mantra


The Maha-Mantra or Big Mantra is not but one of so many people mantras of the doctrine of the Vedas, but it is a question of one of the most important of all of them. The mantras are spiritual vibrations that strengthen the body and the mind, causing precise vibrations on certain levels of our being.

The Mantras of the yoga act on the body treating illnesses and improving the health, and on the mind liberating the tensions and reducing the stress, making possible to face the most relaxed life of a form and serene, encouraging the self-knowledge and the interior peace.

The Maha-Mantra is sung to choir to feel it in community, and it talks each other of a mantra very powerfully that reaches the deepest conscience levels to promote this way the health of the group. It must be recited this way:

(I resided …)

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