Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home-made remedies for the hair


Dandruff, baldness, dehydration … all these problems and many other they are common in more than one hair. And like the hairdressing salon and the treatments they are usually somewhat costly, we offer some home-made remedies for the hair that can help to support it in the good state.

The first one of these home-made remedies is directed to prepare the baldness across the stimulation of the circulation in the scalp. The massage with the coconut oil on him is advisable for it, and the treatment is completed placing a humid towel in the scalp after the application of the massage.

A massage in the scalp with lemon juice during fifteen or twenty minutes can be very useful against the dandruff, and if what you have is an opaque and dull hair, it is enough to boil tea leaves in water and to apply on the hair.

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