Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recent benefits of the stinging nettle


However much the stinging nettle associated straight with annoyance, but in the frame of the popular medicine this grass has been used in innumerable occasions to treat a problems endless number.

The medicine herbalist has been able to extract profit of the stinging nettle to treat illnesses like the drop, the anemia or the hay fever, also to reduce the pain of joints and the muscular pain, the arthritis, the tendinitis and up to stings of insects or problems of the skin. And in addition to it, the science has contributed his quota of benefits of the stinging nettle to keep on adding up.

For example, recently it was discovered that the stinging nettle is very useful for problems of the prostate, specifically to treat the prostate hiperplasia beninga. Although concrete applications are missing to verify the utility of this treatment, at least it is known that the stinging nettle can be a future investigation field to treat the illness.

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