Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chakras: Basic Chakra Muladhara and the vital force


The chakras are a current currency in OtraMedicina, and in several occasions we have alluded to them like one of the principal concepts of the oriental philosophy. The chakras are seven energy centers that are distributed along our body, from the head until the year. The chakras make possible that the energy circulates along our body, and there exist several alternative therapies that stimulate his activity to facilitate the energy flow.

On this day we give beginning to a special one on seven chakras in that we will start to explore directly one for one the meanings and associations of these seven energy centers of the body.

We begin for Chakra Base, Muladhara, which one is the chakra root. It is located between the year and the genitals, and collaborates to the desire of living and to the physical energy. Also, it is related to the instinct and the safety, to the survival and to everything what involves our original animal nature.

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