Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home-made remedies against the haemorrhoids

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As well as we speak on natural remedies for the haemorrhoids it does a time behind, we touch the topic again today, offering a succinct list of home-made remedies for the haemorrhoids that be able to extract you of troubles if you are crossing this problem.

The internal haemorrhoids or the day pupils (be which is the case) there are a problem that arises in the region of the year due to an ingestion poor in fibre on the part of the individual, which is more difficult the depositions. Hence, to resort to some home-made remedies to treat the haemorrhoids of course I resulted to you from help to get rid of them.

One of these home-made remedies consists of the application of olive oil, which contains conditioning properties that will help you to limit the pain and the itch associated to this problem. However much it costs, you must take an olive oil teaspoonful every day (do not apply it straight on the affected area).

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