Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Relax with Reflexology


The reflexology is practically a common place on having referred to alternative medicine. His tradition, popularity and effectiveness as alternative treatment are notable, and it owes to his inherent properties.

In concrete terms, we apply reflexology to treat an endless number of problems and illnesses, like for example the backache, the constipation and even the unfertility. In all his applications, the reflexology produces a sensation of relaxation that defines the treatment, and that from her innumerable benefits obtain not only for the mind, but for the physical health.

The reflexology works on the assumption of which the feet are areas of integration of the reflexes of our body. There many nerves come together, and stimulating certain points with a good massage podal, we can obtain positive effects on particular problems of health (bad circulation, fatigue, etc.) and on our frame of mind and general well-being.

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