Monday, December 21, 2009

To eliminate the warts


A good treatment to eliminate the warts is the outstanding figure: dry ice. It is enough to the dermatologist to go in a pair of meetings so that it applies dry ice on the warts and these disappear. Nevertheless, several home-made remedies exist against the warts, and we sum some of them up today.

To eliminate the warts naturally is something that needs a little of patience and steadfastness. Nevertheless, if you are afraid of the dry ice you can use some home-made remedies to eliminate the warts I hope you are lucky. In this occasion we point at it showing some natural remedies against the warts.

The first one of them can dream a little macabre, but it consists of placing a rope about the wart. This way what we do is basically to cut the blood circulation that comes to the wart, and this way the same one dies and falls down after some days.

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