Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Properties of the berries of alquequenje


Alicabi, capulí, tomatillo English or Chinese lantern are some of the names with which there is known the alquequenje, a plant that grows in European and South American territory. It usually appears in the vineyards and the forests, and although his frequency is not wide, costs to realize a good search to come across with her.

We can recognize it easily as his red or orange berries, which have a delightful sweet and sour flavor and which can get together with a good wine to intensify his flavor. In addition to it, the berries are provided with medicinal properties about which we speak next.

These berries contain vitamin C and organic acids (citric acid and malic acid). Also it is rich in caroteno (vitamin A) and they contain alkaloids. All this composition grants him to the berries of alquequenje properties diuréticas and depurative, and also it is useful to eliminate the uric acid.

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