Thursday, December 17, 2009

Acupuncture for pregnant women


When it comes the pregnancy opens a new chapter to itself in the life of the woman. The happy moments associated with him are notable, but also there are bad someone. One of them there are the pains that the physical changes of the pregnancy produce, being one of the most notable the backache produced by the weight of the fetus.

This is very common in many pregnant women, and it is accentuated usually more than anything in the low part of the back. It is here where the counterweight is accentuated, and also in the pelves, where also pain is endured. To avoid it and to be able to live through the pregnancy of normal form, the acupuncture is an excellent solution.

American Journal of Obstetrics publishing in and Gynecology, a group of investigators have worked with 159 pregnant women who were divided in three groups: one that received auriculotherapy treatment (acupuncture in the ears), other that received an acupuncture treatment in false points of the body, and other that did not receive any treatment.

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