Thursday, December 10, 2009

Properties of the vanilla


If you are a good cook or a good desserts degustador, of course you complete often vanilla. This is one of the most common saborizantes for the desserts, and his use is amplísimamente extended by the kitchens of the whole world. Nevertheless: do you know thoroughly the vanilla?

This spice is prepared by a long care, which turns it into one of the most expensive agricultural products of the entire world. This prepared product is the one that comes to your kitchen and with that you prepare the desserts. But in addition to obtaining a delightful flavor, you obtain also numerous properties.

One of the properties most known about the vanilla is his aptitude to prepare the cancer. The vanilina is the active ingredient of the vanilla, and she has demonstrated to have numerous properties against the cancer. In addition to preparing the mutation of the cells that causes the cancer, it brakes the growth of the same ones.

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