Saturday, October 31, 2009

To sit down less


Since the naturalsolutionsmag people joke, if you are seated while he reads this article, perhaps want to stop and stay standing. Does he know why? I hope that not … since I joust about that I want to speak to him now. Do they follow me?

Well, according to a study of American College of Sports Medicine the weather quantity that the persons remain seated and the risk of enduring a premature death, they are linked.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Class of facial yoga


Here in OtraMedicina, we have spoken much of the Yoga and your variants. And not long ago we begin to speak about a very special variant, the facial yoga. Designed to mobilize all the muscles of the face, to obtain steadfastness, correction in the wrinkles and a happier expression.

In Japan, the cosmetic education is more deep-rooted that in the Occident and the facial yoga it is an example of it. What happens? In Japan there is less expressiveness than in our culture, therefore they must exercise the muscles of the face.

The Japanese do not use many muscles of the face, since your language implies many less movements. Many less than those of Spanish or English, that's why they must stimulate the muscles to strengthen them.

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The properties of the Thorny Currant bush


Much consumed by the countries of Europe, the fruits of the thorny currant bush are known by your delightful flavor, made use normally to prepare jellies and jams. Nevertheless, in addition to your flavor the fruits possess some medicinal properties that we share next.

The fruits of the thorny currant bush are characterized for containing organic acids, sugar, vitamins A, B and C and you exit mineral. All these elements bring him an important nutritional value and a series of properties of that the popular medicine has been able to make use.

They emphasize between them the depurative action, aeritiva, digestive, remineralizante and laxative, although of all of them most used it is the action diurética of the thorny currant bush. For it, the consumption of the fruits of the plant is characterized for being capable of eliminating toxins of our body.

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Medicine holística to fight migraines


We must not be surprised of that there exist so many persons who suffer from migraines. The migraines and migraines are common largely of the population due to this age of stress and worries that characterize the life of the XXIst century, and for it it is necessary that each one takes measures on this matter and worries about fighting them.

The medicine holística and alternative is a very seductive path to be continued for it, since the individualized collision of the problem allows to solve it inside the needs of every patient. Also, the medicine holística processes the problem from diverse points of view, which makes possible to solve it being provided with several hardware and contributing many answers.

The first thing, to bear in mind, the feeding is. To say to him NOT to the refined sugar, the oils hidrogenados and the preservatives there is the first step followed by a healthy and natural feeding that promotes the food consumption of Mediterranean font. Accompany it of a sufficient hydration and you will be a witness of your effects.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cool Roller: automassage in the cervical one


Did you read the article about automassages with Cool Roller? It is interesting: truth? There we explain the skill to you and give you some advices to practise it. Now then, I realize that an image costs more than thousand words. That's why I have put myself in campaign to find some videos tutors.

What seems to you if we begin with an automassage in the cervical one? It looks at the video and imitates the actions of the woman. It is very simple to relax the cervical area of your body with Cool Roller, you already will see it. Do you cheer up to practise this skill?

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Facial yoga


Do they know what is the facial yoga? Have they listened that the celebrities practise him? Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others. Let's learn a little of this skill of the hand of univision.

This skill is causing fury in the United States. There are centers that give the discipline, like an alternative of processing to avoid the wrinkles and the expression lines, to strengthen the facial muscles and to eliminate the dewlap.

The skill consists of exercises of facial gymnastics, graceful grimaces and special massages. It is the millennial tradition of the yoga, put to the service of the face. Facial stretching exercises, with methods of respiration of that they mark the rhythm.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Edict massage with Cool Roller


Do you know about Cool Roller? I hope that yes, we have already spoken about them. We even gave you some tricks to practise the therapeutic criomasaje overland.

Now we want to speak to you about the automassage, since also it can be practised by Cool Roller, about very simple and effective form.

Do you want to know the skill? Well, according to the same people of Cool Roller you must take two spheres.

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To improve the position with the skill Alexander


Ready attention to how do you sit down. Do you feel weight in your shoulder blades? The fallen shoulders? Does it curl one too much pronounced in your column? Pains in the sacred one? All of them are warning of that you have a bad position, and before this one turns habit it is necessary to take measures.

For weather the skill Alexander one comes posicionando like one of the most beneficial alternative therapies to improve the position and to fight the backache. It is processed as a simple practice that concentrates in realizing certain activities this way to correct the position and to be accustomed to our body to being located of correct form.

With every hour that we spend many opposite to the computer, the physical works of load that do that we raise weight not always of suitable form or the such defects of birth like the scoliosis, it is important to consider the skill Alexander to improve our position.

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To reduce panic attacks with alternative medicine


One of the answers of the individual before situations of long stress and anxiety there are the famous extreme attacks of panic, reactions of burden and nervousness that are evident of different form according to the individual. Undoubtedly, to endure them is a serious problem, and the more it is possible to do to prepare them, the better.

The first step to give is to go to the doctor. Of course recommend to you to consult with a psychotherapist and perhaps some medicines prescribe you. To consume them ó does not depend on you and on the council of your doctor, but meanwhile you can give him an opportunity to the alternative medicine you to go undoing of your panic attacks.

The medicine herbalist is a big alternative on this matter, so there exist several relaxing grasses that can help you very much. The hipérico, the manzanilla, the valerian, the lime tree or the lavender are some of them, and consumed in aromaterapia or as infusion they can help you to control your anxiety and your nerves, preventing from inputting in the mental states associated with the attacks of panic.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chlorophyll and bad breath

Curiously we speak two times in the same week of the chlorophyll. The fact is that this substance, as one has seen has an anti-carcinogenic potential, and now one emphasizes it like a natural product for the bad breath.

Sometimes, for more toothbrush that you apply and although your mouth hygiene is ideal, the bad breath is present. In fact, this one not always is caused by the bacteria of your mouth, but by the activity of your digestive system, to which you do not reach with your toothbrush, obviously. The chlorophyll can be an answer to be considered in cases of that you could not fight.

The chlorophyll acts like a big toxins cleaner. On having consumed wheat, alfalfa or barley to fight the halitosis, we are making use of the high place contained in chlorophyll of these plants. The content in magnesium of the chlorophyll is the manager of it, and the first reason of why the chlorophyll fights the bad breath.

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The yoga for Maria Sharapova


There is always good for the sportsmen the integration of the sports disciplines. A swimmer can practise oar as complement, and a rugby player do muscle-building to become stronger. In case of the Tennis, to practise yoga is a sensational idea, since the yoga practice increases the elasticity and reverberates on the performance on the court.

Maria Sharapova realizes it well, and in a video for Nike that we leave next the tennis player explains what is the yoga in your life and the positive effect that this practice has on your output.

The Russian tennis player tells that he practises yoga from kidling, and that the practice has helped her to develop significantly like sportsman. As well Sharapova says, in a sport in which the balance and the balance play a key role, the yoga has helped her to develop like professional player.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Meditation of the heart


The meditation of the heart can be realized by any person, and your benefits will reverberate so much in her as in your relations with the others, turning more genuine the love to grant and preparing the soul to receive the affection.

To begin it is necessary to massage the breast during some minutes. The breast must be slack and distended, and we also have to feel soft and relaxed. Then, when the breast is prepared we adopt our most comfortable position and give beginning to the meditation.

During the same one the inhalation and the exhalation must be deep. When we inhale we fill with air then to relax during the exhalation, doing that the air exits both for the nose and for the mouth.

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Exercises for the sight: palming


Do they know that it is the palming? It is a very simple exercise, to improve the sight. Do they remember that not long ago the lazy Ochos we learned? Well, all right … the palming is another skill very simple to stimulate the sight.

This skill is destined to rest the eyes and the mind, relieving the tensions. And for better, it is very simple to do. Do you cheer up to learn it following the councils of Maurizio Cagnoli?

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Therapeutic Criomasaje overland with Cool Roller



Of course you have read our article about Cool Roller. Of course they have worried you and you even have bought yourself some. And if it is like that, you will want to learn to use them of the best way. If it is interesting to you to perfect your skill of therapeutic criomasaje overland, using the Cool Roller, here we will give you some councils of the mark.

To realize the therapeutic criomasaje overland it is advisable to have 4 cool roller in the freezer. Them leave the sufficient weather, like so that they are well cold. Two are for your immediate use and others two to have in reservation The temperature of the freezer must be centigrade 18 under zero.

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Exercises for the sight: ochos lazy


What seems to them if we learn the movement of “Lazy Ochos”? It is very easy … it is enough to extend the hand and to continue the movement of the finger.

This gymnastics exercise for the brain, serves to integrate the visual fields of the left and the right, propitiating a better communication between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. Also, it improves the balance and the coordination.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Properties of the Purslane


It is easier to recognize between the purslane for your sheets than for your flowers. It is processed as a very common grass that scatters for the soil with your branches. The flowers are yellow and they happen unnoticed, and your fruit is dry. It blooms at the end of spring and has some medicinal uses that we annotate next.

The most common medicinal use of the purslane is as natural laxative. The presence of mucilage in the plant awards the laxative potential and purgative, since along the digestive tract it drags substances harmful to the organism. Nevertheless, so that the mucilage of the purslane acts as laxative it is necessary that it is consumed by important water quantities.

In addition to be using like plant laxativa, to the purslane the uses assume to him as diuretic, demulcente, hipoglucemiante and antihelmíntico. Nevertheless, the most consistent benefit of the plant is your potential as natural laxative.

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YogaBeans: Yoga with humor


*Advertencia: this is not serious, but it costs it her ask *

Normally we usually speak about yoga like a discipline directed to upgrade the self-knowledge, the knowledge, and the health in all the aspects (physical, mental and social). Your applications are diverse, and the branches of the yoga also are multiple. Today, nevertheless, we will leave the spirits tone aside the yoga takes with a little of humor.

Done the warning of above, I can begin. And yes, YogaBeans is not serious, but not for it it gets out from being present in OtraMedicina. It is processed as a blog in which some asanas are represented taking as models personages like Batman, Hi-Man, Spiderman or Barbie, demonstrating asanas of Ashtanga Yoga. Fiancé: you will laugh the whole weekend.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Meditation for the doctors


The doctors are, with complete certainty, some of the professionals who suffer more stress. Not only the responsibilities associated with your profession (particularly in case of the surgeons), but also the obligations that they contract, with a few hours of sleep, rotary schedules and absence of free weather are all factors that they contribute to it.

A group of investigators that there publishes your investigation in the Journal of the American Medical Association has dealt with it, searching some answer between the alternative therapies that allow to help to reduce the stress of these professionals. The meditation jumped first of all.

The investigators allocated 70 doctors at 2 hours and a half of sessions of meditation per week for ten months, this way to observe the effects that this practice had on the doctors. The results were better than the awaited thing, and they gave place to very interesting conclusions.
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Yoga and Hypnosis: A bent perfect one


The concentration, the good sleep, the relaxation, the good humor, the interior peace and other countless benefits are those that the yoga can give us. The millennial practice is in narrow contact with these wonderful mental states, and complemented by associate therapies he makes to benefit us only even more.

The hypnosis, meanwhile I walk towards the subconscious can be a magnificent complement for the yoga. Your application will allow us to contact our interior being, achieving an impossible spiritual communication to reach in the conscious state with itself, and being induced by another person or like autohypnosis, it can be an excellent complement for the yoga.

To merge the hypnosis with the yoga practice will allow us to avoid the distractions that happen in our mind when we are not sufficiently concentrated as to practise yoga of integral form.

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Fonts of Pranayama


Normally we do not use the whole potential that awards us the respiration. The rhythm of the everyday life makes us forget the benefits of the respiration, and with it we forget that the respiration can harmonize us more than no other thing, help us to relax us, improve our concentration and our emotional well-being.

The hinduísmo had already realized it thousands of years ago, and for it it developed the pranayama. We know well the pranayama, and as revision we remember that the pranayama is a respiration system to debug the body and mind, in addition to complementing the yoga and the meditation. We explain today the pranayama fonts.

Bhastrika: The air is inhaled and exhaled by intensity, increasing the interior fire of the body. The diaphragm movement is used to create corporal heat.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Properties of the hawthorn


The hawthorn is a native plant of the moderate regions of Europe, North America and Asia. One knows científicamente like Cratageus oxycantha, and it is a shrub with stems of gray crust and sheets with rounded rims. The plant contains numerous benefits for the health, which we revise today.

The properties of the hawthorn are multiple, but undoubtedly the tradition and the popular medicinal use of the plant has emphasized for on the others your application for the cardiovascular health. It is all the benefits of the hawthorn this one the most important, and in cases of individuals with blood low pressure your application turns out to be ideal.

Also, the hawthorn reduces the fatigue and the arteriosclerosis array in the arteries. With the above mentioned, the hawthorn does that the blood flows more freely for our veins reaching all the corners of our body.

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Edict massage for the visual system

Do they want to relax the eyes and the muscles about the eyes? Well, you have two possibilities: it views a professional masseur or a car massage learns to realize you.

If elijes the second option, it continues with us. Today exactly we will teach you that: to apply a massage to you in the face, to relax the sight and all the muscles that surround the eyes.

It looks at the following video, with the explanation of Maurizio Cagnoli, and each of the steps continues. You will learn to realize easily a car massage that relaxes your visual system.

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Cool Roller: new tool for massages


Cool Roller is a new device for child massages overland. This way they count it in lacasadelfisio. It is a masajeador indicated for all kinds of massages: trigger points, circulatory massages, massages fascias, sports, anti celulíticos, etc.

This masajeador is of easy use and he produces immediate relaxation. It is ergonomic and he adapts himself to the whole body: the cervical ones, the lumbar ones, the legs, the glúteos, etc.

The orange gel of Cool Roller has been developed specially for this msajeador. It does not cool the hands of the therapist or of the person who applies it, but yes it refreshes the person who receives the massage. It is processed as an agreeable cold with relaxing effects.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Save in massages, invest in health


To receive massages in regular form can seem costly, nevertheless, can provide him with costs more risen up to future.

If it is of going to a Spa in order year, it can produce to him much more to receive massages in regular form than to relax to the alone big thing once. Prove to go to a massages clinic after the work, etc.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Transcendental meditation for the breast cancer


The cancer is a very complex illness, and although it has been studied very well, it is still missing very much so that the medicine manages to have the illness under control. The mentality of the person sick with cancer as regards your illness is the most important in your processing, and for it to preserve the good fortitude and the hope has a role to be played.

On this matter, the meditation skills are an alternative to be born in mind to reduce the worries generated by the cancer and to face the processing of the illness with fortitudes and fortitude. In fact, a study realized by several institutions in collaboration has demonstrated that the meditation can be crucial as regards it. Specifically we speak about transcendental meditation.

There were analyzed the cases of hundred thirty 55-year-old women or more with breast cancer, who were studied for two years. Specifically it was indicated to a group of them that they should continue a processing of transcendental meditation to know the influence of the processing on the development of the illness.

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Treating the cancer with …: sheets?


The chlorophyll is the natural substance entrusted to provide the green color that the sheets have. The substance has been analyzed in diverse occasions, and your properties are well-known; in this occasion we speak exactly about one of them: your potential to fight the colon cancer.

A recent study has investigated the clorofilina, a present compound in the chlorophyll to which a negative action has collaborated on the carcinogenic cells, which would allow to reduce the harmful potential of the same ones and the spread of the illness.

Specifically as regards the colon cancer, the investigators have discovered that the clorofilina operates on the phase of duplication of ADN of the cells infected by the illness, duplicating the weather that takes them to the same ones to reproduce and allowing to reduce the potential of spread of the cancer of colon.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

To process the Disorders of Health with massages


The massages cannot treat the illnesses, but yes they can relieve them. There is evidence of which the massages can help to carry the negative effects of several chronic illnesses.

For example, as altmedicine.about, a study of the year 2008 demonstrated that the massages therapy can help to increase the mobility and diminish the pain of the persons who fight against the waist pain and the sciatica.

Other studies suggest that the massages given in regular form, can help to diminish the high blood pressure, the corporal rigidity and the functioning of the patients with arthritis. Also they can reduce the intensity of the pain in those inclined with migraines tense them.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bent dangerous herbales: hipérico


If they think that all the medicines herbales are good, healthy and inoffensive. They are wrong. I regret saying to them that they are very wrong. And it is necessary to be careful with some grasses and your interactions with some natural remedies.

The medicines herbales must be used carefully, because they can be dangerous, especially if they are mixed by others. Do not take any thing, the interactions can be denials and it is necessary to be cautious.

We have already warned him about these bent herbales. If they want they can revise them. Today we will keep on advancing, of the consumerreports hand, and will analyze what happens with the grass of Saint John or the Hipérico:

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Massages and chronic problems of health


The massages feel very good, of that there are no doubts. They refresh the body and melt the stress. But also, also they can help with other factors. A regular massage can help to control several chronic problems of health.

On having reduced the tension in the muscles, the massages therapy can help to overcome the stress and all the problems of health related to the same one. For example the insomnia, the fatigue and lacking in concentration.

The massage also reduces the rigidity of the muscles and the joints, and it helps at the time of zooming in the flexibility and corporal mobility. Both aspects are essential for a healthy aging.

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Maha Bhanda: Three Bhandas in one


The Bhandas do you remember or shutdowns of those that we speak it does a weather? Very well, if good your memory is habrás retained that three exist bhandas: Mule, Uddiyana and Jalandhara. The first one for the rectum, the second one for the diaphragm and the third one for the gullet.

Nevertheless, another alternative exists beyond these three: Maha Bhanda, which simply consists of closing simultaneously three bhandas of the body. The Big Key or Lock allows to contract many muscles simultaneously, upgrading the rejuvenation of the glands and the nerves, in addition to regulating the blood pressure.

On having agglutinated three bhandas in only one, Maha Bhanda gathers the particular benefits of every bhanda, to which they join the stimulus of psychic energy along the organism and your contribution to our body so that one relaxes if we want to carry out a meditation.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

It fights your anxiety with Green Tea


A piece of news for the green tea, to this height already almost elixir of the life. We speak about the stress and the anxiety, the mental states that according to the WHO million persons are experienced by approximately 450 along the world, which reduction has been associated in more than one occasion with the green tea, although without being proved conclusive.

Nevertheless, today a group of Japanese investigators directed by Atsushi Hozawa of the University Tohoku in Japan, gives us the good news about that the green tea fights both the stress and the depression, in the biggest study registered on this matter up to the date, with neither more nor less than 42093 analyzed cases.

The investigators tried to find a relation between the consumption of green tea and the mental states of these individuals. Of more than 42000, 6.6 % was enduring psychological stress, and there was made to them drink green tea to know the effects of the infusion on your frames of mind.

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Olive oil to prepare the Alzheimer's disease?


What is known about Alzheimer's disease in terms of natural medicine? Very well, there have been different the products that lately have been catalogued like potential preventive agents of the evil of Alzheimer's disease. Between them we count the curry, the peppers, the celery, the ginkgo biwolf and the grapes, between others.

In this occasion we add one to the list, the olive oil, which thanks to a recent investigation has demonstrated to have preventive properties against the Alzheime r, in a preliminary investigation that concentrates on your direct action on the functioning of the neurons.

There exist certain proteins that represent a danger in the relative thing to the Alzheimer's disease. These proteins are known as ADDL. And there are poisonous substances that they interfere with the nervous cells, generating loss of memory and affecting the cerebral functioning. Nevertheless, in the olive oil the investigators have discovered a compound that might prepare this.

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Hypnosis to slim


When the diets and the exercise do not help to slim completely, there can exist several factors that are affecting in it. A bad rest, the stress or a disorder in your slimming program can be some of them. Correct them, and if you can search some alternative to complement the task. The hypnosis can give you a hand.

The hypnosis to slim is a skill that has receiving many popularity thanks to your results, and in consequence that reaches a portion of our nature of difficult access (the subconscious), it is a magnificent tool to complement a diet. But how does it work?

Although we could not see it easily, normally we do many things without realizing it. Let's put the example of a packet of cookies. You have it face, and you eat up some cookie knowing that it does not help you in your diet; since you have it opposite to you you keep on taking some others to the mouth, and pass of the streak. Nevertheless, the hypnosis can help you to put the point when you must stop eating.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Properties of the chicory


The chicory, it plants also known under the name of radicha, it is a medicinal plant used so much with medicinal intentions as with culinary intentions. Own of the American and European continents, the chicory is a plant with a few extraordinary digestive properties, and we allude to them today.

This plant acts straight on the functioning of the digestive system, and your inclusion in salads assures a very good digestion. Nevertheless, the digestive properties of the chicory also can take advantage consuming it alone.

The plant acts on the stomach zooming in the secretion of gastric juices, while on the liver it increases the secretion of bile, fundamental to be able to digest the fats. Also descongestiona the liver and the blood circulation enables for these organs.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Properties of the Sweet clover


The Sweet clover is a plant to which also Garage or Fragrant Trefoil one knows it with the names of Plant. It usually measures half a meter, and your sheets with three divisions accompanied by the classic yellow flowers in the shape of butterfly that bloom in spring, they are typical of the plant.

The medicinal application of the sweet clover is known in medicine herbal, since this medicinal plant possesses diverse medicinal properties with long application tradition. The plant must consume dry season, since otherwise, if fresh air is consumed there exists the risk that in the plant there develop anticoagulants that can harm the health.

Your high place is typical of the sweet clover contained in flavonoides. This grants him to the plant a magnificent potential diuretic, that accompanied by your sedative action and espasmolítica it is capable of being applied in several cases. Edemas, nervousness or insomnia can be processed by sweet clover.

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Meditation Nadabrahma


As for meditation, the Tibetan ones have golden word. The people more Buddhist of all has developed along your history numerous skills of meditation associated with the Buddhism and with other religions, which have been written in the spiritual and religious books, although many have been incorporated others into them in the recent centuries.

The meditation Nadabrahma is one of them, and the same one is divided in three simple steps of ten minutes each one. The meditation lasts not more than thirty, and next we explain each of these stages to the detail.

The first stage consists of sitting down comfortably in a relaxed position. We close the eyes and concentrate on our respiration to help us in it. Once let's be in the appropriate mental state, we begin to express a buzz as that of a bee. This buzz will cover our body completely and we will feel hard your vibration.

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The most valuable properties of the pollen


We have already said many good things of the pollen and as we said in: Why to speak about the pollen?, it still remains great for speaking.

The pollen is rich in minerals. It has potassium, iron and calcium great. The pollen is a very valuable microelements font like the selenium (cofactor of the glutación peroxidasa, a very important antirust enzyme), the magnesium, the zinc, the copper, between many others.

The predominant color of the pollen is the yellow one, but also there are some botanical species that produce pollen of other colors. They already know … the nature it is very varied.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The benefits of the esparraguera


The asparagus, well-known element for your culinary applications, is not but the turión of the esparraguera. Today we will allude to this plant and to your properties, which go beyond giving us delightful asparagus.

The esparraguera is a plant that blooms in spring, and of her there take advantage the turiones, the rhizome and the roots. It is raised in almost all the Spanish gardens, and it usually grows in the sandy trenches and estercoladas. Let's know the benefits of the esparraguera to know it more closely.

Undoubtedly, one of the most out-standing benefits of the esparraguera is your benefit diuretic. The plant stimulates significantly gesticulating of the bladder on having contained glúcidos and saponina, both elements that propitiate the elimination of liquids on the part of the urinal system.

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Skeptic opposite to the acupuncture? Think it two times


In the last decades, the explosive growth of the alternative medicine has upgraded that of many alternative therapies of individual form. In the middle of this process, the acupuncture has been one of most benefited, and the acupuncture applications along the world have zoomed in in number, as the investigation with regard to your validity like medicinal processing.

Nevertheless, there exist many persons who remain skeptical about the curative potential of the processing of acupuncture, in a position that has much more of excuse than of real argument, and that by it must be checked. On it we focus next.

One of the reasons for which the people criticize the acupuncture is for the procedure itself. The fact of treating the organism across the needles insertion in the skin, of for itself creates controversy. The fear that we all have to the prick (that comes from the vaccines that we were giving ourselves during the infancy) in the field of the acupuncture is translated in a fear of the needles of the skill.

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Electrotherapy applications


From the XVIIIth century that the electricity uses beyond the energy intentions from which we know it. The medicinal use of the electricity takes the name of electrotherapy, and is processed as an alternative therapy developed on the base of Johann Gottlob, who in the XVIIIth century suggested that the electrical waves generate benefits for the organism.

Throughout the years, the skills of application of the electricity on him human body have been perfected, and today we are provided with the electrotherapy, an alternative therapy that the sanación of the organism consists of searching basically from the stimulation with electricity.

Several scientific articles have demonstrated the potential sanador of the electric current, which acts on several parts of the organism causing well-being. This way, the electrotherapy is highly effective to process the joints, the muscles, the sinews and some influenced cells of the organism positively for the electricity.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Fruits batter with bee pollen


We have spoken about the pollen and your benefits. It is already time to leave the words and to go on to the acts. There are a lot of ways of enjoying the benefits of the pollen. They come in all kinds of supplements. Quarrel in any naturistic house and already.

But in addition to all that, a home-made recipe can be prepared. For example, it is beaten of fruits and pollen of bee of ciao. Do they cheer up? They say that he knows well. I have not proved it … but if they prove it, please they tell me.

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