Friday, October 30, 2009

The properties of the Thorny Currant bush


Much consumed by the countries of Europe, the fruits of the thorny currant bush are known by your delightful flavor, made use normally to prepare jellies and jams. Nevertheless, in addition to your flavor the fruits possess some medicinal properties that we share next.

The fruits of the thorny currant bush are characterized for containing organic acids, sugar, vitamins A, B and C and you exit mineral. All these elements bring him an important nutritional value and a series of properties of that the popular medicine has been able to make use.

They emphasize between them the depurative action, aeritiva, digestive, remineralizante and laxative, although of all of them most used it is the action diurética of the thorny currant bush. For it, the consumption of the fruits of the plant is characterized for being capable of eliminating toxins of our body.

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