Friday, October 16, 2009

It fights your anxiety with Green Tea


A piece of news for the green tea, to this height already almost elixir of the life. We speak about the stress and the anxiety, the mental states that according to the WHO million persons are experienced by approximately 450 along the world, which reduction has been associated in more than one occasion with the green tea, although without being proved conclusive.

Nevertheless, today a group of Japanese investigators directed by Atsushi Hozawa of the University Tohoku in Japan, gives us the good news about that the green tea fights both the stress and the depression, in the biggest study registered on this matter up to the date, with neither more nor less than 42093 analyzed cases.

The investigators tried to find a relation between the consumption of green tea and the mental states of these individuals. Of more than 42000, 6.6 % was enduring psychological stress, and there was made to them drink green tea to know the effects of the infusion on your frames of mind.

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