Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to control the high pressure of natural form

Although nowadays the stress is a very common illness, we must take the things more peacefully not to have to suffer later consequences that could affect our quality of life.

One of the forms of controlling the high pressure is taking a calm, serene and relaxed life. For it it is important to reduce the stress, although skylight, it is necessary to admit that also the feeding that we take regularly can cause an increase of the blood pressure causing problems that can be serious for our health.

And the fact is that a person with high pressure can turn more inclined to a heart attack or an apoplexy, reason for which it is important to know how to control the high pressure of natural form.

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Benefits of the black tea

The black tea is the tea of major consumption in the whole world, this it stems from the proper benefits of the black tea, and of course from his exquisite flavor. The secret is a process of fermentation that leads to this product to turning into a favorite drink (since it ripens completely; intensifying his smell, flavor and properties).

The properties of the black tea are of diverse nature, and to know with what you are benefiting on having taken an exquisite cup of this tea, we revise a list of them.

It is a powerful antirust one: This it stems from his big quantity of flavonoides, which act straight on the free radicals avoiding the aging, infectious processes, etc.

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Home-made remedies for the warts

A wart is a round and projecting injury in the skin caused by a virus. They are inoffensive, but they tend to scatter for the whole corium invading the whole body concerning weeks.

The essential thing is to treat the causes of this complaint. To help you of home-made remedies for the warts will be an effective weapon to control an excessive growth of the same ones, as well as to prepare that those who are in a growth process come to the ripeness point.

Some natural remedies stay next against the warts, which involve care of the skin assisted by the natural medicine.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

An apple a day to live better

It is one of the most common and current fruits, of those that of course you have today in the fridge of your house. But perhaps you ignore that a simple apple per day offers innumerable benefits for the health.

According to microbiologists of the National Institute of Food in Denmark, the pectin, one of the components of the dietetic fibre of the apple, increases the number of gérmenes “positives“ for a better functioning of the digestive system.

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The benefits of the tangerine to prepare the cancer

When it is a question of citrus fruits, the tangerines reach the ceiling of my personal list. Significantly more sweets that the oranges and even even easier to peel, in winter months the tangerines turn the dessert of almost all the meals, in addition to serving to kill the famine of healthy form.

But in addition to his flavor and his practicality, the tangerines constitute an extraordinary benefits resource for the organism, since the same ones contain many nutritional benefits both in his pulp and in his rind. The same ones are well-known in the medicinal ambience, and from Korea new tests are offered on this matter.

The fact is that scientists of South Korea have studied the benefits of the tangerine as regards the health of one of our most important organs: the liver, verifying that the fruit has an extraordinary potential to protect it from possible hepatic illnesses, in addition to reducing the obesity.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Home-made remedies for the dandruff

The dandruff is the excess of of skin died in the scalp; this process is normal in the persons, although, on having had a specific problem of dandruff, it is to speak on other organic motives involved (redryness in the skin, psoriasis, micosis, etc.).

When it appears the dandruff is normal that antidandruff is appealed to shampoos and to other chemicals. Nevertheless, these can damage the scalp even more, and hence it is better to resort to the first-aid kit of home-made remedies.

Possibly need of a natural, economic and effective solution, for it we present the following home-made remedies to you for the dandruff.

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How to whiten the skin

There exist many factors for which the skin can obscurecerse or to be had you stain suddenly. Some of the causes of it are not suitable feeding that he leads to the excess weight and therefore to an absence of balance in the circulation of the blood, something that it affects straight in the skin.

Another factor that affects in the darkening of the skin is an exhibition exaggerated to the sun. To avoid it it is suitable to use solar protectors to take care of the skin.

Anyhow, here we will mention a few small tricks that can serve to find out of how to whiten the skin. Be that you want to whiten the skin of the face or of any part of your body, the following advices of course result to you from help. (I resided …)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to treat illnesses of the external ear

The ear consists of three very important segments that expire with a specific function. Being the ear I intern so much like the way and the external ear those who must receive nuestr care.

To treat illnesses of the external ear we must know the cause of the same ones, since depending on every case different inflammations of different nature can appear.

This way for example, an inflammation of the external ear can be caused by an illness that has direct influence on the skin, such it is the case of a dermatitis provoked by an injury, burn or freezing. (I resided …)

Home-made recipes to erase scars

The scars are marks that stay in the skin as a result of a wound, a burn or cutaneous illnesses. Once it is damaged, the skin repairs the collagen and leaves a trace of the injury in the shape of scar.

Who does not have any scar somewhere of his body? In OtraMedicina, we announce several home-made recipes to you to erase those marks in the skin that you do not like so much.

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Broad beans, an energy food

Inside the kingdom of the vegetables there is one that perhaps passes for unnoticed. I am speaking to you about the broad beans, a vegetable that you must know because it contributes important benefits for our health.

The broad beans are original of the Mediterranean basin and central Asia, but nowadays it is cultivated in the whole world and his seeds are used commonly in the gastronomy. Between his properties, they represent the proteins, vitamin B1 and minerals as the manganese, iron, copper, calcium and phosphorus.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mint tea to relieve the pain

Since the man walks on the ground, he has always looked for alternatives in the nature to relieve the pain. And in some today more than 50 thousand are the plants that are used for medicinal ends.

One of them is the tea. There are so much varieties of tea as benefits that this drink offers to our health. In case of the tea of mint of Brazil, investigators of the University of Newcastle have discovered that has analgesic properties.

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Care in spite of mixing grasses and medicines

We all know that certain herbs can suppose certain risk for the health. Some of them (even most used) are usually contra-indicated in children or pregnant women, or in persons who endure certain illnesses due to the side effects that the same ones can have.

But the things are complicated more if we interfere in a treatment of conventional medicine introducing medicine herbalist to complement it without having medical guarantee, anything that complicates the double if one treats as treatments against cardiovascular diseases due to delicate that are.

A recent investigation has thrown light on this matter, and herbalist warns of the use of medicinal plants much used in medicine in case of treatments for cardiac illnesses, since they can interfere negatively with the action of the medicines.

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Home-made recipes to fight the acne and the black points

When finally you believed that you had escaped from them, you get up to the morning and the first thing that you see in the mirror is that a new grain has gone out for you in your face. Also, you notice that the black points are more and more adherent to your skin and it makes impossible to eliminate them to you …

Tired of the damned grains and black points? If you did not know it, there are natural forms to get rid of them. Ready attention to the following home-made recipes that you can do today in your hearth.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hypnosis for the respiratory illnesses in children

The respiratory problems are evident of diverse forms, and in children these can be a sufficient argument as to consult the doctor. To speak that the asthma brings in like a priority, but it is not the only one of the respiratory illnesses that can cause long-term problems in the smallest.

The cough is an appellant, the hyperventilation, problems to inhale or other disorders of the normal function of the lungs, if these appear in children it is necessary to take measures on this matter. From the alternative medicine, skills of relaxation as the hypnosis can help.

There is this the recommendation that Dr. Ran D offers. Anbar, Teacher of Paediatrics of the University Medica SUNY in Syracusa, New York, who publishes an article in Pediatric Asthma, Allergy and Immunology in which he advises himself to the parents to consider the hypnosis to be a possible skill to solve this problem.

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What is Karuna reiki

The Karuna reiki is a skill of reiki that has its own identity. It is known like the most compassionate of all the skills of this practice that exist at present, so that the word Karuna means just that: compassion.

Reason of it is that the reiki Karuna is considered like most tied to the love, the divine love as the unconditional one should be this towards an object. This unconditional love is associated like a love directed to the individual himself as to other living beings.

This class of reiki needs to have a minimal knowledge of the skills of Usui. Here there apply to themselves some energy symbols (eight in whole) that try to look for a balance together of the environment in which we live. Eight current symbols were less formerly, but due to the evolution of the reiki it was necessary to extend them.

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Properties of the tea of boldo

The boldo is a perennial shrub, which grows in slightly humid areas with stony soils. Due to the properties of the tea of boldo, this one it has been manufactured to turn it into a product that could come to our hands, without importing the time of trip, storage and others. This is achieved due to a process of “drying“ and "crushed" of his sheets (it does not lose properties). Coming in such a way that we it know: "sachets of tea”.

The boldo has had a big heyday in the medicinal field, and from extract of boldo up to tea of boldo in strict sense, all the preparations that are realized by this medicinal plant can be made use in medicinal terms.

Due to it, we revise some of the benefits of the tea of boldo, which are charitable for the health:

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Benefits of the watermelon

The watermelon is an original fruit of Africa, it is of thick crust and it contains a big water quantity. It is usually consumed both by his exquisite flavor and by his nutritional properties, in addition to acting like a powerful moisturizing one on having been provided with big liquid quantities in his pulp.

There exist more than 50 species of this fruit, but the benefits of the watermelon are very similar in all the cases. Next they explain themselves in detail.

· Antirust: The licopeno (it is the substance that gives the typical pink color to this fruit) provides an action that there prevents the production of free radicals, which it has an effect in chain that hurts at cellular level.

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Tai-Chi to reduce the diabetes

The Tai-Chi has been associated with the prevention of the diabetes in more than one occasion, and we all know that the physical activity tied to the meditation and the emotional well-being that they are associated with this practice they can reverberate favorably on the symptoms of the illness.

The information accumulates, and this time the investigator Liu Xin of the University of Queensland has worked with a group of persons who were suffering from Tai-Chi to know the effects of this practice on the illness, discovering that the same one can be useful to fight it.

We speak about the diabetes type 2 very common between the patients of diabetes, which was attenuated after the Tai-Chi practice on the part of the participants of the study. Specifically the patients experienced falls in the blood pressure, in the levels of glucose in the blood and up to a loss of weight.

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What is the treatment melasma

The melasma is an illness that happens when the skin produces melanin (the pigment that gives him color to the skin) of untidy form, and this causes the appearance of a facial darkening

The melasma can attack any person, but it shows a clearer tendency in the pregnant women and persons who consume anti-epileptic. The areas most affected with this suffering are the cheeks, chin and the forehead, and when the spots in the skin are very prominent it is necessary to fight the melasma.

Today many treatments exist for the melasma, and between the most popular treatments against this skin disease we find the following ones:

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Properties of the olive oil

Many experts nutricionistas affirm that the best way of making use of the properties of the olive oil is from his natural origin. Namely that to the olives it is necessary to spend them for stones mills this way to obtain a pasta. This one will provide the virgin olive oil to us.

It is better to do olive oil this way, that is to say of a natural form, without having to use the olive oils that have crossed industrial processes that have made them lose his properties.

Speaking about the properties of the olive oil, we can say that these are innumerable. We count for example his action like laxative, and so that it should work it is possible to take it several days on an empty stomach. If one takes it in his virgin olive oil version without refining, it can help to the functions of the liver and to to expel the stones or intestinal calculations.

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What is cho ku I laughed

Cho ku I laughed it is a skill of reiki that is based on an energy symbol that he communicates with the universe to the individual who practises it. It is one of the symbols of the reiki, and his function is to increase and to improve the interior energy to find the peace and the well-being that is needed to advance in the daily life.

On having observed the symbol of cho ku, I laughed we see a number 7 with a concentric spiral towards the center with direction anti hourly. For others, on the other hand, it is the figure of a snake where instead of number seven, this is the head and departs from the body of the animal. but that to the final ends up by winding in a concentric spiral the same way anti hourly.

Cho's skill ku I laughed it is used to connect the person with the reiki practice. This way, we can see cho ku I laughed like a species of switch that connects the person who practises reiki, increasing his forces and improving his internal nature.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Benefits of the lemon oil


The essential lemon oil constitutes one of the fragrances used by the aromaterapia. His use has a long history to fight problems of health and up to as antidote against poisons.

From working like an effective beauty product up to a remedy to fight the insomnia, the lemon oil produces a big benefits variety for our health and well-being.

He keeps on reading and knows here some of them.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

How to remove the stretch marks

like eliminating them estrias.jpg

The stretch marks of the skin can be represented like a species of rugosity that can be of type to laminate, which are generated due to a stretching of the corium of the skin, and that later has returned to his natural state. The stretch marks are not esthetic at all, and for it it is good to know how to remove the stretch marks so that our skin seems healthy.

There exists a groundless myth that he says that the stretch marks happen only in women. This is due to the fact that the stretch marks are evident more in women when these have gone so far as to spend a stage of pregnancy, the stretching of the skin being provoked this way as we had mentioned it in the first paragraph.

Since it has been mentioned earlier, the stretch marks appearance is not an exclusive case of the women, already they can appear in any person who has put on weight of abrupt form, and de facto 10 % of the persons who suffer from stretch marks is to be men that in han put on weight up to being obese, and that later have recovered his natural weight.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to improve the blood circulation

like improving the circulation sanguinea.jpg

The blood circulation turns out to be affected to the passage of time because the blood glasses lose elasticity, doing that the step of the blood is more difficult. This means a major effort of the heart to have a normal blood irrigation. The most common symptoms of bad blood circulation will be: sickness, cramps, cold extremities, cellulitis, etc.

By it there has been unbuttoned the importance of preserving a the ideal physical state to minimize or to eliminate aftermath in advanced ages or in delicate conditions and power like that to improve the blood circulation. Next a series of advices to improve the blood circulation.

- To do exercise: by means of a constant physical conditioning (to run, bicycle, weight, etc.) we will be able to increase the muscular contractions that act impelling the blood flow for the veins and increasing the circulatory flow in the arteries, this way the blood glasses will become stronger.

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Food with serotonina


The serotonina is a neurotransmitter of the central nervous system and one believes that it redeems a very important role, since it is capable of inhibiting the annoyance, the sleep, the appetite, the sexual desire, the corporal temperature, the humor and the depression. Hence the absence of serotonina in the organism can end in problems of humor, lacking in fortitude, insomnia and many signs or symptoms more.

On having been this one, a substance that segregates the brain is impossible to fill his request with the properties of the food. On the other hand, certain products can help us to stimulate to the brain to increase the serotonina and this way to support the needs for this element in the organism.

The food with serotonina is: the flour, bread, chocolate, rice and grains in general.

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Natural remedies for the irritable colon

natural remedies for the colon irritable.jpg

Many natural remedies exist for the irritable colon, which that base the use of certain fruits, vegetables and vegetables with several special properties to calm these pains.

We can use both to the manzanilla and to the lemon to form an infusion that could help us to calm the pain of the irritable colon. This is feasible thanks to the fact that these two fruits have certain properties desinflamatorias that they can calm the pain produced by the annoyance of the colon.

The only thing that it is necessary to do is to realize an infusion of manzanilla to which later one will add a small lemon juice quantity; depending on every taste, it is possible to go so far as to sweeten this preparation with a little of honey.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What to do with a flesh-colored fingernail

that to do with a fingernail encarnada.jpg

A flesh-colored fingernail happens when this one fragments and the fingernail is buried in the skin, provoking inconveniences from pain, ardor, infections, distension and someone others. This problem has different causes from using a very tight footwear or a bad fingernails cut, up to congenital defects, etc.

The first thing that must be done when this happens is to examine the grade encarnamiento, this way to be able to treat the flesh-colored fingernail. To know what to do with a fingernail enarnada continues the advices of next.

If it is a question of a light injury it is possible to dip the foot in lukewarm water during 20 minutes and to place cotton under the ends of the buried fingernail.

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How does the chromotherapy work

since it works cromoterapia.jpg

The chromotherapy in simple and flat words is a method in which there are used the properties of the colors (speeds, lengths and wave rhythms) with curative, regenerative, stimulant, psychic and organic ends. It is a skill that derives from the traditional medicine of big cultures like the China, the India and the Greece.

To know how it works the chromotherapy first is to know as the body receives to the color; since in fact the colors do not exist as such, but it stems from frequencies of light, which the eyes with help of the brain codify and is here when the magic happens of being able to appreciate to the whole scale of colors and tones that exist. By this grand discovery it has been created to the chromotherapy, which one is a skill with big heyday.

Possibly wonder how the colors can affect our life in all his levels, and why one speaks so much about the properties of the chromotherapy. The answer you live through it in your routine character, since we can verify his efficiency since we worry for the colors that we choose on having dressed, the decision of the meal that we consume is done by us in accordance with the sight that the food provides to us, etc.

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Flowers that treat illnesses

flowers that they treat enfermedades.jpg

Between the year 1926 to 1934 the doctor Edward Bach wanted to treat to the medicine of a way very different from the conventional one, since this one was thinking that all the illnesses had a common orígen.

That one so this medical homeopath devoted himself to investigate different types of original wild flowers of Wales, and of his investigations it concluded that each of these flowers had curative properties associated with the remedy of emotional problems.

This way there were born 38 natural remedies that went so far as to know as the flowers of Bach, which are used to treat illnesses and that nowadays are a commercial success.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soy sauce: A powerful source of antirust


The antirust ones constitute one of the nutritional benefits that we must not ignore as regards a healthy feeding. They are they those who contribute a shield before the oxidation of the cells, and as it they have a big potential to prepare illnesses of an enormous nature: from cancer up to circulatory problems.

The sources of antirust are dispersed everywhere, and it is enough to see little our blog to know them. Between them we find the red wine of good quality, the bilberries, the acai berry or some citrus fruits with many vitamin C. The soy sauce for his part, fights to be between the antirust most important.

According to an investigation realized by the National University of Singapore the soy sauce has the highest antirust potential, and for it they recommend to flavor our salads with her, at least two or three times per week.

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Recipes of organic meal

meal recipes organica.jpg

Nowadays the organic food is consumed by many persons. The recipes of organic meal can be prepared by all that food that, as it is the case, are produced of the following form.

Food of vegetable origin: It includes to fruits, vegetables, vegetables, grains, seaweed, cereals, etc. In this case this food is produced without fertilizers watered with natural water, no insecticide or component chemist contains and his dealing is merely a native.

Food of animal origin: It includes to the meats of all kinds and products derived from them (animal, pig, fish, chicken, milk, egg, cheeses, etc.). Here the animals are fed naturally, without the hormones introduction, you vaccinate antibiotics or any other chemicals, as well as all his derivative products are treat you for natural processes for his consumption.

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The meditation reduces in 50 % the risk of suffering infarctions


New benefits have been discovered for the health of this healthy skill of relaxation. According to a study realized in the Center for the Natural and Preventive Medicine, in the United States, the meditation would reduce in 50 % the risks of suffering cardiac unemployments, cerebral infarctions and death, what turns it into one more remedy to prepare cardiac problems.

Although there were already known the positive effects of the transcendental meditation in the recounted to the blood pressure and the stress, this is the first clinical analysis that it determines that his long-term practice reduces the cardiovascular diseases. If you do not remember it, these are provoked principally by the high cholesterol indexes in the blood, the diabetes, a slightly healthy feeding, the absence of physical exercise and the nicotinism.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

He breathes slowly and reduces the pain


To reduce the pain is not anything exclusive of the area of the analgesics. In fact, it has been proved in numerous occasions that many proper skills of relaxation of the alternative medicine help to reduce the pain, and with his practice we can improve our quality of life without necessary having to fall down in the medicines consumption.

To speak about relaxation skills leads us to focusing on us inevitably in the respiration, after this is an essential part of many of them. The respiration exercises can help us to relax us deeply, and a recent investigation realized by investigators of the University of Arizona has demonstrated that also they can help us to reduce the pain.

The investigators of this study worked with persons affected for fibromialgia, an illness that is translated in an increasing pain in several parts of the body (muscles, sinews, ligaments) and that usually generates fatigue in the patients.

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Medicinal properties of the sarsaparilla

If you have feathers, prepare to possibly have them ruffled today. Because I may be mentioning some of your personal faves when I run down my own own subjective list of the top 10 horror flicks that come to mind when I think of movies that get far more credit than I believe they deserve. Some of these I find to be just plain bad, while others are decent movies that have gotten raised to a level far higher than they should eve have been. Your own list might be drastically different, or perhaps you'll agree with cantankerous crabbiness. Whatever the case, strap yourself in, and let's get started, shall we?
10. Army of Darkness (1992)
Starting off with a bang, wouldn't you say? Look, I get it. This is a fun movie that offers a lot of laughs. Yet I can't properly put into words the disappointment and embarrassment I felt back in '92 when I dragged a bunch of non-horror geek college buddies to the theater to see a movie I expected to be a balls-to-the-wall horror movie like its two predecessors (or at least a tongue-in-cheek splatter comedy like the second one). What I got was the Hollywood-ized Sam Raimi making his debut. I know this movie is beloved by millions, and I enjoy it. But as an Evil Dead fan, I can never shake that initial disappointment.
9. The Butterfly Effect (2004)
Self-absorbed 20-somethings on parade, led by their patron saint, Ashton Kutcher-Moore. Blech. And yet this pretentious sci-fi thriller has somehow been acclaimed by a certain segment of moviegoers, who are presumably drawn in by the notion of special-effects-enhanced navel-gazing. When it comes to time travelers, I'll take Rod Taylor or Michael J. Fox any day of the week over the guy from Dude, Where's My Car.
8. War of the Worlds (2005)
When people try to argue that this flick should be right up there with the likes of The Fly, The Blob or The Thing amongst superior remakes of 1950s genre classics, it makes me want to infect them with whatever bacteria killed off the Martian invaders. Steven "Father Issues" Spielberg takes H.G. Wells' grand epic about the struggle for humanity's survival and turns it into Tom Cruise's effort to be a better daddy to Dakota Fanning. Clearly, this is a director who does a much better job handling friendly aliens than dangerous ones.
7. Donnie Darko (2001)
Don't get me wrong, this is a good movie--part Douglas Adams, part Terry Gilliam, part Harvey, I can't deny it's inventiveness. But one of IMDb's top 250 (currently 124 in fact)? Not by a long shot. This is an amusing picture by a writer/ director who read Stephen Hawking and thought he understood it. Later works that sprung from the mind of Richard Kelly include the equally overrated and far worse Southland Tales, and the just plain abominable The Box. The kind of movie people like to say they love because it makes them sound really smart.
6. The Amityville Horror (1979)
As bad as the remake was, I never really came down on it all that hard, because I found the original to be just as bad, if not worse. In no way, shape, or form should this movie be mentioned in the same breath as movies like The Exorcist, The Omen, The Changeling, etc., yet I'll often see just that. Folks, I know sometimes it's hard to believe, but just because a horror film was made in the '70s, that doesn't instantly make it a classic. Even if it does have Superman's girlfriend and Barbra Streisand's husband.
5. Friday the 13th (1980)
My lack of patience for all things Jason is well-documented. And yet, I do enjoy this very Jason-less original. But even the screenwriter himself admitted to me it was basically a knock-off of Halloween designed to turn a quick buck, and not much more. It does a fine job of keeping the viewer in suspense, and Betsy Palmer is a joy in her brief time on screen, but its nowhere near the important classic many hail it as. And I'm not just saying that because of the inexcusable overabundance of denim cut-offs.
4. Hellraiser (1987)
I'm afraid this movie just plain old doesn't hold up well. I enjoyed it a great deal at the time, and I like the sequel even more, but recent re-viewings have only showed me that not all great horror flicks remain so over time. I can still watch many other horror faves from the '80s and not get the sense that they are dated and ineffectual, yet not this one. What once seemed like an edgy, psychological masterpiece now feels like a small-budget cheesefest that's just trying too hard. Doug Bradley as Pinhead, and the Cenobites in general, are still awesome. But nothing else remotely is.
3. Ringu (1998)
I don't care if it makes me sound like a horror Philistine--I will always maintain that I greatly prefer the 2002 American remake to this highly overrated affair. The remake is better made, better acted, and just plain scarier. This J-horror groundbreaker was, for me, a big letdown--I think I actually audibly uttered the words, "That was it?" as the credits were rolling. I'm all for understated supernatural horror--hell, the original Haunting is probably the best ghost movie ever made. But there just wasn't enough payoff here to impress me.
2. The Sixth Sense (1999)
Again, an effective movie, and a fine debut from M. Night Shyamalan--which he has yet to live up to, of course. But the first supernatural horror film to be nominated for Best Picture? An injustice of cosmic proportions. This is a feature-length Twilight Zone episode with fancy production values. And that's coming from someone who was dense enough to not see the final twist coming.
1. The Blair Witch Project (1999)
I can distinctly remember the general disappointment of the moviegoing public when this movie came out; the sense of having been duped by a clever, first-of-its-kind online marketing campaign. I recall the groans of disgust as the closing credits rolled in the theater. Yet fast-forward 10 years later, and everyone inexplicably hails this thing as one of the all-time greatest, scariest, horror movies of all time. I suspect it may be a generational thing, perhaps. I was 24 when this movie came out, and was already a died-in-the-wool horror freak for many years. I think a large portion of this movie's fan base may be made up of those who were very young when it came out, and so relate it in their minds with primal, childhood fears. Kind of like me with Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, a nearly forgotten 1970s TV movie that remains one of the scariest things I've ever seen. I'm not sure. What I do know, is that aside from an admittedly effective finale, I found this movie to be an over-hyped mess in 1999, and I still do today.

Home-made remedies for the stomach ardor

home-made remedies for the ardor of estomago.jpg

Nowadays the causes of the stomachache are different, being one of his most common declarations the typical ardor of stomach that can happen of being a simple inconvenience to one of big scale. To pay attention is fundamental to prepare the gastritis.

As home-made remedies for the ardor of the stomach it is recommended to do often a diet rich in fibre, which can help to that the digestion is more rapid and efficient in our stomach, doing with it that the same one stays always clean due to the properties of the fibre.

On the other hand, it is recommended to take also a ginger juice or straight to eat ginger root. There are those who recommend to consume ginger capsules, but the ideal thing is to go away for the natural thing and not for the prepared thing, this way to fight the ardor of stomach of natural form.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beer for the bones


You have a good excuse to serve a beer pitcher to you. In spite of the serious damages to the health that generates the alcoholism, the prudent and moderate consumption of certain drinks has some benefits for your organism.

In case of the beer, an investigation of the University of California in Davis has verified that it helps to the strengthening of our bones. It happens that the barley is rich in silicon, a mineral that facilitates the collagen production, one of the components of the osseous mass. And, to the being a big defense for our bones, this drink protects us from the osteoporosis.

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How to increase the serotonina

how to increase it serotonina.jpg

The serotonina is a neurotransmitter that is intimately tied to the different depression states. The same one is measured according to the levels that it reaches in the blood, being this one a starting point to know how to increase the serotonina if it is that the serotonina levels give shallows.

Since the only way of increasing the serotonina in the blood levels is by means of a good feeding, which can set off from healthy diets that allow to eliminate the depression symptoms.

Of general form we might say that if a person has high serotonina levels in his blood, this one will be in a very good frame of mind and will not have an excessive avidity for eating. The opposite happens with those that have very low serotonina levels, since these on the other hand will look for alternate ways of feeding and that they will end up by putting on weight due to the excess of the consumption of this food.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Infusions for the gases


The gases or flatulences are produced by fermentations in the intestine caused by diverse causes (constipation, bad feeding, stress, etc.), being able to derive in inconveniences or trasntornos more serious like pain, sensation of drowning, etc.

To end with this problems the use of the infusions is recommended for the gases, since all the plants, grasses, fruits, etc., when they are boiled usually liberate his properties, which - as it is the case - they possess certain curative, tranquilizing actions, desintoxicantes and others.

The following one is a list of products with which infusions can be prepared for the gases and that will help to minimize and treat the problems of the flatulences.

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What the treatment of the vitíligo is


The vitíligo is a skin disease that destroys the melanocitos, these are the cells pigmentarias that they are going to provide with a tone to our skin (it causes white spots in different part of the body). The remedy for the definitive vitíligo is still not known, but there exist some trataientos that can help you.

The causes of the vitíligo are mainly hereditary, although they continue the investigations to discover other factors that the development of the illness could cause.

Due to the characteristics and origins of the illness the treatments of the vitíligo that presently exist are directed according to the time of development of the illness, the gravity of the symptomatology and the type of treatment that the patient wants to continue.

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Food with iodine for the pregnancy

food with iodine for embarazo.jpg

The iodine is an essential element in the body, since thyroid gland is needed from him for a good functioning of the gland. In extreme cases of absence of iodine there can originate cases of physical and mental dystrophies (it causes severe damages provoking disability in the neonato).

For it in case of pregnant women the importance of a diet dislocates a bone with iodine for a growth and suitable development of the fetus, and for it it is good to know some food with iodine for the pregnancy. Nevertheless it is necessary to stress that the needs for iodine in pregnant women it does not increase, any more of this element will not even be needed in the diet.

The food that you must include in your diet will be of origin purely natural and in the fresh state in the biggest possible quantity (this is because the manipulation in processes of packed, conserve and cooking does that the food loses nourishing substances).

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Friday, February 12, 2010

How to whiten the teeth of home-made form

how to whiten the form teeth casera.jpg

The persons who have his yellowish teeth show something of worry on this matter, a little that according to them true sample lacking in esthetics in his face and that also might be seen by other persons like an absence of mouth hygiene with regard to the teeth.

If we want to whiten the teeth of home-made form, the only thing that we have to do it is to take a good hygiene culture after every meal, since in spite of the fact that only three times to brush them in a principal way a day, and to clean them with dental floss to eliminate the excess of residues that have stayed between the teeth, we will be able to have a dazzling smile with white teeth.

Anyhow, there exist other alternate ways of whitening the teeth of home-made form, being one of them the one that recommends to use lemon and salt. In this skill it is recommended to use a small spoonful of thin salt that must to itself place it in a packing of plastic (not in metallic packings), to what seguidamente there will be increasing drop to drop the juice of a lemon, all this until there goes so far as to form a small pasta that we will take with our toothbrush for the respective cleanliness.

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Properties of the sirope of maple

properties of the sirope of arce.jpg

The maple sirope in fact is a syrup that is extracted from the trees that are in the maple forests in Canada, as well as also in the north part of the United States. The native natives already knew the way of extracting the above mentioned syrup, due to the importance and value vitamínico that was discovered by scientific specialists in the composition of the above mentioned syrup.

The form from how is there extracted the sirope of maple of his trees is a very simple and simple method, and it is a question of piercing discreetly in the trunk of these trees and of placing a small pipe of drainage for which it will go out. In the extraction of the same one there are obtained three types of sirope of sap, being classified of a very simple form and that alludes to the class A, B and C.

If we speak about the type C, we are mentioning to the last harvest it is the one that more properties of the sirope of maple contains, since this one is rich in zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium.

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Chromotherapy in your closet


According to the Feng shui, every color has his essential properties. This means that they express a particular type of energy and that's why it classifies them from five elements: fire, ground, water, metal and wood.

The different types of energy that radiate the colors do that each of them has its own personality and achieves certain effects. We can use it ourselves for our good, using of the colors at the time of dressing ourselves. For something, we know that to use a pledge of red color is not the same that to show a half note.

What color must I use to avoid a difficult situation? Which will help me at the time of producing an examination? Benefit with the energy of the colors and choose adapted for every occasion. Next you will know what colors you must choose according to your interests.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curative properties of the mallow

curative properties of malva.jpg

The mallow is a wild plant that grows naturally in different places of the field, being able to be found easily in minor roads and being able to reach heights of up to one meter. Some farmers for his part, cultivate the mallow in his grounds.

As for the curative properties of the mallow we can say that the sheets of this plant are used to treat illnesses, being some of them the cough and bronchitis, the haemorrhoids, the evil of the prostate, inflammations of the belly and ovaries, as well as also to be able to treat determined eczemas and boils that are affecting the skin.

The properties of the mallow allow us to treat also mouth infections. The advisable thing in these cases is to do gargles after every meal. For this we have to boil in water during a minute two small spoonfuls of sheets and flowers of mallow that previously have been dried. Later we must allow to rest in approximately 15 minutes.

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How to eliminate the bags in the eyes


Due to the stress and the absence of sleep that we all in general endure, our face can turn affected to the following one. Our eyes are the most affected because in these there is reflected the bad night that we have spent. It happens across the pouches or bags in the eyes, and today we will try to find out how to eliminate the bags in the eyes.

Although the bags in the eyes are already installed and have remained like part of his face, it is a fact that is necessary to find a solution to eliminate the pouches, so that this way it is possible to show the whole splendor of a beautiful look.

There exist several home-made recipes that they speak to us on the way of eliminating the bags in the eyes of an effective way, which do not include big methods and procedures in luxurious spa, and - worse still - than the type surgical. On the contrary, they resort to the use of food and vegetables, being tricks of beauty of natural origin.

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Natural remedies for the anxiety

natural remedies for ansiedad.jpg

The anxiety is endured by a persons' sinnúmero, and whose cause in general is related to the stress. Natural remedies for the anxiety we might say that many exist; today we will mention some so that you choose freely.

If you have the possibility of obtaining lime tree sheets, we advise to dry nearly one ounce of these to place them in 1 liter of water, making to boil to the above mentioned miscellany in the time of approximately 10 minutes. After this time we withdraw it from the fire and place it in a place so that it cools down a little; once it is possible to take it, to drink a cup of this tea to calm the anxiety.

Other one of the recipes consists of mixing a small spoonful of dry sheets of valerian in a water cup. We boil it during ten minutes and prepare a tea. To control the anxiety it is necessary to drink this valerian tea two times per day. (I resided …)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to treat illnesses of the eyes

like treating illnesses of ojos.jpg

The illnesses of the eyes are multiple, and before his appearance it is necessary to analyze the reasons for which our eyes go so far as to suffer them. The question of how treating illnesses of the eyes is crucial, and today we offer some answers.

It is so different specialists of the both traditional and alternative medicine recommend that we must pay attention to the care of the eyes. The same one can be raised by means of time and I work, and if the eyes are well rested these will turn out to be healthy and healthy.

Very much there has to do the good circulation that exists in the whole environment of our eye, since only with her we will be able to prepare illnesses of the eye, as it is the case of the reddening of the eye or the very well-known pouches. Small exercises as massages for the eyes can help us to which these prove to be always healthy, before resorting to skills and more specializing procedures to treat illnesses of the eyes. (I resided …)

It knows the therapy of the flotation


Fortunately, there exist numerous skills that they help to our body and our mind to clear up of the stress of the everyday life. One of them is the therapy of the flotation, in which you obtain the deep state of entire relaxation, without any muscular tension and far from all noise.

It is a question of a skill arisen from the 60s, used neither more nor less than by John Lennon, who consists of submerging inside a camerawoman of sensory deprivation known as Flotarium. In this camera, the body rests on 600 liters of water to the temperature of 36ºC that contains 300 kilos of salt Epson.

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Properties of the eucalyptus


The eucalyptus is a tree with a lot of properties for the health. Although a big diversity exists on a global scale, it is the Eucalyptus globulus the one that has acquired major acceptance of between 600 species that exist, being a native both of Tasmania and of Australia. Due to the properties of the eucalyptus they have gone so far as to prepare different types of products derived from the plant, which understand to a series of oils as well as creams and inclusive honey.

But the principal property of the eucalyptus is in his antiseptic function, since this one helps very much those persons who have respiratory problems as well as urinal infections.

It is so the persons who have problems of chronic flu or sinusitis, in general make use of these properties of the eucalyptus to help in the elimination of the mucus produced by the bronchi. To be able to achieve this, they usually make baths certain “Maria” in that the person who suffers from some respiratory problem, has to inhale the steam generated and fed on the eucalyptus.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home-made recipes to clarify the skin


At present due to the immense advance of the cities industrialized in the world, the fact is that the environment has gone so far as to turn out to be more and more contaminated. This is very harmful to the skin, and even the beams UV have his responsibility quota in the fact that some faces turn out to be more and more opaque.

Nevertheless, we can come to certain home-made recipes to clarify the skin by means of natural products to take care of the health of the skin. In fact, before using another type of treatments where it is necessary to use chemicals, this is an advisable option.

One of these home-made remedies to clarify the skin mentions to the use of the honey with the sugar, something quite sweet that is not to drink but rather to smear. The only thing that we have to do is to have five big spoonfuls (known like soup tureens) of honey, also to arrange of five sugar spoonfuls brown bread and of three lemons.

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Medicine herbal: Harmful to cardiac patients?


The medicine herbalist is provided with the advantage of which it is of natural origin, and which for it saves the big quantities of chemists got in the conventional medicines. Nevertheless, we must not forget that ‘native‘ is not synonymous of ’healthy’ in all the cases, since in any situations the medicine herbalist can be harmful.

In an article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology a few days ago, a group of investigators of the Clinic In May realizes of his investigation in the field of the medicine herbal, which allowed them to appreciate that certain herbs can be an authentic threat for cardiac patients.

According to this team of professionals, herbs much used as the hipérico, the ginkgo biwolf, the garlic and even the grapes, can harm the cardiovascular health of the cardiac patients.

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Properties of the seaweed in the skin

properties of the seaweed in piel.jpg

The marine algae represent the biggest vegetation of the bottom of the sea, since there exist about 20,000 different varieties that are distributed in all the oceans. Of this quantity scarcely 1 % of all the varieties is used for beauty treatments, exploiting especially the properties of the seaweed in the skin.

Now then, it is of noticing that between the properties of the seaweed it is possible to mention to his characteristic intense green color. East happens due to the influence of the solar light mixed with the thickness of the water, what there him joins the action of certain mineral salt of the marine depths.

Due to the wealth in his composition, the benefits of the seaweed help to prepare illnesses. The nervous system and the stress puedden to talk each other with them, using skills of hydrotherapy in which the properties of the seaweed act intensely. (I resided …)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hibiscus tea to reduce the blood pressure


The hibiscus tea is used by enough frequency in popular medicine, especially to control the states gripales. Nevertheless, the applications of the plant of hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) are multiple, and one of them has been revealed by investigators of the University of Tufts.

Publishing in The Journal of Nutrition, this team of investigators it has realized a study in which there have been studied the properties of the hibiscus relative to the cardiovascular health, demonstrating that the infusions of the flower of hibiscus can be of big help for the persons that they endure hypertension.

In an experimental essay with patients, the investigators observed that the hibiscus reduces the blood pressure compared to a placebo in considerable percentages.

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Hibiscus tea to reduce the blood pressure


The hibiscus tea is used by enough frequency in popular medicine, especially to control the states gripales. Nevertheless, the applications of the plant of hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) are multiple, and one of them has been revealed by investigators of the University of Tufts.

Publishing in The Journal of Nutrition, this team of investigators it has realized a study in which there have been studied the properties of the hibiscus relative to the cardiovascular health, demonstrating that the infusions of the flower of hibiscus can be of big help for the persons that they endure hypertension.

In an experimental essay with patients, the investigators observed that the hibiscus reduces the blood pressure compared to a placebo in considerable percentages.

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Hibiscus tea to reduce the blood pressure


The hibiscus tea is used by enough frequency in popular medicine, especially to control the states gripales. Nevertheless, the applications of the plant of hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) are multiple, and one of them has been revealed by investigators of the University of Tufts.

Publishing in The Journal of Nutrition, this team of investigators it has realized a study in which there have been studied the properties of the hibiscus relative to the cardiovascular health, demonstrating that the infusions of the flower of hibiscus can be of big help for the persons that they endure hypertension.

In an experimental essay with patients, the investigators observed that the hibiscus reduces the blood pressure compared to a placebo in considerable percentages.

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Treatments for the dermatosis

treatments for dermatosis.jpg

The dermatosis is a skin disease that is evident in a very general way as an inflammation of persistent allergic origin, and that whose origin can be of hereditary or genetic type. Several treatments exist for the dermatosis, and from the point of view of the natural medicine for the skin we offer some of them.

The dermatosis can demonstrate in different parts of the body depending on the age of the affected person, since one has managed to know that there exist three phases principally to which this illness can attack: the native one, the infantile one and finally the adult phase.

If a person suffers from this illness, the treatments for the dermatosis that it can apply have to do with his life style. This way for example mention becomes great about the stress as a predominant factor so that this infection of the skin becomes more chronic.

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To reduce the inflammation with essential thyme oil


The double knife-edge of the inflammation expresses itself in that the same one is an answer of our immune system that it attacks so much to harmful agents as to non-harmful agents. The appearance of the inflammatory reaction is related to such illnesses like the diabetes or the arthritis, and in extreme cases his reduction is essential.

To reduce the inflammation several options exist, and the essential oils are one of them. In fact, a recent investigation has detected some agents who can contribute to it, between which the essential thyme oil has been revealed like one of the most effective.

In laboratory tests the investigators studied the action of several essential oils. Between them, that of rose and of eucaliptus they managed to reduce significantly the action of the enzyme COX-2 - which one acts producing inflammation - on the cells even in 25 %. The thyme, nevertheless, was the most effective annulling his gesticulating in up to 75 %.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Green tea helps to prepare the endometrio cancer


A new investigation announced more benefits of this drink. In this case, the ingestion of you green would be a protection from the cancer of endometrio, the textile that the womb covers, and that has caused almost 10 thousand women's deaths in the United States during last year.

The study compared the properties of you black and you green with regard to the prevention of the cancer of endometrio. The results revealed that the consumption of two cups of tea per day reduces in 25 % the tumors risk in the endometrio, although the protective effect of the green tea would be stronger than that of the consumption of the black tea.

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The dates protect the arteries


In what to cardiovascular health it concerns, to protect the arteries is fundamental. They connect our venous network, and there are the transport of the blood. Obstructions in the arteries can be causers of circulatory illnesses that can, ultimately, provoke the death.

For it, to support the clean, strong arteries and in the good state, the consumption of certain food is crucial. The dates are in the list, and his importance has been highlighted by a recent investigation realized by the Teacher Michael Aviram of the faculty of Medicine of the Medical center Rambam of Israel.

He and his team have worked with patients, requesting them that they were consuming every day 100 grams of dates to verify his effects on his cardiovascular health.

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Consumption of ecological products

products consumption ecologicos.jpg

Due to the importance of some food in the current times a good evolutionary feeding becomes necessary. In this sense, the consumption of ecological products (ecological food) becomes essential for the healthy feeding of the actuality.

The difference becomes clear in the consumption of ecological products because that the predilection for the ecological feeding justifies itself when illnesses exist in the food that we consume. These, surely they do not contribute any nutritional value to the human organism, and also they can involve complications in him.

Although the ecological products in the field of the feeding are a little costlier than the conventional ones, he is worth while investing a little more of money to be able to have a good feeding that is balanced by our health. In Spain for example, this feeding is already installed, and the fact of consuming ecological products happens in persons from the 41 at the age of 50.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

What classes of yoga to choose

that classes of yoga elegir.jpg

When a person decides to begin to do yoga it must take into consideration the importance of all the skills of yoga for his life style. And the fact is that to enter learning of the positions of yoga is to want to support a balance between the body the mind and the soul, this way to be able to form an environment of spiritual growth.

If you have wondered on what class of yoga to choose, it is important to consider so much your physical state as your physical and mental health.

In accordance with this, the student who taoma would have to choose classes of yoga between the yoga schools for beginners, something that very well there can indicate a specializing teacher of these classes of yoga. Really this way for example depending on the state of health as well as of the physicist of a person, we recommend to think in viniyoga, ananda or sivananda, types of yoga that have quite soft yoga exercises and that they will not provoke depletion.

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Treatment to treat a stye

treatment to treat one orzuelo.jpg

The stye is one of the most annoying infections that a person can go so far as to feel, since it is located in one of the organs with major sensibility that has the human body, the eye. Specially it is possible to generate in the low part of the eyelid as well as in the top part of the same one, and his presence is a sufficient motive for looking for a treatment to treat a stye.

East goes so far as to be generated due to the attack on the part of a microbe in the area of the eyelid. This is the staphylococcus, which produces a big inconvenience that even goes so far as to do impossibly to open the eye to be able to see, and worse still to read some writing.

It is characterized for appearing like a small red top, and in his surroundings a species of aura of an a little less accented red one, and that in general is full of pus, which one is the motive so that a person goes so far as to be sorry about pain when this stye has been generated. Generally it disappears as it has gone so far as to seem, without previous notice, but there exist circumstances in which this one stays resident and for which it is necessary to look for a treatment to treat a stye.

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Treatment to treat a stye

treatment to treat one orzuelo.jpg

The stye is one of the most annoying infections that a person can go so far as to feel, since it is located in one of the organs with major sensibility that has the human body, the eye. Specially it is possible to generate in the low part of the eyelid as well as in the top part of the same one, and his presence is a sufficient motive for looking for a treatment to treat a stye.

East goes so far as to be generated due to the attack on the part of a microbe in the area of the eyelid. This is the staphylococcus, which produces a big inconvenience that even goes so far as to do impossibly to open the eye to be able to see, and worse still to read some writing.

It is characterized for appearing like a small red top, and in his surroundings a species of aura of an a little less accented red one, and that in general is full of pus, which one is the motive so that a person goes so far as to be sorry about pain when this stye has been generated. Generally it disappears as it has gone so far as to seem, without previous notice, but there exist circumstances in which this one stays resident and for which it is necessary to look for a treatment to treat a stye.

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Treatment to treat a stye

treatment to treat one orzuelo.jpg

The stye is one of the most annoying infections that a person can go so far as to feel, since it is located in one of the organs with major sensibility that has the human body, the eye. Specially it is possible to generate in the low part of the eyelid as well as in the top part of the same one, and his presence is a sufficient motive for looking for a treatment to treat a stye.

East goes so far as to be generated due to the attack on the part of a microbe in the area of the eyelid. This is the staphylococcus, which produces a big inconvenience that even goes so far as to do impossibly to open the eye to be able to see, and worse still to read some writing.

It is characterized for appearing like a small red top, and in his surroundings a species of aura of an a little less accented red one, and that in general is full of pus, which one is the motive so that a person goes so far as to be sorry about pain when this stye has been generated. Generally it disappears as it has gone so far as to seem, without previous notice, but there exist circumstances in which this one stays resident and for which it is necessary to look for a treatment to treat a stye.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Benefits of the lemon for the skin

benefits of the lemon for piel.jpg

All our attention as well as worry deserves the care of our skin, since there exist many factors that can go so far as to produce skin diseases. Some of these factors have to do with the environment, since both in terms of contamination and in changes of climate, these they do that it always becomes more very dry depending on the environment and ambience in which we are.

It is for it that we can choose for different mechanisms in the care of our skin. In this sense, the benefits of the lemon for the skin justify the application of the fruit, and next we will count why.

We can mention that one of the most frequent uses as regards the care the skin, is in possession to mix the lemon juice with aloe edge to obtain a species of pasta or natural cream that will serve to clean the skin.

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10:23: A DIRTY campaign against the homeopathy

One of the participants of the campaign with boaster's face.

The polemic is installed on the table: Is the homeopathy mythical or real? In different places of the entire world some of them staked it of bold men and did the proof of giving him a homeopathic overdose to know his effects. The frame of it? The famous British campaign 10:23 (in allusion to the Number of Avogadro) that has summoned large-scale publicity and has been one of the events with more attention in terms of alternative medicine in what it goes of the year.

Well. The 'overdose' took and nothing happened. All the persons who took part of the campaign are alive.

The effect has turned out to be massive, and a wave of criticism of the homeopathy based on categorical judgments and discredits they flog the world homeopathic community. From here, since columnist of alternative medicine was not going to do dull ears on this matter, and it costs to do a general balance of the situation, so much to tint radicalisms as to generate a frame of understanding from which power to understand really what is happening.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is Acai berry?


A fruit that comes from the tropical forests of the Brazil and that is very similar to the conventional grape, is the Acai berry, which has been recognized as very beneficial for the health due to his antirust action, his principal characteristic. But to enter it costs the question: what is Acai berry?

The properties of the Acai berry can turn out to be even three times more beneficial than the conventional grape, something that expresses itself principally in cosmetics, since with this fruit there can get ready the effects of the aging on the skin.

The antirust action that the Acai berry possesses can be also in such fruits like the strawberries, the tomato, the cherries, the pepper or inclusive in the green tea, but none of them has such a high level of antirust like that of this fruit. For it, the properties of the Acai berry justify to this fruit like a good option in terms of healthy feeding.

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