Saturday, February 13, 2010

Food with iodine for the pregnancy

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The iodine is an essential element in the body, since thyroid gland is needed from him for a good functioning of the gland. In extreme cases of absence of iodine there can originate cases of physical and mental dystrophies (it causes severe damages provoking disability in the neonato).

For it in case of pregnant women the importance of a diet dislocates a bone with iodine for a growth and suitable development of the fetus, and for it it is good to know some food with iodine for the pregnancy. Nevertheless it is necessary to stress that the needs for iodine in pregnant women it does not increase, any more of this element will not even be needed in the diet.

The food that you must include in your diet will be of origin purely natural and in the fresh state in the biggest possible quantity (this is because the manipulation in processes of packed, conserve and cooking does that the food loses nourishing substances).

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