Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is Acai berry?


A fruit that comes from the tropical forests of the Brazil and that is very similar to the conventional grape, is the Acai berry, which has been recognized as very beneficial for the health due to his antirust action, his principal characteristic. But to enter it costs the question: what is Acai berry?

The properties of the Acai berry can turn out to be even three times more beneficial than the conventional grape, something that expresses itself principally in cosmetics, since with this fruit there can get ready the effects of the aging on the skin.

The antirust action that the Acai berry possesses can be also in such fruits like the strawberries, the tomato, the cherries, the pepper or inclusive in the green tea, but none of them has such a high level of antirust like that of this fruit. For it, the properties of the Acai berry justify to this fruit like a good option in terms of healthy feeding.

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