Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What sound the goji berries


The goji berries are fruits that come from the Vales of the Himalayas as well as of Mongolia and the Tibet, the same that there come to be the product of certain shrubs that happen in the region and that do not go so far as to have a height superior to 4.5 meters. Let's enter a little more: what sound the goji berries?

This fruit has a reddish tone and a very intense tonality, and in general one puts it on sale in the state of dehydration or drying, as some specialists mention it. His size is very similar to that of a common and current raisin, being only different from these only in his color. The flavor that goes so far as to have these goji berries comes to be a miscellany between the cherry and the abandonment.

The inhabitants who live in the regions of the vales of this mountain range of the Himalayas are met like Hunzas, who have a free very healthy illnesses life and that whose principal characteristic appears in his longevity. The properties of the berries of goji lodge his secret.

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