Monday, February 22, 2010

Tai-Chi to reduce the diabetes

The Tai-Chi has been associated with the prevention of the diabetes in more than one occasion, and we all know that the physical activity tied to the meditation and the emotional well-being that they are associated with this practice they can reverberate favorably on the symptoms of the illness.

The information accumulates, and this time the investigator Liu Xin of the University of Queensland has worked with a group of persons who were suffering from Tai-Chi to know the effects of this practice on the illness, discovering that the same one can be useful to fight it.

We speak about the diabetes type 2 very common between the patients of diabetes, which was attenuated after the Tai-Chi practice on the part of the participants of the study. Specifically the patients experienced falls in the blood pressure, in the levels of glucose in the blood and up to a loss of weight.

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