Thursday, February 11, 2010

Natural remedies for the anxiety

natural remedies for ansiedad.jpg

The anxiety is endured by a persons' sinnúmero, and whose cause in general is related to the stress. Natural remedies for the anxiety we might say that many exist; today we will mention some so that you choose freely.

If you have the possibility of obtaining lime tree sheets, we advise to dry nearly one ounce of these to place them in 1 liter of water, making to boil to the above mentioned miscellany in the time of approximately 10 minutes. After this time we withdraw it from the fire and place it in a place so that it cools down a little; once it is possible to take it, to drink a cup of this tea to calm the anxiety.

Other one of the recipes consists of mixing a small spoonful of dry sheets of valerian in a water cup. We boil it during ten minutes and prepare a tea. To control the anxiety it is necessary to drink this valerian tea two times per day. (I resided …)


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  2. Anxiety may also be due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that interfere with normal brain function and ultimately inhibit one's health and well-being.