Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Properties of the seaweed in the skin

properties of the seaweed in piel.jpg

The marine algae represent the biggest vegetation of the bottom of the sea, since there exist about 20,000 different varieties that are distributed in all the oceans. Of this quantity scarcely 1 % of all the varieties is used for beauty treatments, exploiting especially the properties of the seaweed in the skin.

Now then, it is of noticing that between the properties of the seaweed it is possible to mention to his characteristic intense green color. East happens due to the influence of the solar light mixed with the thickness of the water, what there him joins the action of certain mineral salt of the marine depths.

Due to the wealth in his composition, the benefits of the seaweed help to prepare illnesses. The nervous system and the stress puedden to talk each other with them, using skills of hydrotherapy in which the properties of the seaweed act intensely. (I resided …)

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