Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Properties of the ginger for the skin


One of the most frequent evil that the women endure (although in some cases it appears also in the men) is the appearance of the cellulitis, which is evident like marks in legs and hips and in other sectors of his body that affect the esthetics of the person. The cellulitis appears in the organism due to the accumulation of fats and toxins, and for it it is important to take a healthy diet to prepare it.

Before it, he is worth while emphasizing the properties of the ginger for the skin, which are very effective to eliminate the cellulitis. To be able to be useful well to the properties of the ginger, it is necessary to use melted fat, as well as a coffee quantity.

This way we must be provided with 100 g of fat, which we will place in a crystal packing in the liquid state, in addition to 30 g of ginger and 50 g of coffee, elements that, on having mixed in a suitable way, we will be able to eliminate the cellulitis in the skin. The role that plays the ginger in this composition it is very important, since this one will help in big way to which the circulation of the blood is more effective in the human body.

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Benefits of the red bilberry for the heart

bilberry rojo.jpg

We know several declarations of the benefits of the red bilberry, and have referred to his potential to fight the cystitis and the urinal infections, and also for the good memory. Now we concentrate on cardiovascular health, since a recent investigation has discovered the properties of the red bilberries to treat cardiac illnesses.

We have news about several natural products that allow to promote the good cardiac health, and in the list we find the green tea, the cocoa, the apples and one especially emphasized: the red wine. With all of them a group of British investigators has decided to realize a comparative analysis to find out if these were more beneficial than the red bilberries.

For it they realized some experiments in which there put themselves to the test the compounds of each of these elements that are related to a good cardiovascular health.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to treat illnesses of the bones

like treating illnesses of huesos.jpg

As regards the illnesses of the bones very little information exists about the natural medicine to prepare them.

But it is not that beech lacking in medicine for this type of ailments, but rather is that, before applying some treatment, it is necessary to know the condition of the person who endures them. A good example of this is the case of the women during the menopause, who go so far as to suffer from rheumatic pains or of osteoporosis, since in this stage the woman suffers from a big decrease of the levels of estrogen.

Another example is that of the persons with rachitis, which originates in the pregnancy of the mother, something that inclusive it goes so far as to show from his first stages and that to future appears in the late of the eruption of the teeth as well as certain pains in such parts like the breast, the legs or the column.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Grasses to grow thin

grasses to go down of peso.jpg

Many of the specialists in nutrition have made clear the fact that there does not exist a certain plant that could help to grow thin, independently of his application in the diets to slim.

What yes exists there are plants that can help to accelerate the metabolism, which implies the elimination of liquids as well as the decrease of the famine, as well as also in the different digestive and renal functions.

In the same line we can emphasize the benefits of the grasses to grow thin on the organism in general. One of the most effective grasses in it is the artichoke, since this one possesses a depurative action that in general to stimulate the biliary secretion on the constipation, having very positive effects for those persons who suffer from the lazy liver, bad digestion of fats or of the jaundice.

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Natural remedies for the liver

boldo liver

The liver is an organ to which several vital functions assume to him in the organism, such as the synthesis of proteins, elimination of toxicants and other harmful elements, storage of vitamins, etc.

This organ as any other is exhibited to contract illnesses, infections and others (like hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis, syndrome of Rotor, of Dubin Jhonson, cancer, etc.). Also it is necessary to bear in mind that the prevention will be our only weapon to avoid the development of these.

Considering this importance of the liver for our body, it is important to consider some home-made remedies for the liver to guarantee his correct functioning and with it to prepare, to eliminate and to minimize all kinds of complaints, which are detailed next.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alternative cigarets: really are they more healthy?


Any smoker knows that to leave the tobacco is one of the things most difficult of managing, even when there are well-known the harmful consequences that the nicotinism brings for the health. And if it will be so difficult that the addiction implies not only the habit of smoking in strict sense but also the habit of walking with cigarets in the hands.

To help the smokers to leave this so harmful habit, the fact is that there have been created a few alternative cigarets that satisfy his need at the same time that it is removing them from the addiction to the tobacco. These "natural" cigarets can contain from miscellanies of grasses up to dry sheets that give him an exotic flavor.

But: are there really a more healthy option for the organism?

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home-made remedies for the ear pain


The pain of the ear happens for an infection which can be to cause strange agents as virus, bacteria and fungi which across his pathogenic evolution will cause signs and symptoms, between which this type of complaint is.

To eliminate this inconvenience a series of home-made remedies exists for the pain of ear which were helping to control and eliminate this symptom, which we will detail next.

Compresses: In a cloth or towel it proceeds to dampen it with cold water (he remembers that, before applying it, you have to of draining it well) or, you can place a few ice blocks and wrap them with the cloth (also the warm compresses are very effective, you can do the same procedure but with water boiling, alone care on having handled it to avoid burns). After having done this, it proceeds to place the cloth on the affected hate and to leave it from 5 until 10 minutes, you can realize it several times.

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Natural remedies for the hypertension

natural remedies for hipertension.jpg

The hypertension is an illness that happens when a very high pressure is exercised in the arterial walls at the moment of pumping the blood, this suffering is silent, since his signs and symptoms are difficult to discover in some cases, but if it can derive in very serious problems of health like brain haemorrhages, infarctions, etc.

To fight this problem of cardiovascular health very effective natural remedies exist for the hypertension, which were achieving very satisfactory results if they are applied of due form.

Onion: For this remedy it was necessary to extract the juice to the onion, to add him a little of honey and 3 spoonfuls were taking a day for 2 weeks to notice his effectiveness.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home-made remedies for the headache

home-made remedies for the pain of cabeza.jpg

A headache or migraine can be annoying, since it will prevent you to realize your daily works of normal form, if also it is already turning into a frequent problem, we give you the following home-made remedies for the headache with which you will be able to correct with this problematic effectiveness.

I freeze: The ice is an effective method divide to control this problem, for an effective treatment, be able to take a towel and wrap ices that you have facts, or in his defect if you have more time, it wets the towel, it drains the water excess and her put to the freezer of 5 to 10 minute. In both cases it is recommended to have a short rest and to put it in the forehead, after a pair of minutes it displaces about the head and eyes and this way successively until ambience puts itself to temperature.

Go out: If the pain has begun, the best way of putting brake will be eating some high food it is a salt, like a few fryings or meal that contains high quantities of this element.

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Home-made remedies for the diarrhea


The diarrhea is a problem that we all suffer occasionally, and that results from the most uncomfortable thing. But fortunately there are some tricks to treat it. First of all it is necessary to be able to recognize when it is that a person can go so far as to suffer from a diarrhea: it is said that a person suffers diarrhea when it has done more than 3 daily fecal evacuations, being the characteristic of each of these of that is more liquid than solid.

Although it seems incredible, the diarrhea in fact is not an illness, but rather a way of being evident that it has our organism. It is a form of defense so that major problems do not exist; to want to eliminate something that is not well inside him. But because the fecal evacuations can be harmful in the dehydration of an individual, it is that this person must hydrate the most possible thing to try to recover all the liquids lost in the above mentioned evacuations.

Now then, the first recommendation to realize for a person that they suffer from these symptoms, it is to use different home-made remedies for the diarrhea, being the first one of them the hydration. To achieve this it is necessary to mix in 1 liter of water (previously boiled) six sugar teaspoonfuls with a teaspoonful of salt and a pinch of bicarbonate of sodium (a pinch means the minimal thing that one can take with our fingers index and thumb, that is to say very few grams); to this he is met like home-made oral whey, which must take in small glasses spending two or three hours in the day.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Benefits of the oil of evening primrose

The evening primrose oil is extracted from an European plant called by the same name (in some places he is met like bird's-eye). This oil is obtained from his seeds which medicinal properties are unbeatable.

The benefits that are obtained from the evening primrose oil stem from the nutritional composition of this liquid, since it contains essential greasy acids (acid linoleico, acidic gamma, acid omega 6, between others). These greasy acids redeem a fundamental role it is diverse regulations at cellular level, since they provide the whole organism of a homeostasis (the state of stability or balance) it completes so much in nervous, hormonal, circulatory, emotional level, etc.

Between the specific benefits of the oil of evening primrose we find the following ones:

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Benefits of the white tea


The white tea is prepared from grasses that have a prosecution much minor than the normal teas (included the black tea and the green tea) and of silver sheets dried naturally (only the sprouts of these plants are gathered for this effect).

Due to the benefits of the white tea this one has gone on to a plane where he is considered to be a very necessary resource to fight problematic of health, next we will detail the benefits of you white.

Antirust: The white tea contains an important number of these elements, which, they help to prepare the action of free radicals; this elements cause direct alterations in the ADN and accelerate the aging process.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Uses of the witch-hazel


The witch-hazel is a plant with oval sheets, and flowers with four thin petals, they are of dark yellow or reddish color, also it gives a species of fruit that contains the seeds, on having been in the perfect maturation state, these are expelled to several meters of distance of the plant.

The uses of the witch-hazel are multiple, from being an ornamental plant due to the tone of his flowers, gastronomic uses since his seeds are eatable, up to uses specially on the health. As for his curative uses we can mention that the liquid that is extracted from the sheets is most used by these ends.

The witch-hazel is a powerful astringent of the skin, since it removes impurities in the pores, eliminating muds, blackheads and other imperfection, as well as he was avoiding his reappearance. His effects in the skin go beyond this since it eliminates the inconveniences and reddening that cause stings of mosquitoes, contusions, burns, dermatitis, dermal graze and small inflammations.

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Properties and benefits of the marigold


Have you ever heard to speak about the marigold? It is a question of a herbaceous plant of the family of the asteráceas, natives of the Mediterranean region and Asia Minor. It is the typical plant that you can have yourself in your garden, very showy and showy with flowers of intense and orange yellow color.

But what more you will be interested in to know of this grass is that it has beneficial properties for the health. His big fortress takes root in his anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic character and especially it is characterized for facilitating the healing of any wound in the skin.

Since it acts on the nucleoproteínas synthesis, glucoproteínas and the collagen, it is the ideal remedy for the regeneration of the textiles. For it the fact is that it is so beneficial for the care of the skin, since it helps to cicatrizar wounds and up to improving his aspect after a simple scrape.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Natural sweeteners


To sweeten your meals, of course choose for the traditional white sugar or more artificial sugar like the aspartamo, the cyclamate and the saccharine. But perhaps you do not realize so that they can turn out to be harmful to the health: the diabetes and the obesity are illnesses that arise as a result from the sugar excess.

A big idea to take care of your organism is to reduce the quantities of sugar that you consume or to modify your habits replacing it with natural sweeteners. In addition to being a much more healthy option, they contribute vitamins and minerals.

What are the natural sweeteners? Know them next.

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The benefits of the honey

the benefits of miel.jpg

The bee honey is a very common product that we can find with different varieties (honey of maple, honey of propóleos, for example).

Consumed during hundreds of years, the benefits of the honey for the health are known extensively, since the honey has energy factors for the one who completes it. Also it is a stimulant in the regeneration of red globules due to the acid fólico that this product has in his composition.

Also we might mention that the bee honey helps to increase the production of certain antibodies, being also an antiseptic element, preserver, antibiotic as well as natural sweetener, a property that is much used by those persons who use it like sweetener instead of the common sugar.

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The best natural therapies

the best therapies naturales.jpg

At present it is very easy to listen that one of the evil of the century comes to be the stress, something with what the humanity is learning to live together because this one is evident so much in children from very early age even in the most adult individuals. And the fact is that the stress respects neither age, nor condition, nor social reason, and this one is provoked by the different problems that are caused in the hearth or office, as well as by the frame of mind by problems of personal life.

A little that many people think is that most of illnesses come to be psychosomatic, that is to say that if the stress goes so far as to affect too much a person, the organism will suffer the consequences of it showing symptoms very typical of other illnesses.

Due to it the fact is that the best natural therapies to fight the stress are dedicated to being able to give a better life style to his patients, since if a body is relaxed and in peace, insurance that his organism also will be able to enjoy better way to each of the instances through that one lives every day.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Home-made remedies for the nasal congestion

congestion - nasal1.gif

The nasal congestion in general is caused by a viral infection or gripal, which presents an almost similar symptomatology in all the cases, which shows for example in a reddening of the eyes, abundant secretion of mucous membrane, high fever, too continuous sneezes between others.

This way the fact is that it is advisable to try to fight to the maximum these symptoms of nasal congestion, more for the inconvenience that it causes usually than for his duration, since hardly a flu lasts more than one week.

Exactly to try to relieve a little the nasal congestion we recommend some home-made remedies for the nasal congestion that they could help us to that the respiration is a little more fluid and frees of the mucous secretion.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Benefits of the green grapes

benefits of the grapes verdes.jpg

Since well we know, grapes exist both of red and black color, and also the green grapes, which have special characteristics. The color of the grapes owes to his elements; this way for example in the red and black grapes it is had to the antocianos, pigments that are absent of the white grapes. On the other hand, the green grapes have big quantity of tannins, which gives him special characteristic both in flavor and in color.

From there the fact is that there comes the council to include to the green grapes in the diet to slim.

This daily diet of consuming green grapes is useful for persons with difficulties to slim, since between the benefits of the green grapes it is in the possibility of lowering one kilo and a half in only four days if it is that there follows a rigorous diet in which principally green grapes should be consumed.

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Bitter melon of the India to treat the breast cancer


The science does not leave the struggle against the cancer and for all sides he keeps on looking for possible solutions to fight it. As well as another day we speak to you about a possible remedy of the cancer thanks to the marine sponges, this time the news takes us towards the India, more precisely to a special extract of the proper bitter melon of this area.

From the University of Saint Louis, it has been discovered that this component would prevent the growth the carcinogenic cells in the breasts and also it would inhibit his reproduction. It is a question of the first report of the effects of the bitter melon with regard to the bosom cancer.

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What is the tea oolong


What is the tea oolong? This question is much generalized between the public who begins to consume tea. The references speak about benefits of the tea very interesting Oolong, since the properties of the tea Oolong are very good for the health and the organism.

The tea oolong is an interval between the variety of the green tea and the black tea, due to an interruption in the fermentation that happens to the place in the sheets of his plant, giving this way a blue coloration.

The properties of the tea oolong are beneficial in the digestive as well as depurative ambience for the functions of the organism, since this one is rich in vitamins and minerals, helping between his functions to the dissolution of the fats.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Medicinal properties of the rosemary

medicinal properties of romero.JPG

The rosemary is a shrub perene of good aroma and flavor originated from Europe. It is used normally in medicine herbal for several intentions, and today we revise some benefits of the rosemary.

The rosemary contains a series of medicinal properties, of this form can consume it in your diet, in aromaterapias or apply them externally together with other products (shampoos, you cremate, etc.). Next the medicinal properties are enumerated.

- It fights the digestive problems, regulates the secretion of gastric juices, eliminates the flatulence, etc.

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More home-made recipes for the sore in the mouth


More than once habrás dawned with the uncomfortable ulcers or sore in your gums and lips. So unexpected as annoying, they do that to eat, to drink and even to speak turns out to be painful and unbearable.

These eruptions in the mouth can be caused for the most varied reasons, from a fall in our defenses, stress, bacterial infections, absence of hygiene even for genetic predispositions and the addiction to the tobacco. Also it can be one of the symptoms of the menstrual cycle the women.

Be for the reason for which it is, the appearance of the ulcers in the mouth is something that we all want to avoid. Although they are of gastric origin, we present some home-made solutions to you to eliminate the symptoms of these odious injuries.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home-made remedies for the conjunctivitis


The conjunctivitis is a symptom that can be appreciated easily when an eye proves to be very red, and his eyelids turn out to be puffed up. It is a complaint that generates itch and provokes many desire of wanting to rub the eyes with the hands (thing that is worse, so only does that it increases the problem if the fingers are dirty). But fortunately there are many home-made tricks to treat it.

The poppy works very well like home-made remedy for the conjunctivitis. The useful part there are his petals (not his fruit). This is necessary to take it much into consideration, because the fruit has too many alkaloids that it can be a toxicant, especially for those women who are pregnant or in the lactation state.

The best way of preparing a remedy by means of poppies is dissolving a pinch of marine salt (approximately 0,9 grams) in 100 ml of distilled water. To set to boil in approximately 10 or 20 minutes approximately; after this time it will be possible to notice that there has been a consumption of the water, therefore it is necessary to complete 100 initial ml with a little of distilled water that we have reserved. To this solution there is placed a teaspoonful of petals of poppy troceados, and we allow everything to rest in approximately 10 minutes later to leak the liquid with enough care.

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Home-made remedies for the cold sore


The cold sore is a complaint caused by a virus; it is evident sintomatológicamente for painful blisters, pins and needles, headache, irritability, and other less frequent symptoms.

To minimize the symptoms, as well as to diminish the infectious process, we have a wide scale of options. For it next we present the following home-made remedies to you for the cold sore.

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The fish oil reduces the schizophrenia risks


We already know several of the benefits that bring us the present acids omega 3 in the fish. Now we must add another for the treatment of a mental illness, the schizophrenia.

According to a study realized in Vienna, regular doses of oil of fish it helps to diminish the effects of the schizophrenia between risk patients between 13 and 25 years. This result is based on the hypothesis of which this transtorno develops due to the incapability of the organism to manage appropriately the greasy acids, which harms the cells of the brain.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

To touch musical instruments improves the reading and languages learning


At present there is carried out the annual congress of the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) in San Diego, and there numerous scientific interest investigations are appearing. In this case, one relative to the area of the health, specifically to the musicoterapia, is of our interest.

I refer to a work realized by Nina Kraus, neurologist of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, who has worked with children who were touching instruments to explore his cerebral functioning. Kraus found a very positive effect in it, which would allow to the children to develop his cognitive skills.

First of all Kraus observed that the children who touch musical instruments have a major facility to generate reading habit, since it has an impact on the capacity of the brain in processing information. This way, the trained persons musically can face the reading of a more organized way and with a better aptitude to understand what is read.

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Home-made soap for dry skin


If you suffer from dry skin, you know very well of what it is a question. We speak about one of the types of sensitive skin in the face that, before the absence of moisture, tends to be cracked by facility. Also, if one does not take care of it of the suitable form, it can get angry very often.

To take care of the delicate skin of your face you do not need a quantity of creams and costly treatments. A natural soap done by yourself also can be an economic and effective solution to resist the effects of the absence of hydration in the skin.

In this opportunity, we present a home-made recipe to you to do a soap by means of oils and peppers. It will not be the typical soap that you use when you bathe, but you will find it very useful to achieve the hydration that needs your skin.

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Properties of the celery to slim

properties of the celery for adelgazar.jpg

The celery is an original plant of Europe that has a height of between one and two feet, thick and green stems and toothed sheets. Generally it develops in humid places and grows in all the seasons, therefore you will always be able to find it in the shops.

The celery is a food that has a soft flavor and that combined with other vegetables and vegetables adds a very good flavor touch to the meal, and in naturistic kitchen it is possible to prepare from salads very affected up to saucer.

Now then, already mentioned the properties of the celery in the physical thing and his gastronomic use, we can go on to the properties of the celery to slim.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home-made remedies to eliminate the louses

home-made remedies to eliminate them piojos.jpg

When we speak about the louses, we are mentioning to an evil that propagates with big facility in those environments with persons' big inflow. The contagion of the louses takes place principally in schools or schools, being victims of it the students who maintain nearby contact.

A way of being able to detect louses and nits is to warn that we begin ourselves to itch to every moment due to the itching that produces this insect. Due to this injuries can take place in the scalp, therefore it becomes necessary to eliminate the louses in the head.

One of the home-made remedies to eliminate the louses consists of using four spoonfuls of to ceite of olive, which it is necessary to apply in all the scalp with small massages that they distribute to any this one for the whole head. Seguidamente must to himself place a shower cap during a time of six hours approximately. This we must repeat approximately three or four times per week this way to kill the louses.

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Properties of the plant Passion-flower


The Passion-flower is a plant in the shape of creeper that grows of abundant form in all kinds of mounts, although also he usually take as a plant of garden due to the beauty of his flowers.

The plant is used for different situations, and by it the properties of the plant passion-flower are changed on having been used from the same root up to his fruit.

First of all like decorative plant it is possible to find it in many gardens since his flowers are quite attractive and it gives a change of ambience for the environment where they are; from there as for his fruit, there are those who it eat both crude oil and stew due to his sweet flavor. It is said that if he eats up in excess to the fruit of the Passion-flower the person can go so far as to get drunk, reason for which the use must be moderate.

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Benefits of the aloe it will see


The aloe edge is a substance it liquidates yellowish color, extracted from an original plant of Africa. In many places the plant is known like aloe vera, and it is used by medicinal ends for several problems of health.

Across years of investigations, tests and uses there have been confirmed the multiple benefits of the aloe edge on the health; let's see in detail each of them.

For the skin: Perhaps his cutaneous use is the most popular, since many persons prefer to have the plant in his hearths, cut a piece and apply straight this liquid on his skin. It has healing properties since it allows an interlaced correct one of the affected areas, the cellular regeneration increases, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory one, he has antimicrobial benefits and eliminates the accumulation of cells dead of the skin. For it it is advisable to apply it on wounds, you ulcerate (also mouth), wound, acne, etc.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Benefits of the Chinese tea

benefits of you chino.jpg

You Chinese are had by a length covered in his history of life, since he is born precisely in the country for which it named him (China) more than 2500 years ago, taking the principal role in national drinks, achieving an expansion some centuries later on a global scale.

Principally the types of Chinese tea split in: green, yellow, black, white, red and light green.

As regards the benefits of the Chinese tea we can give an explanation on the curative effects of this infusion:

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Exercises for the memory

exercises for memoria.jpg

Different forms of exercises exist for the memory to make her more efficient and rapid, next we present a few exercises routines to you for the brain that you realized with a few minutes a day and that were achieving magnificent results.

The memory is this capacity that allows us to remember and store information. This is done across electrical connections that it has the neurons (sinapsis). Two types of memory exist: in short and long term; in the first one only we manage to express momentary answers before certain circumstances, in the second one it is all that knowledge that remain captured of us.

With the following exercises you will be able to increase the memory of simple form. It is a question of practical exercises to improve the memory to realize alone and that they you will be very useful if you do not lose the head.

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Properties of the yeast of beer

properties of the yeast of cerveza.jpg

The beer is very refreshing, and cold it can help us to calm our thirst. Nevertheless, beyond that the important thing is in the compound itself of this drink, since the same one prepares it from the beer yeast, one of his essential ingredients, which has many benefits for the health of the human body.

First of all we can emphasize that one of the principal properties of the beer yeast is that of purifying the skin, doing with this that the same one proves to be always healthier and bootblack simultaneously. Also, it has big influence in the glucose of the blood because it helps to that the sugar levels are always in the correct level.

For persons with problems in the nervous system or with problems of anemia, the benefits of the yeast of beer help in these sintomatologías, being advised also for those persons who suffer from obesity. It is said that the beer yeast puts on weight, but this is not like that.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Properties of the artichoke to slim

properties of the alacachofa for adelgazar.jpg

For whom they think about how to lose weight it is important to find a nutritive alternative to recover the line, which in general is between vegetables and vegetables that, due to his value vitamínico, always collaborate in the health of the human body.

One of these vegetables is the artichoke, which can be consumed raw or cooked, entirely or also like juice of the same one.

The properties of the artichoke to slim are effective without importing the form from how it goes so far as to consume it or to use. For it we recommend to include it in our diet, since the artichoke lends to be able to realize different makings of meals and menus.

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Properties of the garlic for the health


The garlic is a spice of flavor and strong smell, which when it happens for a process of drying or cooking loses his pockmarked flavor and strong smell, but it does not lose his properties, excepting one. The garlic has redeemed a very important role in the natural medicine, slightly due to the properties of the garlic for the health.

Antibiotic: The garlic across diverse investigations has demonstrated his wide aptitude to finish with bacteria and fungi; this antibiotic capacity acquires it for there contains an element called alicina, alone which in this specific case you were finding in his natural and raw form (on having submitted it to a cooking process or another, this element disappears, although the garlic you preserve his other properties).

Acne: applied cutáneamente (spent by a treatment to avoid annoyance in the skin) it can help to end with muds, blackheads, etc. if a special presentation is not for this end, the most advisable thing is to consume it in the food.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home-made remedies for the cellulitis


The cellulitis in short words is only an accumulation of adipose textile in specific areas, which is accumulated in an abnormal way (in the shape of nodules). This is caused by an irregular function of the last layer of skin (which one has a shaken blood irrigation), deriving in an engrosamiento of the walls. It is in this point when the famous holes form in the skin.

To minimize and to finish once and for all with this problems, it continues these home-made remedies for the cellulitis.

Coconut oil: This oil is advisable since it has a direct action with the skin. To obtain major results apply it to yourself giving a light massage with the egg yolk of the fingers in circular form (you can substitute for oil of rosemary or almonds, which will give them same turned out).

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The benefits of the onion


Loved by many, hated by some others the onion is a plant hérbacea biennial of the group of the amarilidáceas. Known for being the only food that does lagrimear the persons when we cut it, it has always been one of the favorite options in the kitchen at the time of flavoring different plates.

Perhaps you have never started thinking the benefits for the health that has the onion. From helping to prepare cold and the cough up to increasing the sexual desire, the contributions of this food are numerous to fight certain illnesses.

Next, find out about the list of benefits of the onion.

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The marine sponges would help to fight the cancer


Fortunately, every time there are more the discoveries that offer solutions to fight this awesome illness. And this time the contributions come from the mysterious marine world.

According to investigators of Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, a natural substance exists in the marine sponges, called the esceptricina, which would reduce the reproduction of the carcinogenic cells and it has a very low toxicity.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Natural remedies for the psoriasis


The psoriasis is one of the most common illnesses, and it is not so offensive as to be considered to be a serious illness, but yes a serious esthetic problem. For it the natural remedies for the psoriasis are an alternative to bear in mind if this problem is endured.

These home-made recipes against the psoriasis will help you to prevent this illness from remaining in a time prolonged in your skin, and next we will mention the most popular home-made recipes so that you could look after.

One of the natural remedies for the most common psoriasis consists of using four oats spoonfuls, 15 grams of marrubio target and half a cup of water; this way, when the water already is boiling to add the white marrubio to withdraw it almost immediately from the fire.

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He prepares heart attacks of natural form

The cardiovascular diseases are typical in our societies, and in major or minor measurement we all occur rarely almost to put ourselves in risk. The fact is that the bad feeding, bad habits as the cigaret or the sedentarismo that imply some works are all potential causes of cardiac illnesses.

For it it is necessary to take precautions so that the problems of cardiovascular health do not become present. The natural medicine can help you in it, and only with the consumption of some supplements and healthy food you are helping to improve your cardiac health.

For example, the linen seeds have demonstrated to have properties to diminish the bad cholesterol, and the persons who endure high cholesterol levels can prepare cardiovascular problems with his consumption.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Natural remedies for the dermatitis

For many skin diseases, there exist different skills and alternatives that can help us. One of these illnesses is the dermatitis, which can cause problems of the skin and for it it is necessary to get rid of her. The same one presents before herself as dermatitis seborreica or dermatitis atópica, and also it is known by the name of eczema.

One of the natural remedies for the dermatitis consists of the aloe application edge. It is enough to apply it on the affected areas of the skin to clean it.

The form most indicated to use the aloe aloe vera will see like home-made remedy for the dermatitis it her is mixing with little water. This way in a little time we will be able to see very good results in those regions where we were suffering of dermatitis.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

The ginkgo biwolf would increase the convulsions risk in epileptic

A negative effect has been discovered in the consumption of this so popular herb. It would seem that this plant increases the risk of suffering convulsions in patients with Epilepsy and even would reduce the effects of the anti-convulsive medicines.

According to the investigators, a compound of this grass (the ginkgotoxina) would be the person in charge of producing certain chemical alterations that provoke the convulsions in the epileptic ones. Since it puts in risk the health of the persons who endure this illness, this plant has been questioned in Germany.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to control the high pressure of natural form

Although nowadays the stress is a very common illness, we must take the things more peacefully not to have to suffer later consequences that could affect our quality of life.

One of the forms of controlling the high pressure is taking a calm, serene and relaxed life. For it it is important to reduce the stress, although skylight, it is necessary to admit that also the feeding that we take regularly can cause an increase of the blood pressure causing problems that can be serious for our health.

And the fact is that a person with high pressure can turn more inclined to a heart attack or an apoplexy, reason for which it is important to know how to control the high pressure of natural form.

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Benefits of the black tea

The black tea is the tea of major consumption in the whole world, this it stems from the proper benefits of the black tea, and of course from his exquisite flavor. The secret is a process of fermentation that leads to this product to turning into a favorite drink (since it ripens completely; intensifying his smell, flavor and properties).

The properties of the black tea are of diverse nature, and to know with what you are benefiting on having taken an exquisite cup of this tea, we revise a list of them.

It is a powerful antirust one: This it stems from his big quantity of flavonoides, which act straight on the free radicals avoiding the aging, infectious processes, etc.

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Home-made remedies for the warts

A wart is a round and projecting injury in the skin caused by a virus. They are inoffensive, but they tend to scatter for the whole corium invading the whole body concerning weeks.

The essential thing is to treat the causes of this complaint. To help you of home-made remedies for the warts will be an effective weapon to control an excessive growth of the same ones, as well as to prepare that those who are in a growth process come to the ripeness point.

Some natural remedies stay next against the warts, which involve care of the skin assisted by the natural medicine.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

An apple a day to live better

It is one of the most common and current fruits, of those that of course you have today in the fridge of your house. But perhaps you ignore that a simple apple per day offers innumerable benefits for the health.

According to microbiologists of the National Institute of Food in Denmark, the pectin, one of the components of the dietetic fibre of the apple, increases the number of gérmenes “positives“ for a better functioning of the digestive system.

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The benefits of the tangerine to prepare the cancer

When it is a question of citrus fruits, the tangerines reach the ceiling of my personal list. Significantly more sweets that the oranges and even even easier to peel, in winter months the tangerines turn the dessert of almost all the meals, in addition to serving to kill the famine of healthy form.

But in addition to his flavor and his practicality, the tangerines constitute an extraordinary benefits resource for the organism, since the same ones contain many nutritional benefits both in his pulp and in his rind. The same ones are well-known in the medicinal ambience, and from Korea new tests are offered on this matter.

The fact is that scientists of South Korea have studied the benefits of the tangerine as regards the health of one of our most important organs: the liver, verifying that the fruit has an extraordinary potential to protect it from possible hepatic illnesses, in addition to reducing the obesity.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Home-made remedies for the dandruff

The dandruff is the excess of of skin died in the scalp; this process is normal in the persons, although, on having had a specific problem of dandruff, it is to speak on other organic motives involved (redryness in the skin, psoriasis, micosis, etc.).

When it appears the dandruff is normal that antidandruff is appealed to shampoos and to other chemicals. Nevertheless, these can damage the scalp even more, and hence it is better to resort to the first-aid kit of home-made remedies.

Possibly need of a natural, economic and effective solution, for it we present the following home-made remedies to you for the dandruff.

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How to whiten the skin

There exist many factors for which the skin can obscurecerse or to be had you stain suddenly. Some of the causes of it are not suitable feeding that he leads to the excess weight and therefore to an absence of balance in the circulation of the blood, something that it affects straight in the skin.

Another factor that affects in the darkening of the skin is an exhibition exaggerated to the sun. To avoid it it is suitable to use solar protectors to take care of the skin.

Anyhow, here we will mention a few small tricks that can serve to find out of how to whiten the skin. Be that you want to whiten the skin of the face or of any part of your body, the following advices of course result to you from help. (I resided …)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to treat illnesses of the external ear

The ear consists of three very important segments that expire with a specific function. Being the ear I intern so much like the way and the external ear those who must receive nuestr care.

To treat illnesses of the external ear we must know the cause of the same ones, since depending on every case different inflammations of different nature can appear.

This way for example, an inflammation of the external ear can be caused by an illness that has direct influence on the skin, such it is the case of a dermatitis provoked by an injury, burn or freezing. (I resided …)

Home-made recipes to erase scars

The scars are marks that stay in the skin as a result of a wound, a burn or cutaneous illnesses. Once it is damaged, the skin repairs the collagen and leaves a trace of the injury in the shape of scar.

Who does not have any scar somewhere of his body? In OtraMedicina, we announce several home-made recipes to you to erase those marks in the skin that you do not like so much.

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Broad beans, an energy food

Inside the kingdom of the vegetables there is one that perhaps passes for unnoticed. I am speaking to you about the broad beans, a vegetable that you must know because it contributes important benefits for our health.

The broad beans are original of the Mediterranean basin and central Asia, but nowadays it is cultivated in the whole world and his seeds are used commonly in the gastronomy. Between his properties, they represent the proteins, vitamin B1 and minerals as the manganese, iron, copper, calcium and phosphorus.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mint tea to relieve the pain

Since the man walks on the ground, he has always looked for alternatives in the nature to relieve the pain. And in some today more than 50 thousand are the plants that are used for medicinal ends.

One of them is the tea. There are so much varieties of tea as benefits that this drink offers to our health. In case of the tea of mint of Brazil, investigators of the University of Newcastle have discovered that has analgesic properties.

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Care in spite of mixing grasses and medicines

We all know that certain herbs can suppose certain risk for the health. Some of them (even most used) are usually contra-indicated in children or pregnant women, or in persons who endure certain illnesses due to the side effects that the same ones can have.

But the things are complicated more if we interfere in a treatment of conventional medicine introducing medicine herbalist to complement it without having medical guarantee, anything that complicates the double if one treats as treatments against cardiovascular diseases due to delicate that are.

A recent investigation has thrown light on this matter, and herbalist warns of the use of medicinal plants much used in medicine in case of treatments for cardiac illnesses, since they can interfere negatively with the action of the medicines.

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Home-made recipes to fight the acne and the black points

When finally you believed that you had escaped from them, you get up to the morning and the first thing that you see in the mirror is that a new grain has gone out for you in your face. Also, you notice that the black points are more and more adherent to your skin and it makes impossible to eliminate them to you …

Tired of the damned grains and black points? If you did not know it, there are natural forms to get rid of them. Ready attention to the following home-made recipes that you can do today in your hearth.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hypnosis for the respiratory illnesses in children

The respiratory problems are evident of diverse forms, and in children these can be a sufficient argument as to consult the doctor. To speak that the asthma brings in like a priority, but it is not the only one of the respiratory illnesses that can cause long-term problems in the smallest.

The cough is an appellant, the hyperventilation, problems to inhale or other disorders of the normal function of the lungs, if these appear in children it is necessary to take measures on this matter. From the alternative medicine, skills of relaxation as the hypnosis can help.

There is this the recommendation that Dr. Ran D offers. Anbar, Teacher of Paediatrics of the University Medica SUNY in Syracusa, New York, who publishes an article in Pediatric Asthma, Allergy and Immunology in which he advises himself to the parents to consider the hypnosis to be a possible skill to solve this problem.

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What is Karuna reiki

The Karuna reiki is a skill of reiki that has its own identity. It is known like the most compassionate of all the skills of this practice that exist at present, so that the word Karuna means just that: compassion.

Reason of it is that the reiki Karuna is considered like most tied to the love, the divine love as the unconditional one should be this towards an object. This unconditional love is associated like a love directed to the individual himself as to other living beings.

This class of reiki needs to have a minimal knowledge of the skills of Usui. Here there apply to themselves some energy symbols (eight in whole) that try to look for a balance together of the environment in which we live. Eight current symbols were less formerly, but due to the evolution of the reiki it was necessary to extend them.

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Properties of the tea of boldo

The boldo is a perennial shrub, which grows in slightly humid areas with stony soils. Due to the properties of the tea of boldo, this one it has been manufactured to turn it into a product that could come to our hands, without importing the time of trip, storage and others. This is achieved due to a process of “drying“ and "crushed" of his sheets (it does not lose properties). Coming in such a way that we it know: "sachets of tea”.

The boldo has had a big heyday in the medicinal field, and from extract of boldo up to tea of boldo in strict sense, all the preparations that are realized by this medicinal plant can be made use in medicinal terms.

Due to it, we revise some of the benefits of the tea of boldo, which are charitable for the health:

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Benefits of the watermelon

The watermelon is an original fruit of Africa, it is of thick crust and it contains a big water quantity. It is usually consumed both by his exquisite flavor and by his nutritional properties, in addition to acting like a powerful moisturizing one on having been provided with big liquid quantities in his pulp.

There exist more than 50 species of this fruit, but the benefits of the watermelon are very similar in all the cases. Next they explain themselves in detail.

· Antirust: The licopeno (it is the substance that gives the typical pink color to this fruit) provides an action that there prevents the production of free radicals, which it has an effect in chain that hurts at cellular level.

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Tai-Chi to reduce the diabetes

The Tai-Chi has been associated with the prevention of the diabetes in more than one occasion, and we all know that the physical activity tied to the meditation and the emotional well-being that they are associated with this practice they can reverberate favorably on the symptoms of the illness.

The information accumulates, and this time the investigator Liu Xin of the University of Queensland has worked with a group of persons who were suffering from Tai-Chi to know the effects of this practice on the illness, discovering that the same one can be useful to fight it.

We speak about the diabetes type 2 very common between the patients of diabetes, which was attenuated after the Tai-Chi practice on the part of the participants of the study. Specifically the patients experienced falls in the blood pressure, in the levels of glucose in the blood and up to a loss of weight.

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What is the treatment melasma

The melasma is an illness that happens when the skin produces melanin (the pigment that gives him color to the skin) of untidy form, and this causes the appearance of a facial darkening

The melasma can attack any person, but it shows a clearer tendency in the pregnant women and persons who consume anti-epileptic. The areas most affected with this suffering are the cheeks, chin and the forehead, and when the spots in the skin are very prominent it is necessary to fight the melasma.

Today many treatments exist for the melasma, and between the most popular treatments against this skin disease we find the following ones:

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Properties of the olive oil

Many experts nutricionistas affirm that the best way of making use of the properties of the olive oil is from his natural origin. Namely that to the olives it is necessary to spend them for stones mills this way to obtain a pasta. This one will provide the virgin olive oil to us.

It is better to do olive oil this way, that is to say of a natural form, without having to use the olive oils that have crossed industrial processes that have made them lose his properties.

Speaking about the properties of the olive oil, we can say that these are innumerable. We count for example his action like laxative, and so that it should work it is possible to take it several days on an empty stomach. If one takes it in his virgin olive oil version without refining, it can help to the functions of the liver and to to expel the stones or intestinal calculations.

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What is cho ku I laughed

Cho ku I laughed it is a skill of reiki that is based on an energy symbol that he communicates with the universe to the individual who practises it. It is one of the symbols of the reiki, and his function is to increase and to improve the interior energy to find the peace and the well-being that is needed to advance in the daily life.

On having observed the symbol of cho ku, I laughed we see a number 7 with a concentric spiral towards the center with direction anti hourly. For others, on the other hand, it is the figure of a snake where instead of number seven, this is the head and departs from the body of the animal. but that to the final ends up by winding in a concentric spiral the same way anti hourly.

Cho's skill ku I laughed it is used to connect the person with the reiki practice. This way, we can see cho ku I laughed like a species of switch that connects the person who practises reiki, increasing his forces and improving his internal nature.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Benefits of the lemon oil


The essential lemon oil constitutes one of the fragrances used by the aromaterapia. His use has a long history to fight problems of health and up to as antidote against poisons.

From working like an effective beauty product up to a remedy to fight the insomnia, the lemon oil produces a big benefits variety for our health and well-being.

He keeps on reading and knows here some of them.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

How to remove the stretch marks

like eliminating them estrias.jpg

The stretch marks of the skin can be represented like a species of rugosity that can be of type to laminate, which are generated due to a stretching of the corium of the skin, and that later has returned to his natural state. The stretch marks are not esthetic at all, and for it it is good to know how to remove the stretch marks so that our skin seems healthy.

There exists a groundless myth that he says that the stretch marks happen only in women. This is due to the fact that the stretch marks are evident more in women when these have gone so far as to spend a stage of pregnancy, the stretching of the skin being provoked this way as we had mentioned it in the first paragraph.

Since it has been mentioned earlier, the stretch marks appearance is not an exclusive case of the women, already they can appear in any person who has put on weight of abrupt form, and de facto 10 % of the persons who suffer from stretch marks is to be men that in han put on weight up to being obese, and that later have recovered his natural weight.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to improve the blood circulation

like improving the circulation sanguinea.jpg

The blood circulation turns out to be affected to the passage of time because the blood glasses lose elasticity, doing that the step of the blood is more difficult. This means a major effort of the heart to have a normal blood irrigation. The most common symptoms of bad blood circulation will be: sickness, cramps, cold extremities, cellulitis, etc.

By it there has been unbuttoned the importance of preserving a the ideal physical state to minimize or to eliminate aftermath in advanced ages or in delicate conditions and power like that to improve the blood circulation. Next a series of advices to improve the blood circulation.

- To do exercise: by means of a constant physical conditioning (to run, bicycle, weight, etc.) we will be able to increase the muscular contractions that act impelling the blood flow for the veins and increasing the circulatory flow in the arteries, this way the blood glasses will become stronger.

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Food with serotonina


The serotonina is a neurotransmitter of the central nervous system and one believes that it redeems a very important role, since it is capable of inhibiting the annoyance, the sleep, the appetite, the sexual desire, the corporal temperature, the humor and the depression. Hence the absence of serotonina in the organism can end in problems of humor, lacking in fortitude, insomnia and many signs or symptoms more.

On having been this one, a substance that segregates the brain is impossible to fill his request with the properties of the food. On the other hand, certain products can help us to stimulate to the brain to increase the serotonina and this way to support the needs for this element in the organism.

The food with serotonina is: the flour, bread, chocolate, rice and grains in general.

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Natural remedies for the irritable colon

natural remedies for the colon irritable.jpg

Many natural remedies exist for the irritable colon, which that base the use of certain fruits, vegetables and vegetables with several special properties to calm these pains.

We can use both to the manzanilla and to the lemon to form an infusion that could help us to calm the pain of the irritable colon. This is feasible thanks to the fact that these two fruits have certain properties desinflamatorias that they can calm the pain produced by the annoyance of the colon.

The only thing that it is necessary to do is to realize an infusion of manzanilla to which later one will add a small lemon juice quantity; depending on every taste, it is possible to go so far as to sweeten this preparation with a little of honey.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What to do with a flesh-colored fingernail

that to do with a fingernail encarnada.jpg

A flesh-colored fingernail happens when this one fragments and the fingernail is buried in the skin, provoking inconveniences from pain, ardor, infections, distension and someone others. This problem has different causes from using a very tight footwear or a bad fingernails cut, up to congenital defects, etc.

The first thing that must be done when this happens is to examine the grade encarnamiento, this way to be able to treat the flesh-colored fingernail. To know what to do with a fingernail enarnada continues the advices of next.

If it is a question of a light injury it is possible to dip the foot in lukewarm water during 20 minutes and to place cotton under the ends of the buried fingernail.

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How does the chromotherapy work

since it works cromoterapia.jpg

The chromotherapy in simple and flat words is a method in which there are used the properties of the colors (speeds, lengths and wave rhythms) with curative, regenerative, stimulant, psychic and organic ends. It is a skill that derives from the traditional medicine of big cultures like the China, the India and the Greece.

To know how it works the chromotherapy first is to know as the body receives to the color; since in fact the colors do not exist as such, but it stems from frequencies of light, which the eyes with help of the brain codify and is here when the magic happens of being able to appreciate to the whole scale of colors and tones that exist. By this grand discovery it has been created to the chromotherapy, which one is a skill with big heyday.

Possibly wonder how the colors can affect our life in all his levels, and why one speaks so much about the properties of the chromotherapy. The answer you live through it in your routine character, since we can verify his efficiency since we worry for the colors that we choose on having dressed, the decision of the meal that we consume is done by us in accordance with the sight that the food provides to us, etc.

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Flowers that treat illnesses

flowers that they treat enfermedades.jpg

Between the year 1926 to 1934 the doctor Edward Bach wanted to treat to the medicine of a way very different from the conventional one, since this one was thinking that all the illnesses had a common orígen.

That one so this medical homeopath devoted himself to investigate different types of original wild flowers of Wales, and of his investigations it concluded that each of these flowers had curative properties associated with the remedy of emotional problems.

This way there were born 38 natural remedies that went so far as to know as the flowers of Bach, which are used to treat illnesses and that nowadays are a commercial success.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soy sauce: A powerful source of antirust


The antirust ones constitute one of the nutritional benefits that we must not ignore as regards a healthy feeding. They are they those who contribute a shield before the oxidation of the cells, and as it they have a big potential to prepare illnesses of an enormous nature: from cancer up to circulatory problems.

The sources of antirust are dispersed everywhere, and it is enough to see little our blog to know them. Between them we find the red wine of good quality, the bilberries, the acai berry or some citrus fruits with many vitamin C. The soy sauce for his part, fights to be between the antirust most important.

According to an investigation realized by the National University of Singapore the soy sauce has the highest antirust potential, and for it they recommend to flavor our salads with her, at least two or three times per week.

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Recipes of organic meal

meal recipes organica.jpg

Nowadays the organic food is consumed by many persons. The recipes of organic meal can be prepared by all that food that, as it is the case, are produced of the following form.

Food of vegetable origin: It includes to fruits, vegetables, vegetables, grains, seaweed, cereals, etc. In this case this food is produced without fertilizers watered with natural water, no insecticide or component chemist contains and his dealing is merely a native.

Food of animal origin: It includes to the meats of all kinds and products derived from them (animal, pig, fish, chicken, milk, egg, cheeses, etc.). Here the animals are fed naturally, without the hormones introduction, you vaccinate antibiotics or any other chemicals, as well as all his derivative products are treat you for natural processes for his consumption.

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