Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home-made remedies to eliminate the louses

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When we speak about the louses, we are mentioning to an evil that propagates with big facility in those environments with persons' big inflow. The contagion of the louses takes place principally in schools or schools, being victims of it the students who maintain nearby contact.

A way of being able to detect louses and nits is to warn that we begin ourselves to itch to every moment due to the itching that produces this insect. Due to this injuries can take place in the scalp, therefore it becomes necessary to eliminate the louses in the head.

One of the home-made remedies to eliminate the louses consists of using four spoonfuls of to ceite of olive, which it is necessary to apply in all the scalp with small massages that they distribute to any this one for the whole head. Seguidamente must to himself place a shower cap during a time of six hours approximately. This we must repeat approximately three or four times per week this way to kill the louses.

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