Friday, March 5, 2010

Properties of the garlic for the health


The garlic is a spice of flavor and strong smell, which when it happens for a process of drying or cooking loses his pockmarked flavor and strong smell, but it does not lose his properties, excepting one. The garlic has redeemed a very important role in the natural medicine, slightly due to the properties of the garlic for the health.

Antibiotic: The garlic across diverse investigations has demonstrated his wide aptitude to finish with bacteria and fungi; this antibiotic capacity acquires it for there contains an element called alicina, alone which in this specific case you were finding in his natural and raw form (on having submitted it to a cooking process or another, this element disappears, although the garlic you preserve his other properties).

Acne: applied cutáneamente (spent by a treatment to avoid annoyance in the skin) it can help to end with muds, blackheads, etc. if a special presentation is not for this end, the most advisable thing is to consume it in the food.

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