Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home-made remedies for the ear pain


The pain of the ear happens for an infection which can be to cause strange agents as virus, bacteria and fungi which across his pathogenic evolution will cause signs and symptoms, between which this type of complaint is.

To eliminate this inconvenience a series of home-made remedies exists for the pain of ear which were helping to control and eliminate this symptom, which we will detail next.

Compresses: In a cloth or towel it proceeds to dampen it with cold water (he remembers that, before applying it, you have to of draining it well) or, you can place a few ice blocks and wrap them with the cloth (also the warm compresses are very effective, you can do the same procedure but with water boiling, alone care on having handled it to avoid burns). After having done this, it proceeds to place the cloth on the affected hate and to leave it from 5 until 10 minutes, you can realize it several times.

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