Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home-made remedies for the diarrhea


The diarrhea is a problem that we all suffer occasionally, and that results from the most uncomfortable thing. But fortunately there are some tricks to treat it. First of all it is necessary to be able to recognize when it is that a person can go so far as to suffer from a diarrhea: it is said that a person suffers diarrhea when it has done more than 3 daily fecal evacuations, being the characteristic of each of these of that is more liquid than solid.

Although it seems incredible, the diarrhea in fact is not an illness, but rather a way of being evident that it has our organism. It is a form of defense so that major problems do not exist; to want to eliminate something that is not well inside him. But because the fecal evacuations can be harmful in the dehydration of an individual, it is that this person must hydrate the most possible thing to try to recover all the liquids lost in the above mentioned evacuations.

Now then, the first recommendation to realize for a person that they suffer from these symptoms, it is to use different home-made remedies for the diarrhea, being the first one of them the hydration. To achieve this it is necessary to mix in 1 liter of water (previously boiled) six sugar teaspoonfuls with a teaspoonful of salt and a pinch of bicarbonate of sodium (a pinch means the minimal thing that one can take with our fingers index and thumb, that is to say very few grams); to this he is met like home-made oral whey, which must take in small glasses spending two or three hours in the day.

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