Thursday, March 11, 2010

Benefits of the green grapes

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Since well we know, grapes exist both of red and black color, and also the green grapes, which have special characteristics. The color of the grapes owes to his elements; this way for example in the red and black grapes it is had to the antocianos, pigments that are absent of the white grapes. On the other hand, the green grapes have big quantity of tannins, which gives him special characteristic both in flavor and in color.

From there the fact is that there comes the council to include to the green grapes in the diet to slim.

This daily diet of consuming green grapes is useful for persons with difficulties to slim, since between the benefits of the green grapes it is in the possibility of lowering one kilo and a half in only four days if it is that there follows a rigorous diet in which principally green grapes should be consumed.

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