Sunday, March 14, 2010

Properties and benefits of the marigold


Have you ever heard to speak about the marigold? It is a question of a herbaceous plant of the family of the asteráceas, natives of the Mediterranean region and Asia Minor. It is the typical plant that you can have yourself in your garden, very showy and showy with flowers of intense and orange yellow color.

But what more you will be interested in to know of this grass is that it has beneficial properties for the health. His big fortress takes root in his anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic character and especially it is characterized for facilitating the healing of any wound in the skin.

Since it acts on the nucleoproteínas synthesis, glucoproteínas and the collagen, it is the ideal remedy for the regeneration of the textiles. For it the fact is that it is so beneficial for the care of the skin, since it helps to cicatrizar wounds and up to improving his aspect after a simple scrape.

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