Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home-made remedies for the headache

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A headache or migraine can be annoying, since it will prevent you to realize your daily works of normal form, if also it is already turning into a frequent problem, we give you the following home-made remedies for the headache with which you will be able to correct with this problematic effectiveness.

I freeze: The ice is an effective method divide to control this problem, for an effective treatment, be able to take a towel and wrap ices that you have facts, or in his defect if you have more time, it wets the towel, it drains the water excess and her put to the freezer of 5 to 10 minute. In both cases it is recommended to have a short rest and to put it in the forehead, after a pair of minutes it displaces about the head and eyes and this way successively until ambience puts itself to temperature.

Go out: If the pain has begun, the best way of putting brake will be eating some high food it is a salt, like a few fryings or meal that contains high quantities of this element.

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