Sunday, March 7, 2010

Benefits of the aloe it will see


The aloe edge is a substance it liquidates yellowish color, extracted from an original plant of Africa. In many places the plant is known like aloe vera, and it is used by medicinal ends for several problems of health.

Across years of investigations, tests and uses there have been confirmed the multiple benefits of the aloe edge on the health; let's see in detail each of them.

For the skin: Perhaps his cutaneous use is the most popular, since many persons prefer to have the plant in his hearths, cut a piece and apply straight this liquid on his skin. It has healing properties since it allows an interlaced correct one of the affected areas, the cellular regeneration increases, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory one, he has antimicrobial benefits and eliminates the accumulation of cells dead of the skin. For it it is advisable to apply it on wounds, you ulcerate (also mouth), wound, acne, etc.

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