Thursday, December 31, 2009

It slims with Hieloterapia


We have already spoken to you often about the varied alternative therapies that the man uses to improve his quality of life. Today it is the turn to present one of the last tendencies to you to slim, the Hieloterapia.

It is a question of an alternative practice that helps to grow thin across the ice application in the body. The effect of the frozen water desintoxica the skin and it activates the circulation so that it helps to reduce the corporal mass, in addition to which it works like a natural face lift on having improved his aspect. It is important to clarify that the cold on the body does not make slim himself but it must be accompanied by massages that complement the treatment.

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Benefits of the aromaterapia

benefits of aromaterapia.jpg

The benefits of the aromaterapia are well-known in general terms, and it is known that between the properties of the aromaterapia we find the reduction of the stress, the emotional well-being and the well-being sensation with ourselves. But that exists of the benefits of the aromaterapia in concrete terms?

Towards them we go, since from OtraMedicina we propose to realize a list of benefits of the aromaterapia, so that this way you could consult with rapidity and decide if to apply this alternative therapy is good for you and for the problems of health that you face, they are these of physical health or of mental health.

Earlier, let's remember that the aromaterapia works from essential oils, that derivatives of plants and flowers, they offer an excellent resource to feel good. Next you will find this list of properties of the aromaterapia so that you could apply it in your hearth with complete certainty.

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Introduction to Vastu Shastra

vastu shaasta

One of the most popular practices come from the oriental knowledge is the Fengh Shui, which for his big attraction and for his adaptability has been adapted quickly by Occident. Fengh Shui departs from the Chinese philosophy, and he is it is the art of decoration and disposition of the hearth to facilitate the flow of energy or Chi.

Pero China has not been the only oriental knowledge focus. The India also has stood out in it, and the Hindu philosophy also has its own system of spatial disposition to administer the energy flow: Vastu Shastra (known also like Vaastu Shastra).

Vastu Shastra is something like Hindu Fengh Shui, and originally it developed to be applied in temples and monumental architecture. Nevertheless, with his popularization and his revenue to Occident, this system joined to the common and current hearths, and many houses are organized as regards his beginning.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Relax with Reflexology


The reflexology is practically a common place on having referred to alternative medicine. His tradition, popularity and effectiveness as alternative treatment are notable, and it owes to his inherent properties.

In concrete terms, we apply reflexology to treat an endless number of problems and illnesses, like for example the backache, the constipation and even the unfertility. In all his applications, the reflexology produces a sensation of relaxation that defines the treatment, and that from her innumerable benefits obtain not only for the mind, but for the physical health.

The reflexology works on the assumption of which the feet are areas of integration of the reflexes of our body. There many nerves come together, and stimulating certain points with a good massage podal, we can obtain positive effects on particular problems of health (bad circulation, fatigue, etc.) and on our frame of mind and general well-being.

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To prepare the blindness with …: pine crust?


The blindness is a complex illness that adopts diverse forms with the only result: the loss of vision. To prepare the blindness the feeding is an essential resource, but also there exist other natural products that can help you.

Although you do not believe it, the pine is one of these products, since the crust of this tree contains very important properties as regards the ocular health. In fact, an extract of crust of pine called Pycnogenol one usually uses to treat ocular illnesses, and in this case it has been put itself to the test by interesting results.

The diabetic retinopatía is an illness that happens in persons who endure diabetes, and that consists of a bad circulation for the veins of the eye, which damages the retina. The result of it can be a loss of vision.

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The energy of the pyramids


Did you know that the pyramids are geometric forms with proper energy? It has been demonstrated that the pyramidal constructions work like a real catalyst of energy, which is generated from five apexes and which then circulates and becomes condensed inside.

It is said, even, that the more perfect the geometric dimensions of the constructions are, the more energy is the one that it can canalize. For something the ancient Egyptians were characterized by his imposing pyramids: they already knew the energy power of these mysterious geometric forms that are part of Seven Marvels of the World.

The energy of the pyramids can be made use by you to obtain multiple benefits. For example, if you keep food inside a pyramid more fresh air will survive during more time. On the other hand, if you place knives, scissors or sheets of shaving inside a pyramidal construction you will notice that in a few days they will be more sharp.

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Grape juice to take care of your brain


Of the grape wine does not go out only, and the grape juice is other of his delightful products. As it happens with his alcoholic brother (?), this juice also is provided with numerous benefits for the health. It is necessary to add a very important antirust potential to the proper benefits of the grape for the cerebral health that we find in this drink.

In fact, from the University of Cincinnati Dr. R. Krikorian has carried out an experiment with twelve patients to prove the benefits of the juice of grape with regard to the cerebral health. All the participants were developing early phases of illnesses that affect the memory.

The investigators offered to them grape juice to half of them for twelve months, and then the results were compared with regard to another half of the group. On having finished the year of study, which had consumed the juice demonstrated to have better levels of memory than the others.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10:23, a campaign against the homeopathy


The homeopathy is one of the branches of the alternative medicine that more we usually emphasize due to the scientific progress associated with her. The investigations doctor s have demonstrated that the homeopathy is effective to treat diverse illnesses, but the skeptical circles are fervent and they still do not consider it to be a legitimate medicine.

But does it have this felt thinking that the homeopathy is installed more than one century ago in our popular medicine and that she keeps on being applied in the whole world? For the people of 10:23 yes, and they glide to be mobilized on this matter.

10:23 it is a campaign that will be thrown in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2010, in order to deslegitimar to the homeopathy and to generate public conscience with regard to his invalidity. It is improving itself from Bad Homeopathy, and if you want to be her part enters to

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Acupresión and acupuncture for the sciatica

pain sciatica

The disorder known as pain of sciatica is produced by an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which root emerges from the low part of the spine, reaching the legs. When this inflammation happens, the pain can turn out to be a torture, and it is important to consult the doctor to know solutions on this matter.

One of them is the application of two well-known and similar treatments of alternative medicine between themselves: the acupuncture and the acupresión. These act reducing the pain and reducing the inflammation that produces it, making possible to carry this problem up to solving it.

Basically the acupuncture is employed with the needles insertion at certain points spread along the organism, while the acupresión applies pressure without needles on the same points. As result perceives a progress of the general health, including the specific problem that thinks about how to be solved by his treatment.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

How is an Arteterapia meeting?


We have already told you one day in OtraMedicina of what there talks each other the Arteterapia or Therapy of the art. If you do not remember it, it is the use of the visual arts with therapeutic ends so that the patient shows his thoughts and emotions across the artistic expression. Today you will know of what there consist the meetings of this alternative therapy.

First, you must know that a simple drawing on role or a simple work on clay can say very much on our personality, especially what we keep in the unconscious one and what hardly we can express with words. That's why, it is not necessary to be big artists to practise the Arteterapia: only it is enough to allow to go for our own imagination and creativity.

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Care with the cigarets herbales


The cigarets herbales are commercialized in the entire world like a viable alternative to the conventional cigarets. These are produced by a miscellany of tobacco and herbs, supposedly leaving aside the content of tar and other products harmful to the health contained in the conventional cigarets.

Nevertheless, a recent study carried out by Chinese investigators has demonstrated that these cigarets do not suppose less risk than the conventional cigarets; in fact, the implicit risk in them is comparable to a common and current cigaret, raising the worry concerning his commercialization.

To come to this conclusion the investigators decided to compare 135 persons consuming cigarets herbales with 143 that were consuming normal cigarets. Analyzing the urine of the participants, the investigators discovered that in her there were present the same quantities of nicotine and carcinogens, independently of what type of cigarets the patient was consuming.

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Red bilberries for urinal infections

red bilberries

The infections of the urinal tract (the cystitis between them) are common in several persons. The women usually suffer them in a grade major than the men, and the risk of suffering of the same ones grows in epochs postmenopáusicas.

The best way of preparing them is across a good feeding, and for it some fruits are much more effective than others. There is this the case of the red bilberries, which have demonstrated to be very effective in the treatment of several illnesses. The urinal infections are added to the list thanks to a recent investigation carried out by investigators Greek and published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

The investigators assembled ten women postmenopáusicas of between 46 and 60 years of age, who had had three or more episodes of urinal infection in the last year. To them a dose of red bilberries was offered to them in constant frequency, and it was waited to know the results of it.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Green tea: A shield for the brain


The cerebral illnesses are a topic much complejísimo, and the medicine is not provided yet with widespread treatments that make his prevention and definitive eradication possible in all the cases. The investigation in natural compounds keeps on doing his way on this matter and contributing solutions to it, contributing with possible treatments to these illnesses.

In case of the green tea, his compounds have resulted in excellent solutions for a problems endless number, and in this case one associates them with the treatment of cerebral illnesses, since it has been demonstrated that the same ones act like a shield before them.

One of the principal causal agents of these illnesses there are a group of proteins that occupy nervous cells. These make way to illnesses like the Alzheimer's disease, the Parkinson evil or that of Huntington, and in the magazine Nature Chemical Biology there is published the discovery with which the green tea might provide his appearance.

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Warming exercises for the Yoga


Depending on the level of demand and improving in which we are as for the yoga, this discipline adapts itself to the possibilities of his practitioners. This way, we find exercises for beginners or for advanced practitioners, at different demand levels.

Nevertheless, like any discipline that works with the human body, needs a system of warming that makes possible to exercise us without getting damaged and preparing with it injuries that could happen during the practice of the yoga.

And with more reason coming from the yoga, which is a practice that consists of forcing the stretching of the body. As well as an aerobic exercise exercises our muscles, the yoga exercises also the joints and the sinews, and by it it must not be practised in cold.

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Chakras: Chakra of the Crown or Sahasrara


If there is two chakras closely related these are Ajna and Sahasrara. The chakra of the Third Eye is deeply associated with the function of Sahasrara, the seventh chakra and with that we finish our chakras special one.

It is located in the top part of the head, and it is known for that reason like Chakra dela Crown. His position denotes his function, which is related to the top conscience of the human being, and to the philosophical concept of unit that it proclaims that one is quite and everything is one.

Sahasrara is considered to be the chakra of the pure conscience, and gets connected with the central nervous system across the hyponuptial bed. Physically it influences us across the meditation, mentally with the universal unit conscience and emotionally with me.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chakras: Chakra of the Third Eye or Ajna


Undoubtedly the Chakra of the Third Eye is more acquaintance of seven chakras that are distributed along our body. Known also like Center of Conscience or Ajna, this chakra is located in the center of our forehead, and his mantra is most used in meditation: Om.

Ajna is the chakra more deeply associated with ourselves as spiritual entities. Our deep exstencia level collaborates with him, and here emotions and real motivations take root ours. Somehow, Ajna is the connection axis between our conscious one and unconscious ours.

The chakra of the Third Eye governs mentally the visual conscience, and emotionally it does it in direction towards the mental clarity from an intuitive frame.

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Chakras: Chakra of the Gullet Vishuddha and the expression


We associate our gullet with the voice emission, and hence with the communication and with the expression. The language is the channel by which we communicate, and of several forms the intersubjective tie as regards the others. With regard to the chakras system, it is the fifth chakra, Vishuddha, which allows us to do it.

Also known like Chakra of the Gullet or Vishuddi, this chakra has direct bearing on the communicative function and in direct association on the gland tiroide century. His activity regulates our expression and our exteriorización across the language.

Physically the Chakra of the Gullet governs the communication, emotionally the independence, mentally the thought fluency and spiritually the safety sensation.

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Food for a good digestion


The digestion is one of the vital processes that reverberate in our body and mind. A good digestion is fundamental for the correct functioning of the machine that is our organism, and for it we must try to chew slowly the meals and leave time to digest them correctly.

There are several advices for a good digestion, and between them we count of not taking a lot of water during the meal, taking a short rest after feeding (without going to bed) and then walking a little, etc.: But is there food for a good digestion?

It is clear that yes, and the notes that can take on this matter are multiple. For example, it costs like advice consuming a little of garlic before eating, and accompanying the meal on bran bread. Also, a breakfast with oats anticipates a good digestion.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Chakras: Chakra of the Heart Anahata and the love


The way is a symbol of unit and of synthesis. This way, the quarter chakra also named Anahata or Chakra of the Heart is an union of put up, crossing, integration. It is half of the system of seven chakras, and as such it is located in the center of our body, I joust at a height of the heart.

The Chakra of the Heart (by it his name) is deeply associated with the love and with the compassion. It is this the one that governs our feelings towards the others, and to we allow to love deeply, feel compassion and piety and have a deep feeling of peace and centrality.

The Anahata governs physically the blood circulation that comes to all our corners in the unit of our body, emotionally it governs the unconditional love for one himself and for the others, mentally it governs the passion and spiritually it governs the devotion.

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It recovers your hair with ginger

damaged hair

Although as the years spend the hair it becomes inevitably more opaque and fragile, sometimes factors as the bad feeding or the stress can help to damage it at early age. When you happen to have the damaged hair you perceive it immediately, and in addition to damaging your hairstyle, it disfigures your appearance in general.

To have a strong and brilliant hair, you can resort to some natural products that contain properties to recover the damaged hair. In this case we choose two, the ginger and the sesame, two elements that with his combined use can do the difference between a good hair and a battered hair.

You must combine a ginger teaspoonful with the fourth cup of oil of sesame. Mix the prepared one and apply it on your scalp massaging energetically. When ten or twenty minutes have happened, withdraw it with shampoo and repeat the treatment week after week.

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Chakras: Chakra of the Solar Plexus Manipura and the digestive system


Placed in the solar plexus (and for it it gets his name), Manipura also receives the name of Center of Power. This third chakra has a direct relation with the digestive system and with other functions of our organism.

One associates it straight with the digestive system and also with the metabolic one, and has a direct influence on the pancreas and on the adrenal crust. His role in the digestion is translated in the activity to turn the meal into energy for the body and the mind.

Manipura governs the personal power, the fear, the anxiety, the introversion and the handling of the emotions. Physically it influences the digestion, mentally the personal power, emotionally with the expansive character and spiritually in what it involves the personal and spiritual growth.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

To reduce the cough with aloe and honey


The cough is annoying in itself, and when it comes a cough attack is necessary to look for remedies that allow to fight it of effective form. In this sense, the home-made remedies are the best option, since they act as better than the conventional syrups, and also they have a much more conditioning action.

We present today a home-made remedy for the cough, cocktail with two ingredients much known in the ambience of the natural remedies: the honey and the aloe will see. Both components are known by his conditioning effect, and to combine them implies multiplying his effectiveness.

The aloe and the honey work repairing the annoyed textiles, and in case of the honey there is added to him to this function the aptitude to add energy to our organism to recover more quickly than the cough.

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Chakras: Chakra Sacral Svadhisthana and the desire

chakra sacral

Climbing along our organism, the following chakra is placed on Muladhana, specifically in the region genital and aligned by the coccyx. It receives the name of Chakra Sacral or Svadhisthana (also adhishthana), and we discover it today.

Svadhisthana is associated with the aptitude to feel and to express the love. His connection with the couple relation goes beyond the sexual desire, but it is necessary to admit that this one has a powerful role in the activity of Chakra Sacral.

It is a chakra that is associated straight with the reproductive cycle, and his principal relations are with the violence, the relations, the addictions, the basic emotional needs and the pleasure. Physically it governs the reproduction, mentally the creativity, emotionally the happiness and spiritually the enthusiasm.

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Sand plantain for the constipation


When the constipation comes the intestines let us know about it making us feel uncomfortable and hard. But you must not worry, the cold is something very common, and the medicine herbalist has some interesting solutions to offer you. In this case we offer to you a natural solution for the constipation that you will be helpful.

It is a question of the sand plantain, a herbaceous plant that usually grows in central and southern Europe, characterized for having a stem erecto with linear sheets. The ears take place in July, and the seeds have a brown color.

His utility to fight the constipation owes to the fibre of the sand plantain, which one is a fibre not digestible that absorbs water and increases the depositions quantity, facilitating this way his elimination across the rectum. It does not have nutritional value, but his gesticulating as regards the constipation is very powerful.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chakras: Basic Chakra Muladhara and the vital force


The chakras are a current currency in OtraMedicina, and in several occasions we have alluded to them like one of the principal concepts of the oriental philosophy. The chakras are seven energy centers that are distributed along our body, from the head until the year. The chakras make possible that the energy circulates along our body, and there exist several alternative therapies that stimulate his activity to facilitate the energy flow.

On this day we give beginning to a special one on seven chakras in that we will start to explore directly one for one the meanings and associations of these seven energy centers of the body.

We begin for Chakra Base, Muladhara, which one is the chakra root. It is located between the year and the genitals, and collaborates to the desire of living and to the physical energy. Also, it is related to the instinct and the safety, to the survival and to everything what involves our original animal nature.

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To prepare the prostate cancer with coffee


The prostate cancer is to the men what the breast cancer is to the women. His appearance is much more probable in the masculine sex, and it is necessary that the life style concentrates on healthy habits that serve to prepare it.

Between the substances that we consume every day, the coffee is one of the most habitual in breakfasts and snacks, and in addition to being a good accompanist it has demonstrated in several occasions his benefits for the health. These benefits of the coffee extend his action bogey after a recent study realized by the Medical School of the University of Harvard, which there is demostado that the coffee prepares the prostate cancer.

The investigation has run in hands of Kathryn Wilson, who has studied for twenty years the habits of 50000 men as regards his coffee consumption, to find a risk of cancer of much minor prostate in individuals who were usually consuming coffee as regards those that they were not consuming.

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Broccoli and cauliflower to prepare illnesses


The naturopathy supports that our organism is provided with the hardware is cured himself, and that the processes that happen inside him are sufficient to prepare the illnesses or to fight them in case these appear. The same way, often the organism generates defensive reactions that can damage the organism.

One of them is the answer of the body angte the presence of infections or certain wounds, before which the organism produces certain chemists (peroxide of hydrogen or the hipoclorito, for example) that can damage praises cells. From the University of Pennsylvania some solutions are offered on this matter.

Zhe Lu and his team of investigators have studied the tiocianato, an antirust present native in vegetables like the broccoli and the cauliflower, which is capable of protecting our organism of several types of illnesses.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chocolate and cardiovascular health


The benefits of the chocolate are sufficiently well documented like so that you enjoy this chocolate bar that you have in your power with entire conviction of which it is right in you. The list keeps on growing and we add more firewood to the fire with new evidences.

In British Journal of Nutrition, a team of Italian investigators of the University of Milan they publish the results of an experiment carried out with twenty volunteers of approximately 24 years of age average, to whom it was proposed to continue a healthy diet for some weeks.

After the term had been fulfilled, the investigators divided the group in two halves, to one of which white chocolate gave them and black chocolate gave them to other one. The results demonstrated that those of the second group obtained a minor stress oxidativo of his ADN molecules, something associated with a better cardiovascular health.

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Properties of the Elm tree


Inside the world of the curative plants, we must not forget the medicinal trees, some of which contain notable benefits for the health that are so effective as in case of the medicinal plants.

There is this the case of the elm tree (between some other trees), tree that usually grows in banks and that is characterized for having an important height, a trunk of cork-like crust, alternate and brilliant sheets and small flowers of reddish color. On his parts, which more we are interested in is his trunk, which is the one that concentrates his medicinal properties.

The benefits of the elm tree owe to his components. His tannins, for example, award one to drive astringent of which one has been able to extract profit. Also, the elm tree is a tree with properties antidiarreicas and anti-inflammatory. His external use justifies his application in cases of skin diseases like eczemas, herpes, itching, etc.

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It lists of antirust


We speak often about the antirust ones in the diet and about his importance to prepare illnesses, nevertheless it is necessary to assemble them in a list of antirust for his rapid reference. These are present in several food and drinks that we consume, and basically and after big features we can recognize four antirust ones.

Vitamin C. Perhaps the most famous vitamin, also it is antirust. It is especially in fruits and vegetables, and with a concentration intensified in the citrus fruits. The orange, the lemon, the kiwi, the broccoli or the cabbage are food that contain it.

Vitamin And. This vitamin is in the vegetable oils, the cereals and the nuts. Also, food as the olives, the corn and the peanut also contain it. This vitamin is a molecule with an importance key to prepare cardiovascular problems, and his administration is common in premature babies unable to accumulate it.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Benefits of the raw fats


When we cook fried meals or with processed oils we are getting lost the possibility of extracting profit of an element that supposes many benefits for our organism. It is a question of the fats in his original state, hangovers, since once processed or warmed the raw fats lose numerous benefits.

On having cooked the fats of the food, we change his structure and turn them unstable, which does that they reduce his properties significantly. When they warm up, the grasdas contain big sodium quantities and lose many of his components.

On the contrary, the raw fats contain lipasa, an enzyme that allows a better digestion, transport and prosecution of the lípidos of the food that we consume, and also, the lipasa helps to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL). Nevertheless, the enzyme gets lost on having warmed the fats.

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To eliminate the warts


A good treatment to eliminate the warts is the outstanding figure: dry ice. It is enough to the dermatologist to go in a pair of meetings so that it applies dry ice on the warts and these disappear. Nevertheless, several home-made remedies exist against the warts, and we sum some of them up today.

To eliminate the warts naturally is something that needs a little of patience and steadfastness. Nevertheless, if you are afraid of the dry ice you can use some home-made remedies to eliminate the warts I hope you are lucky. In this occasion we point at it showing some natural remedies against the warts.

The first one of them can dream a little macabre, but it consists of placing a rope about the wart. This way what we do is basically to cut the blood circulation that comes to the wart, and this way the same one dies and falls down after some days.

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To eliminate the warts


A good treatment to eliminate the warts is the outstanding figure: dry ice. It is enough to the dermatologist to go in a pair of meetings so that it applies dry ice on the warts and these disappear. Nevertheless, several home-made remedies exist against the warts, and we sum some of them up today.

To eliminate the warts naturally is something that needs a little of patience and steadfastness. Nevertheless, if you are afraid of the dry ice you can use some home-made remedies to eliminate the warts I hope you are lucky. In this occasion we point at it showing some natural remedies against the warts.

The first one of them can dream a little macabre, but it consists of placing a rope about the wart. This way what we do is basically to cut the blood circulation that comes to the wart, and this way the same one dies and falls down after some days.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home-made remedies against the haemorrhoids

home-made remedies against hemorroides.jpg

As well as we speak on natural remedies for the haemorrhoids it does a time behind, we touch the topic again today, offering a succinct list of home-made remedies for the haemorrhoids that be able to extract you of troubles if you are crossing this problem.

The internal haemorrhoids or the day pupils (be which is the case) there are a problem that arises in the region of the year due to an ingestion poor in fibre on the part of the individual, which is more difficult the depositions. Hence, to resort to some home-made remedies to treat the haemorrhoids of course I resulted to you from help to get rid of them.

One of these home-made remedies consists of the application of olive oil, which contains conditioning properties that will help you to limit the pain and the itch associated to this problem. However much it costs, you must take an olive oil teaspoonful every day (do not apply it straight on the affected area).

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Properties of the pomegranate tree


The grenades are an exquisite fruit that is valued by his medicinal properties from very ancient times. The ancient Egyptians and the civilization grecorromana already knew them and were promoting his use. The legacy has come until our days, when also there are known the medicinal properties of the tree that gives birth to them.

It is a question of the pomegranate tree, which crust and root also have one to drive medicinally that is made use by the popular medicine. One of the remedies most used with the crust and the root of the pomegranate tree is the antiparasitic one, which makes possible that our organism expels the worms that parasitan in our intestines. Let's go some steps further away to know some other properties of the pomegranate tree.

The gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or other dental illnesses as the periodontitis or parodontosis they can talk each other with the pomegranate tree. There is applied for this an infusion that is used like mouth rinsing.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Acupuncture against the insomnia: New evidences


We have spoken several times of natural remedies for the insomnia, and also we know some alternative therapies that work in the treatment of this problem. The acupuncture is one of them, and the science has associated to this old practice of Chinese medicine to the treatment against the insomnia.

We increase the records related to it thanks to a recent investigation of report realized by a group of Chinese investigators of the University of Medicine China of Beijing, who have checked several studies published to verify the incidence of the acupuncture on the insomnia.

The global results pointed to emphasize the acupuncture as a treatment more effective than the provided one by the pills of the conventional medicine. In fact, the herbs treatment against the insomnia increased in effectiveness if it was complementing itself with acupuncture.

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Prince Carlos in defense of the alternative medicine


Although the alternative medicine grows progressively in his number of users, from the government of the United States it is not born in mind at the time of establishing regulations. The administration Obama is trying to fix a few regulations on this matter, which might affect in the systems of health of several countries, and that might mean a brake to the sale of products of alternative medicine.

In this frame countries as Great Britain can fall down between the list of 'regulated', and this situation has made a little nervous picturesque Prince Charles, who has summoned to a meeting with the sanitary authorities of the British government to clarify terms.

Carlos, old defender of the alternative medicine, has conversed with Andy Burnham, the secretary of health of the government, with sights of convincing it that does not leave that the American regulations harm the sale of alternative products in this country, since the same ones prohibit the sale of products of health persons who are not professional doctors.

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Recent benefits of the stinging nettle


However much the stinging nettle associated straight with annoyance, but in the frame of the popular medicine this grass has been used in innumerable occasions to treat a problems endless number.

The medicine herbalist has been able to extract profit of the stinging nettle to treat illnesses like the drop, the anemia or the hay fever, also to reduce the pain of joints and the muscular pain, the arthritis, the tendinitis and up to stings of insects or problems of the skin. And in addition to it, the science has contributed his quota of benefits of the stinging nettle to keep on adding up.

For example, recently it was discovered that the stinging nettle is very useful for problems of the prostate, specifically to treat the prostate hiperplasia beninga. Although concrete applications are missing to verify the utility of this treatment, at least it is known that the stinging nettle can be a future investigation field to treat the illness.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

The linen oil against the osteoporosis


The osteoporosis can be caused by many factors, and if the symptoms of the illness begin to appear, it is a good idea that you consult your doctor immediately to look for solutions. If you have spent the menopause, your risk of contracting osteoporosis is major than that of any another person, and more it costs to be preparing his appearance.

The linen seeds are one of the natural products that offer simultaneously nutrition and medicinal properties. These are a report of the healthy diet of many persons, and the battery of knowledge that has emphasized his medicinal potential keeps on growing.

In this case, Egyptian investigators who International Journal of Food Safety publish his investigation in, Nutrition and Public Health, have concluded that the linen oil is a good solution to prepare the osteoporosis in women postmenopáusicas.

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Soya to treat the colon cancer


The benefits of the soya have been commented in our blog, but also we have warned on his undue consumption. Be as it is, it is undeniable that for certain particular cases, it is possible to extract an extraordinary profit of the soya, and the treatment against the cancer joins this list.

Specifically as regards the colon cancer, since a team of investigators of the Infantile Hospital and the Research center of Oakland in the United States has discovered an interesting characteristic of the soya, which turns to this food an interesting resource to treat the colon cancer.

The protagonist is not the soya in itself, but the SDs (known in English how sphingadienes), molecules lípidas natural whose high levels are associated with a reduction of the effects of the cancer of colon.

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Go out: A priest against the depression?


When it is a question of salt, it is impossible not to support ambivalent feelings towards this seasoning. On one hand, the salt is irreplaceable of an infinity of plates that parade our table, and it is a guarantee of good flavor. Nevertheless, his harmful potential for our cardiovascular system is the highest, and we must be careful with his consumption.

With it in account (especially the last thing), we propose develar another facet of the salt, this time straight related to our frames of mind and to our mental health: his potential to fight the depression. Almost we might say that we are in the presence of a natural antidepressant, and several studies like that have demonstrated it.

It has been proved that the salt is capable of increasing the attention and the speed of reaction of the one who completes it, and also it has been demonstrated that this seasoning is capable of improving the humor making us feel good.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Acupuncture for pregnant women


When it comes the pregnancy opens a new chapter to itself in the life of the woman. The happy moments associated with him are notable, but also there are bad someone. One of them there are the pains that the physical changes of the pregnancy produce, being one of the most notable the backache produced by the weight of the fetus.

This is very common in many pregnant women, and it is accentuated usually more than anything in the low part of the back. It is here where the counterweight is accentuated, and also in the pelves, where also pain is endured. To avoid it and to be able to live through the pregnancy of normal form, the acupuncture is an excellent solution.

American Journal of Obstetrics publishing in and Gynecology, a group of investigators have worked with 159 pregnant women who were divided in three groups: one that received auriculotherapy treatment (acupuncture in the ears), other that received an acupuncture treatment in false points of the body, and other that did not receive any treatment.

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Pumpkin for the vaginal infections


Before the alert alarm sounds, before the appearance of vaginal infections you must not lose the calmness. These are quite common, and you have not to exhasperarte before the fungi diagnosis in the vagina. How to solve them of natural form? We know some home-made remedies for it, but we focus on ourselves today in a particular agent: the pumpkin.

A group of investigators has worked with a taken extract of the rind of pumpkin, which has demonstrated to have interesting properties as regards the vaginal fungi, specifically with gérmenes like Candid albicans, a type of mushroom that major causer of the same ones considers.

In cells cultivation in laboratory, the investigators discovered that the protein Pr-2 of the rind of pumpkin was making the growth of the germ difficult without damaging the cells and hence without producing the damage associated with the mushroom.

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Pumpkin for the vaginal infections


Before the alert alarm sounds, before the appearance of vaginal infections you must not lose the calmness. These are quite common, and you have not to exhasperarte before the fungi diagnosis in the vagina. How to solve them of natural form? We know some home-made remedies for it, but we focus on ourselves today in a particular agent: the pumpkin.

A group of investigators has worked with a taken extract of the rind of pumpkin, which has demonstrated to have interesting properties as regards the vaginal fungi, specifically with gérmenes like Candid albicans, a type of mushroom that major causer of the same ones considers.

In cells cultivation in laboratory, the investigators discovered that the protein Pr-2 of the rind of pumpkin was making the growth of the germ difficult without damaging the cells and hence without producing the damage associated with the mushroom.

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Pumpkin for the vaginal infections


Before the alert alarm sounds, before the appearance of vaginal infections you must not lose the calmness. These are quite common, and you have not to exhasperarte before the fungi diagnosis in the vagina. How to solve them of natural form? We know some home-made remedies for it, but we focus on ourselves today in a particular agent: the pumpkin.

A group of investigators has worked with a taken extract of the rind of pumpkin, which has demonstrated to have interesting properties as regards the vaginal fungi, specifically with gérmenes like Candid albicans, a type of mushroom that major causer of the same ones considers.

In cells cultivation in laboratory, the investigators discovered that the protein Pr-2 of the rind of pumpkin was making the growth of the germ difficult without damaging the cells and hence without producing the damage associated with the mushroom.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Of what does the homeopathic treatment HANSI consist?


Inside the homeopathy treatments there is the method HANSI that consists of the association of multiple vegetable, animal and mineral substances combined appropriately in different liquid dinamizaciones.

It is used to fight illnesses that alter the immune system (tumore s of diverse origins, dermatologic complaints, urológicas, allergic reactions, declarations reumatológicas and different pathologies inmunodepresivas).

It is recommended to initiate the treatment as soon as possible opposite to the diagnosis of the illness, since incompatibilities do not exist with therapeutic others.

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Aikido: martial or medicinal art?


At present the health concept alludes to the absence of some illness. Nevertheless the western culture, the orthodox medicine, has considered the alterations of the body to be an illness. The development of the psychiatry allowed a major approach the alterations of the mind. But an even more global approach is missing and it is that of the unit between the mind and the body. Undoubtedly it is a thought more advanced than the western one. It tries it it is the progressive one and more and more frequent interest in the oriental culture in the industrialized countries of culture and Judeo-Christian social organization.

The western society is more and more sick, if in the illness concept there is included the lacking energy, the absence of happiness, the absence of illusion or, in his defect, the absence of serenity and of balance.

The explanation takes root in the enormous influence that the society in whom we live has on our minds, exponentially increased by the visual means. The transcendental problem of health of the western society is the illness cardio and cerebrovascular. Nevertheless, every time there is more information that award to the biggest stress importance as factor of cardiovascular risk that an inadequate diet or a sedentary life in excess.

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Bran, natural slimming product


The bran is the result of a part of the grinding of the grains of cereals.

At present there has become frequent the use of the bran due to the big quantity of nutrients and dietetic fibres that it contains, and turns it in especially suitable for one more nutrition complete the nutritive diet of the persons.

A bran spoonful provides a third part of the daily request of fibre (20 grams). The true thing is that the bran has multiple benefits for our health and organism, between others, it reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To put ourselves in form, a fashionable plant: The Artichoke


Did you know? what to put themselves in form do we need neither many studies very complex nor exercises? A good diet, steadfastness and rest are some basic tricks that can help to put us in form.

A good way of doing it, is to continue some "consejitos" on some medicinal plants that can help us to reach our target, today, one of them: the ARTICHOKE.

The artichoke is a plant recommended for the excess weight or control of weight, for his depurative action, it stimulates the biliary secretion acting on the constipation. It is especially useful in case of congestion or lazy liver and bad digestion of fats.

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The risks of consuming dull grass


We have already spoken enough about the dull grass and his benefits. First we present them to all and then we were one for one, in search of executing a deeper analysis. The first one of them was the loss of weight, then we continue with the cardiovascular problems and the repair of the ADN.

Today we will go for more and of the altmedicine.about hand we will speak about the risks of the dull grass, between them the cancer. Are they interested in?

According to some studies, the chronic consumption of dull grass has been related to a major cancer risk in the bladder, the esophagus, the lung, the head and the neck. Anyhow, the investigators have still to determine how or why the dull grass increases this risk.

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