Thursday, December 31, 2009

Introduction to Vastu Shastra

vastu shaasta

One of the most popular practices come from the oriental knowledge is the Fengh Shui, which for his big attraction and for his adaptability has been adapted quickly by Occident. Fengh Shui departs from the Chinese philosophy, and he is it is the art of decoration and disposition of the hearth to facilitate the flow of energy or Chi.

Pero China has not been the only oriental knowledge focus. The India also has stood out in it, and the Hindu philosophy also has its own system of spatial disposition to administer the energy flow: Vastu Shastra (known also like Vaastu Shastra).

Vastu Shastra is something like Hindu Fengh Shui, and originally it developed to be applied in temples and monumental architecture. Nevertheless, with his popularization and his revenue to Occident, this system joined to the common and current hearths, and many houses are organized as regards his beginning.

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