Saturday, December 19, 2009

Acupuncture against the insomnia: New evidences


We have spoken several times of natural remedies for the insomnia, and also we know some alternative therapies that work in the treatment of this problem. The acupuncture is one of them, and the science has associated to this old practice of Chinese medicine to the treatment against the insomnia.

We increase the records related to it thanks to a recent investigation of report realized by a group of Chinese investigators of the University of Medicine China of Beijing, who have checked several studies published to verify the incidence of the acupuncture on the insomnia.

The global results pointed to emphasize the acupuncture as a treatment more effective than the provided one by the pills of the conventional medicine. In fact, the herbs treatment against the insomnia increased in effectiveness if it was complementing itself with acupuncture.

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