Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Juniper berries


The juniper berries are the fruit of a woody plant, named with the same name: juniper. His fruit (the berries) has green color while it is in the tree, and then it is getting dark up to maturing. When they dry off and return of blue color, purple or black, already they are prompt for his culinary application.

One of the uses most known for the berries of juniper (also so called juniper berries or juniper berries) it is the scenting of the gin. In fact, his name in French is what named him the drink. Also it takes part in the scenting of other drinks, like the Dutch gin or the Finnish beer Sahti.

The juniper is in the mountainous and cold areas of Europe, Asia and North America. The juniper berries are more valued by his medicinal properties, which for his culinary properties. One believes that the same ones increase the physical resistance, they help in the digestion, they have balsamic properties, expectorants, diuréticas and antiseptic, between others.

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