Sunday, January 31, 2010

The year's profits of Jalandhara Bhanda


We have already spoken of three to you bhandas that there exist in our organism, that is to say, those voluntary movements that involve contractions in the muscles to forward the energy Kundalini for the whole body. Today I will center on one of them, Jalandhara Bhanda, which is the one that first is learned in yoga.

Located in the gullet, the "key" of Jalandhara Bhanda exercises sat in the soil with the right back and inclining the head forward, with the slogan of supporting the relaxed neck and without contracting the side muscles. This way, our chin rests on the hollow formed between the bones of the clavicle.

With these movements, Jalandhara Bhanda immobilizes the cervical ones and the first back ones, and consequently the area of the nape increases the energy flow pránica towards the top centers of the brain. The opening of the bhanda does that there are liberated the nervous impulses accumulated in the cervical plexus, what produces the activation of several cerebral centers.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to prepare the renal problems

like - prevenir-los-problemas-renales

Our kidneys are one of the most important organs that has our human body, since they allow us to clean the organism. Somewhere here there happens the garbage of all the food that we consume every day, and for it it is very important to know how to prepare the renal problems.

To prepare the problems in the kidney is closely related to our good feeding in the current moment, and paying attention to them we can do that the renal problems do not appear in our lives.

It is important to do checkups to us every six months with a specializing doctor, and in them the levels of our blood pressure should be below 130/80. Also, to prepare the renal problems we should have a level of moderate sugar in the blood. The fat level or of lípidos in our organism it is very important to be able to support our ideal blood pressure.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Benefits of the golden linen

benefits of the linen dorado.jpg

The golden linen owes his name thanks to the fact that this one comes from a plant that takes the same name: the linen. From this plant principally two products are extracted, one is the fibre of linen that comes from the stem of this plant, and other is his seed. Both are the persons in charge of the benefits of the golden linen.

World's Healthiest Foods mentions each of the benefits of the linen gilded for the health, which make sure that this food will turn into one of the food preferred in many of the hearths of the world.

Between the properties of the golden linen we find a high one component omega 3, proteins and fibre. These are present in several classes of bread, which creators use to this seed to give him a more agreeable and healthy flavor to the bread. Nevertheless, to make use of these properties it is advisable to consume like one more more of our food. Or, lonely. (I resided …)

The yoga reduces the inflammation


When the problems of health are related to a high inflammatory answer, it is necessary to take serious measures on this matter. The fact is that the inflammation can go so far as to cause really dangerous illnesses for the health (arthritis), some of them being able to turn out to be fatal (diabetes, heart attacks).

The conventional medicine offers a quantity of treatments to reduce the inflammation, and in cases of fragile health it is fundamental to contact with a qualified doctor. The skills of relaxation of the alternative medicine also can help you, and as many of them are integrated to the yoga, this practice can turn out to be a good solution.

In fact, there is this the conclusion of a new study published in Psychosomatic Medicine, which has worked with a group of practitioners feminine of yoga (habitual and sporadic), this way to know his answer to the inflammation.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

To improve the sight with carrot juice


Although it can go so far as to look like a utopia, there is not he doubts that from immemorial times one has mentioned about the privileges that the carrot and his relation has with our eyes.

There are those who think that the absence of vision is related straight for to the age, logic that would remain discarded when we see children in an early age using glasses; and the fact is that in fact the absence of vision that a person goes so far as to have is rather related to few vitamin quantity A that could have the same one, something that has relation with the term Antooftálmica.

Other one of the reasons for which one mentions that a person could go so far as to have a poor visibility, alludes to the environment in which this person is, since the contamination can be an important factor that it affects in the eyes of an almost similar way to as there takes place an oxidation of a chemical reaction, and as it is logical to think, our eyes are always in direct contact with the ambience of the ambience in which we are.

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The myrtle and the absence of sleep


The myrtle is a tree of few height which scientific name is blepharocalyx tweediel and that due to his size often is confused like a shrub; as principal characteristics that it is possible to notice to a trunk of a small thickness that he arranges a very hard crust in addition to cracked.

Due to the form that his sheets have, the myrtle is very easy to identify, since these appear in the shape of spearhead with certain linear guidelines, themselves that they can have between 3 and 8 centimeters long and also a 4 millimeters small thickness as maximum. Other one of the characteristics that has the myrtle is as for the flowers as for which this one has, which appear of white color in stems axilares trifloros and significantly shorter than the sheets.

On a global scale it is one of the most well-known plants that can be in different places, being also of predilection of many of the inhabitants in certain towns due to the home-made and medicinal use that he usually give to this myrtle plant.

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The myrtle and the absence of sleep


The myrtle is a tree of few height which scientific name is blepharocalyx tweediel and that due to his size often is confused like a shrub; as principal characteristics that it is possible to notice to a trunk of a small thickness that he arranges a very hard crust in addition to cracked.

Due to the form that his sheets have, the myrtle is very easy to identify, since these appear in the shape of spearhead with certain linear guidelines, themselves that they can have between 3 and 8 centimeters long and also a 4 millimeters small thickness as maximum. Other one of the characteristics that has the myrtle is as for the flowers as for which this one has, which appear of white color in stems axilares trifloros and significantly shorter than the sheets.

On a global scale it is one of the most well-known plants that can be in different places, being also of predilection of many of the inhabitants in certain towns due to the home-made and medicinal use that he usually give to this myrtle plant.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Causes of the pain of ear

causes of the pain of oido.jpg

The causes of the pain of ear can be of diverse character, since these depend in general both on internal and external factors, often related to our own life style. We propose to know them this way to treat the earache.

Physiologically the earache can go so far as to take place due to an excessive accumulation of liquid that turns out to be unable to happen for the average ear, reason for which this one exercises pressure eardrum. This causes pains of different level and grade that can even go so far as to provoke an infection damaging the health of the ears.

But we had mentioned that the causes of the pain of ear have different variants associated with the same life style that a person could go so far as to have, and in case of the children the causes can stem from a cold. This bacterial infection can go so far as to obstruct Eustaquio's horn, preventing this way from existing a normal drainage of this liquid accumulated towards the external part of the ear and producing the pain.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exercises of Reiki


The Reiki exercises have come being realized by a lot of time to try to find an interior peace that he benefits to the spirit and that gives balance to our lives. Several Reiki exercises exist, and today we propose some to work with the lungs.

A common and current person can learn reiki simply practising simple skills, for which the only thing that is needed is to dedicate little time. This will allow us to know our own human body, key point so that the efficiency of each of these skills should manage to obtain the wished target.

Many of these skills involve respiration exercises with the lungs. These organs of the human body have a big potential, and we can do to them called for our integral benefit.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Celery: A diuretic revitalizante


Not they all like the celery, and the fact are that his flavor often relegates to the last places even between his those who like to consume fruits and vegetables regularly. Anyhow, the flavor of the celery can be exploited to cook exquisite plates that you can know here. Nevertheless, let's go to our area, to that of the properties of the celery.

So much the sheets, the root and the fruits of the celery can be used to extract their profit. One of the characteristics of the celery is his aptitude to act like a powerful diuretic, and perhaps it is this the one that characterizes it better. The celery is an excellent diuretic that activates the kidneys, making possible to treat renal insufficiencies, drop or stones in the kidney. Also, with his action it eliminates the toxins that exist in our body.

It is not quite in reference to the celery. This plant also contains one to drive aperitif and tonificante that awards a sensation of vitality and well-being in the one who completes it. When his juice gets together with that of tomato or carrot, his gesticulating in this sense multiplies.

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Alternative medicine for the gland thyroid gland


The hipotiroidismo or the hipertiroidismo are two very common illnesses (the first one more than the second one), both partners to the gland thyroid gland. This hormone is key in our organism, and she is in charge between other things of regulating the metabolism of our organism. The disorders associated with his shortcoming produce diverse problems difficult to treat, that are solved following the indications of the doctor.

The contribution of the alternative medicine can be, nevertheless, very important to solve both the hipotiroidismo and the hipertiroidismo. We revise today some solutions to it originated from the slope of the alternative medicine so that you could extract profit of them.

First of all, the feeding is to the first thing that you must pay attention if your gland thyroid gland turns out to be affected. Some modifications to your diet can help you to solve your problems, such as the supplements of iodine, the consumption of soya, the coconut oil and other supplements.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Healthy mind to strengthen the immune system


In several parts of the world (the half, specially) the winter is comfortably installed. With him there come the rains, the snowfalls, the wind and the deadly cold that freezes up to the bones. And the winter arrival not only collaborates with thermal sensations, but with several problems of health.

Flu, cold, nasal congestions … they and his heavy relatives (the pneumonias, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, etc.) are associated normally with this station, and for it to strengthen the immune system is the best way of preparing them.

We know the general advices to improve his activity. These are a good feeding that includes many vitamins and varied minerals, accompanied by physical activity that allows us to be supported in form. Also, it is important to rest the sufficient thing (between seven or eight hours of sleep newspapers) this way to recover energies.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Retrogression therapy for all


To refer to the retrogression brings us inevitably to the name of Brian Weiss. The prestigious driving psychiatrist of this alternative therapy has spread the beginning of the retrogression in countless conferences and publications, and his work is known and respected worldwide for having applied retrogression skills with very positive results in patients.

Personally I have experienced the retrogression therapy, and in OtraMedicina we have discussed some things with regard to her. To carry out it not necessary implies believing in the reincarnation or belonging to a certain religion. It talks each other of an exercise purely personally that involves nothing more that to the individual and his past, the last one dealt with his widest conception.

The skepticism and the disrespect abound in many of the opinions that are used against these therapy, in general directed from a public lacking in knowledge and who has never experienced it. But the benefits of the therapy of retrogression are applicable to all the human beings, and absolutely all the persons can extract profit of this therapy.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

The bilberries improve the memory


The fashion of consuming bilberries does not justify itself only for his delightful flavor. The bilberries go beyond being nice blue little bolls that suit in ice creams, desserts and salads of fruit; also, there are a magnificent nutritional agent that very effective being has demonstrated in diverse occasions.

Nevertheless, one had never associated it with the cerebral health up to today, when a group of American investigators of the University of Cincinnati in the United States has associated to these fruits to a substantial progress of the memory.

There publishing in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the investigators have realized some experiments with persons septuagenarians who consumed between 2 and 2 glasses and way of juice of bilberries a day for two months and to whom then his memory capacity measured itself them.

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Handle to fight the cancer


The handle, for his exoticism and for his flavor, is one of the fruits that better sell when they are in full period. To his exquisite flavor and his versatility to be used in the kitchen, there him join a few interesting nutritional properties between which the presence of vitamins is counted A and C, in addition to a high place contained in fibre.

But like many some other fruits, the handles contain an element that awards them a particular interest: the antirust content of the same ones. East owes largely to his polyphenols, compounds that grant him one to drive antirust that allows him the handles to serve to fight diverse illnesses.

Between them we find to the cancer, and not only to one, but to diverse types of cancer, as there has discovered a group of investigators of National Mango Board of the United States.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reflex therapy for children


The reflex therapy is a therapy that does not date back to too much time behind in the applications of alternative medicine. The therapy takes cardinal concepts of the acupuncture, and across the work on certain points of our organism he thinks about how to recover to the body of diverse evil and simultaneously to help us to prepare illnesses.

There are great the persons who can enjoy the benefits of the reflex therapy, and although his effects are not verified científicamente it is recommended by many doctors due to the positive experiences extracted from the application of the skill in all kinds patients.

The children integrate it is ready, and there are different the experts who recommend the reflex therapy for children, since it has been demonstrated that in many cases it has turned out to be very effective for them.

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The tea and the coffee improve the attention


The tea and the coffee are part of the breakfasts of a big part of the population. Of having breakfast I am more partial to the milk, but it costs to admit that both the tea and the coffee suppose many benefits for the health. One of them is related to our attention capacity, as there has demonstrated recently a study realized by Unilever that is published in the magazine Appetite.

In him the Dra. Suzanne Einöther has realized some experimental essays comparing gesticulating both of the tea and of the coffee on the capacity of attention of approximately 29 individuals, this way to demonstrate that both drinks can take advantage to improve the cognitive capacity of the human beings.

Eiöther and his team observed that the combination of both drinks was improving significantly the attention of the subjects involved in the study, something that owes to individual components of every infusion, that cocktails promote his gesticulating.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Practise yoga and support your healthy heart


When it is a question of supporting I recover to the cardiovascular system it is necessary to read with attention, since this one can nicotinism, stress, bad position turns affected by many habits and situations that in major or minor measurement we all face (etc.). On this matter, we resort again to the yoga, a practice that is significantly beneficial for the cardiovascular health.

To practise yoga can be an excellent alternative way to improve the cardiovascular health of the patients, as there has demonstrated a recent study realized with practicing patients of the yoga, confirming studies again realized previously.

The Indian investigators who carried out this investigation and that there publishes in International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics, have compared the changeability of the cardiac rhythm in practicing patients of yoga and in healthy adults who were not carrying out the practice, discovering that the same best age in case of the first ones.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Desintoxicar the skin naturally


The creams rejuvenecedoras and the tonics for the skin are of common use between the persons that they wish desintoxicar the skin. Nevertheless, his chemical content and his high cost turn a solution not always completely adapted to improve the skin.

That we prefer the option of the natural thing in general we usually recommend the application of natural products for desintoxicar the skin. In fact, beyond them several options exist in alternative medicine for desintoxicar the skin naturally without having to resort to highly costly chemicals.

For example, as for feeding it is a good idea to take a soft laxative before us going to sleep. To the awakening, to have breakfast with a glass of lukewarm water to begin to move the kidneys and that these eliminate the toxins of our body. Three glasses of warm water must be consumed before arrival the nochecita.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Grenades to prepare the breast cancer


I was never very fanatical of the flavor of the grenade, but to doubt the benefits of the grenade not only is an idiocy act, but also of ignorance. The properties of this fruit act especially to fight the acidity and to improve stomach problems, although other organs also benefit from them (as it is the case of the kidneys, for example).

His benefits are of wide application in popular medicine, and the science has demonstrated them in diverse opportunities. That of today is not the exception, since an investigation is concluído that the grenade is a possible suitable agent to prepare the breast cancer.

A group of investigators worked with the fruit applying it in laboratory tests, where there was observed closely in rodents his activity relative to the prevention of the illness. The experiments demonstrated that the acid elágico of the fruit was inhibiting the formation of growth of carcinogenic cells, which allowed to conclude that products rich in this acid might prepare the illness.

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Dry fruits to prepare illnesses


In epochs of holidays the dry fruits are a common place in several food. Puddings, bread sweets or the fruits for the fruits themselves are an authentic delight of which almost nobody is deprived, and that in addition to having an exquisite flavor they suppose a benefits quantity for the health.

Although during his making process the dry fruits lose many of his properties in the original state, the same ones are a very healthy agent of which extracting profit. Arguments in favor of it have handled a group of investigators, who have associated them with the prevention of diabetes and of cardiovascular diseases.

Investigators of the University Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona offered to them to a group of volunteers different rations of dry fruits during certain time, earlier, during and after which also they measured different parameters of his health to see if the ingestion of this food supposed some change in his organisms.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Movements of Swedish massage


The Swedish massage is one of the massages most spread inside the therapies of this type. His popularity owes to the simplicity of his application, which not necessary means that any person can carry out it. The movements of Swedish massage must be realized of correct form, since otherwise there runs the risk of worsening the condition of the patient.

The benefits of the Swedish massage have been proved in more than one occasion, and between them we count the muscular stretching, the elimination of the stress, the liberation of contractions, reduction of the pain, reduction of the inflammation, emotional benefits or a progress in the lymphatic circulation, between some others.

But only with standardized methods of Swedish massage and with a good skill we can generate benefits in the patient. For it, we aim next at the three most basic movements of Swedish massage of the discipline.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doshas de la Ayurveda


The Ayurveda is not an only one medicinal system, but a way of seeing the world. According to this philosophy, the energy is distributed of diverse forms in the ground, and all the declarations that there happen are a product of a declaration of energy and previous vital force.

All vital force is a combination of the elements escenciales: air, space, fire, water and ground, which form the universe. These five elements are translated in biology in the Dosha concept. In medicine terms ayurvédica the Doshas are forms qualifying rounds of the biological declarations, and the persons enter three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

These conditional Doshas both the physical form and the mental one of the human being, and the activities of the body and mind, his state of health and his emotional state, are straight dependent on the state of these Doshas. On having perceived imbalance in them, emotional problems or problems of health happen.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Properties of the gems: Amethyst


One of the stones most used in jewelry shop due to his plenty is the Amethyst. As for gemoterapia, this stone also implies numerous uses, and his benefits are well-known for the practitioners of this alternative therapy.

The Amethyst is a stone associated naturally with the balance. His presence serves as balance between opposite forces and mental disharmony. When it is present in a particular ambience it is capable of resisting the bad fortitudes and of recovering the present original harmony in him.

It symbolizes values as the purity and the justice, and also one associates it with the power. From his use in alchemy these values have been associated with her, and from there it was supported that the stone is capable of transforming the negative energy into positive energy.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Natural remedies for the breathlessness


The breathlessness is the sudden sensation of heat experienced by women who cross the stage of the menopause. This is one of the symptoms of the menopause, and his appearance often is associated with other associate, such symptoms as the sickness, to beat intensely of the heart, morning sickness or anxiety.

The breathlessness is normal and they happen in all the women who cross this stage. Nevertheless, in some occasions these can have severe consequences and harm the life of the women who endure them, becoming necessary of that the doctor takes control. In these cases, some natural remedies against the breathlessness can result from big help.

The natural medicine recommends several natural extracts to fight them, lists that they integrate the bilberries, the extract of sheets of olive tree, the turmeric, the green tea and the nail of smell, between some others.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Properties of the coconut oil

The coconut oil is one of the products that in terms of alternative medicine is more fashionable. The properties of the coconut oil are well-known due to the high popularity of this vegetable oil, and his use is recommended for a big situations quantity.

This greasy substance is obtained from the pressed one of the pulp of the coconut, and is used often in the cosmetic industry. Creams, soaps and shampoos are prepared by them by means of this vegetable oil, and today we explain to you why, doing a brief list of his principal benefits.

Most known of them be probably the associate to the care of the hair. The coconut oil is one of the most nourishing agents for the hair, and to massage the scalp with him contributes numerous benefits. This way you will make sure that you will not have dandruff and will recover the sheen of the hair.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shibashi as warming in the Thai Chi


Another day we were mentioning the importance of the warming in the Thai chi. As any practice that involves physical activity and demand (although it is light or moderate), we cannot face it in cold. If we do not realize any warming exercises before our exercises of Thai Chi, we run the risk of enduring muscular injuries or you will articulate.

Therefore, before beginning the routine, it is good to realize some exercises to warm. The shibashi is a good way of doing it, since there treats deuna exercises routine of qi gong that is very soft and harmonic, and his achievement does not need a lot of physical effort.

Basically the shibashi exercises are realized in a fixed position. Or, our torso is fixed to the soil in a certain position, and there are the arms and the legs those who move. The movements are realized in diagonal angles, extending our extremities and returning them to our initial position.

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Exercises of Thai Chi


The exercises of Thai chi are only a part of the Thai chi chuan, practical that in addition to the physical expression that these reflect, there involves the mental state of concentration and harmony that I was on a par with the exercises and positions that constitute the practice.

But the Thai chi is a quite complex one that both the mind and the body shape, and every exercise integrates with the others to activate the chi that exists in our interior. We try in this post framed in our special one of Thai chi. to present some exercises of Thai chi that allow to realize this millennial practice.

Waking up the Chi

Most of the exercises of Thai chi begin with a previous warming that serves to acclimate the organism and to penetrate in practice. With this exercise which photo we see under keeping on reading, we achieve desperatar the Chi as warming to get in other exercises. That will come next.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Thai Chi and the Yin and Yang

I think Jean- Luc Picard, who is played by Patrick Stewart, is one of my favorite captains of all the Star Trek series, of course I loved him in the X-Men film series as well. I remember him saying an interesting thing in an interview and that was when he received the part of the Captain of the Enterprise, he was considered an unknown in Hollywood so when the press did write-ups about the new series The Next Generation, instead of using his name they said "an unknown Shakespearean actor" would be the Captain, so for the duration of the series, he had that placed on his trailer instead of his name. Well, now he is Sir Patrick Stewart and also gave an interesting interview about domestic violence and his personal experience about it.
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Properties of the oil of borage


It would cause of Asia (Syria, specifically) the borage is a medicinal plant known by the form of star of his flower, which has minted his another denomination: star flower. Also it is possible to find it in the Mediterranean and in the whole American continent.

His medicinal uses are multiple, all documented ones and with verified results. His oil is the source of these benefits, which is extracted from the seeds of the plant of borage, which contains numerous medicinal compounds of a cash to gesticulate.

Between the properties of the oil of borage we find the treatment against the arthritis. The application of the oil allows to reduce the symptoms of the illness, since it operates desinflamando the joints and reducing the pain related to the artrtits. 1.1 to 2.8 grams of the oil of borage consumed for three months can limit significantly the symptoms associated with the arthritis.

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Massage of warm stones for couples


The therapy of warm stones is enjoying notable popularity in the last times due to his incursion in the spas and to the beneficial results that the therapy offers. Fighting the insomnia, reducing the stress and the anxiety and providing a method of very effective relaxation for every public, the massage with warm stones is an excellent option to be proved.

And like any alternative therapy, this one is flexible and he can adapt himself to several forms. For example, the massage not necessary must be realized of to one, but in couples also it is highly effective. In fact, in addition to relaxing also it provides an approach between the members of the couple.

First of all it is a question of a therapy that both members of the couple can enjoy to relax his muscles and to enjoy of a moment of authentic relaxation. Also, the same one treats the mental and psychological stress, and serves to improve the health of the skin.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Benefits of the hop


The hop is a medicinal plant with properties that take advantage from the Middle Age. It is recognized easily by the peculiarity of being a climbing plant which talos always chatter towards the right and because it grows near to the rivers and areas with moisture.

It is known also by the name of lupo or betiguera, and usually blooms in summer and it is possible to gather in autumn. Once gathered it is necessary to store it in canisters or receptacles closed and always protected from the light, being useful for periods of up to one year.

Between the properties of the hop he emphasizes his action relaxing and sedative, typical of the plant. This one grants him to the hop notable benefits for persons who endure anxiety and stress, or for those that are attacked by the insomnia and do not manage to conciliate the sleep with facility.

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The zumoterapia is an alternative way of making use of the properties of the fruits and of the vegetables, leaving aside the convention of eating hangovers and making use of them in the shape of juice. It is clear that the zumoterapia is not an alternative therapy in strict sense, but rather a nutritional strategy that acts in the frame of the beginning of the naturopathy.

The fruits are a highly effective, essential nutritional agent for any healthy diet and a very easily digestible food. Nevertheless, some vegetables are not so easy to digest, and his hard stems and fibrous sheets turn out to be not only difficult to process for our jaw, but also they bear a major effort for our stomach during the digestion.

Basically the zumoterapia consists of what moves forward his name. It is a question of consuming the fruits in the shape of juice and not hangovers. This not only makes our digestion of this food easier, but, also on having contained neither the juices nor proteins nor fats, they leave neither garbage nor toxins in our organism.

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Chancapiedra for hepatic problems


The chancapiedra (Phyllanthus niruri) is a tropical plant that grows in several parts of the world. This herb can be from Peru even in the India, and it is a herbaceous plant that does not overcome 50 centimeters high. Although we know it like chancapiedra, this shrub takes other names like quiebrapiedra, chanca stone and account with other denominations as the culture of which it is a question.

The properties of the chancapiedra have been used to treat numerous illnesses, and in several medicinal essays the plant has demonstrated his effectiveness. Between they find the hepatic illnesses, for which this plant is significantly effective.

When there happen attacks of liver or poisonings in the liver, to consume a Chancapiedra infusion can relieve qualitatively the discomfort. It is enough to acquire it in herbalist's shops, so as it grows in forests it is very difficult to gather it for our own means.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Marian thistle against the side effects of the chemotherapy


Part of the treatment against the cancer bears an extremely aggressive process for our organism, which regrettably is the best tool to fight the cancer with the one that counts the medicine. It is a question of the chemotherapy, which after his application generates notable side effects on the organism that can turn out to be unbearable for many patients.

From his place, the alternative medicine in all his applications has proposed several natural solutions to fight the side effects of the chemotherapy. One of them is the Marian thistle, which today is discovered like an effective natural solution for this problem.

A group of investigators has realized a study in which it is proved that the Marian thistle is a plant that can be effective in this sense, and to verify it a series of tests was carried out with 50 children with leukemia to who an extract of the plant was offered to them.

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Soya to prepare the breast cancer


The benefits of the soya as regards the cancer are already known by the science for time, and really recently an investigation highlighted his importance to prepare the colon cancer. In this case, we continue in the same preventive line of the cancer, although in this occasion as regards the breast cancer.

The breast cancer, one of the most common between women and one of those that it takes more victims per year can get ready in certain grade with a suitable feeding and a healthy life style. Between the food to prepare the breast cancer we find the soya, which once again demonstrates his utility for the health.

In an investigation carried out by Chinese investigators who publish his study in JAMA, a test was realized to women with breast cancer whom soya was offered to feed, and then there measured itself his valuation of mortality and his aggravation of the illness.

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The ginkgo biwolf might not be so effective against the Alzheimer's disease evil

Inside all the benefits of the ginkgo biwolf, it is undoubted that the most out-standing is his potential to prepare the Alzheimer's disease evil. On a global scale, it is accepted that the treatment to fight this illness and others of cerebral type associated at the age biwolf consists, between other things, of consuming ginkgo.

In fact, if we do memory backwards we verify that this popular medicinal plant is associated with the attacks prevention brain vascular, one associates it with the prevention of the Alzheimer's disease specifically and even it serves to treat neuropatías in animals. With all this information above, impossible not to remain open-mouthed considering this investigation.

From the University of Pittsburgh there has realized an essay evaluativo for testear the aptitude of the ginkgo biwolf to prepare the Alzheimer's disease evil, coming wing conclusion that the plant is not in fact effective for the prevention of cerebral illnesses.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mistletoe to fight the cancer


The mistletoe is one of the medicinal plants that are not provided with scientific approval, but of that profit has been able to extract the popular medicine with excellent results. His application has been realized to treat illnesses like the arthritis, the hypertension, the hepatits or the headaches, and the list keeps on growing.

One of the illnesses for which the plant has been applied more recently is the cancer. The medicine herbalist has used it successfully, and some laboratory studies have demonstrated that the mistletoe is not only capable of preparing, but of helping to treat the cancer in patients.

It has been observed that the mistletoe stimulates the immune system and kills the carcinogenic cells. Although it has not been proved straight in human beings, the studies have demonstrated that the múerdago has componetes that allow to activate the immune system, and by it perhaps in a future be able to be applied safely to treat the dangerous illness.

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To treat the tinnitus with musicoterapia

to recover tinnitus.jpg

The tinnitus or acúfeno is an auditory illness that is characterized for constant produces a buzz in the ears in the persons who endure it, set sail as to affect seriously his auditory capacity, but the sufficiently annoying thing as to harm in an important grade his quality of life.

The causes of the tinnitus are, regrettably, known for the science. Only it is known that the persons who suffer acúfeno are persons whose auditory system is modified as regards a normal person, and in some sense this is caused of course by the illness.

A treatment does not exist for the tinnitus that has worked in all the cases, and from the alternative medicine there exist some solutions that might work to treat the tinnitus. One of them is the musicoterapia, who according to an investigation realized by German scientists of the University Westphalian Wilhelms of Munster, might treat the acúfeno.

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Acupuncture and the midday points

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Be that we are speaking about acupuncture, auriculotherapy, acupresión or similar alternative therapies, all of them work with the midday points of the body. The meridians of the acupuncture are a central concept in Chinese medicine, and they constitute one of the bases of application and foundation of many therapies come from the oriental knowledge.

Basically, the meridians of the body are lines of energy course that run along our organism. We all have twelve meridians in whole, and these split with six into every half of the body. The energy runs along them freely, and any irruption in his course can bring not wished effects.

The energy blockades generate problems of health of diverse nature, which can go from constipation and headache up to depression. The acupuncture and his associate therapies try to liberate these energy blockades across the stimulus of certain midday points, this way to be able to favor the good health and to do that the energy runs freely for the channels.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Benefits of the yoga for children


The yoga for children is an already well standardized branch of the yoga, and many instructors of the discipline specialize in working with the smallest instead of with major. This way, with children he has been able to make know the yoga and serve like a good option for parents who want to open the world of the yoga to his children.

Although the children are full of energy, many of them do not feel comfortable in sports circles and prefer to be in the computer instead of doing physical activity. This not only is counter-productive for his physicist, but it prevents them to develop the long-term sports habit.

The benefits of the yoga are multiple, and if it is a question of teaching the practice to the children these can do patents to themselves much more quickly since they manage to learn and to adapt themselves to the requirements of the yoga much more rapid than the adults.

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Alternative therapies to sleep well


In terms of alternative medicine the relaxation plays a central role. For it, if for what you look is to relax you and to feel good, you have to know that the alternative therapies are of your side. To sleep well, for example, consituyen the best way to relax.

There exist several alternative therapies that can help you to fight the insomnia and sleep well. This is due to the fact that the complementary medicine works with skills and therapies that make you forget the worries and prepare both your body and your mind at the time of going to sleep.

One of these practices is the yoga. The asanas of yoga that you do in a yoga meeting can help you to rest better during the nights. In fact, this is científicamente verified, and the persons with chronic insomnia manage to liberate tensions and calm the mind to sleep better.

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Sage: An antiseptic native


In childhood times my grandmother was doing the best milk with sage and honey that could be conceived. To take the snack in his house was the best thing that could happen to me, and the milk with sage and honey was never missing in my table. It was clear that there only the flavor was mattering, and not necessary his antiseptic properties.

These are known from formerly, and the popular medicine has been able to extract profit of them. In fact, there exist several medicinal extracts of sage, which are applied like antiseptic to prepare infections achieving excellent results.

The sage acts as antiseptic of very effective form to treat wounds and ulcers along the whole skin. Also, his application is justified in cases of ulcers and mouth ulcers, and the crops of sage and gargles of sage are a good way of preparing infections.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Tai-Chi and his popularity in Google


Internet it is (almost) all today, and his increasing popularity every day confirm the tendency of which if you want to spread something, Google is the way for it. The alternative medicines inspired by a world that it has small or void connection with that of the computer science, do not escape to it either.

In fact, I read another day some lines with regard to the popularity of the oriental philosophy in Google, place in which if you look for ‘meditation‘ you find 3.240.000 results, 'yoga' 71.100.000 and ‘acupuncture‘ 3.640.000. Million Internet places associated with the alternative medicine and with the oriental philosophies infest over there, the Thai one - chi counting between them, skylight.

The popularity of the Thai one - chi is enormous, and Google is contributing enough to it. In fact, in Google Groups the tendency also demonstrates it with 330.000 groups associated with the subject-matter.

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Positions of Yoga to reduce the backache

Fortunately, the creators of the yoga created a practice that turned out to be so finished that it was serving to improve the health of his contemporary millennia and that today, in the full XXIst century, it still serves to do that we enjoy good health. And exactly speaking about us and about our problems of health, it is difficult not to mention to the backache.

In an age in which the physical work has been replaced largely with office work, the bad position is a common place between many persons. She usually produces backache and other associate complications, and to reduce the backache nothing better than a few good yoga exercises that they help to it.

We present today a series of positions of yoga to reduce the backache. After keeping on reading some asanas will be able to find with photos and a brief description.

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Myrrh to reduce the cholesterol


In addition to the lavender, the sandalwood and other popular essential oils, the myrrh incense is different of most consumed in aromaterapia. Anyhow, this time we will speak about the properties of the myrrh associated with his consumption not as essential oil, but as well as nutritive supplement.

The myrrh fragrance is known by his use as perfume, and it is a resinous reddish substance that is obtained of the crust of the tree Commophora abyssinica, a tree that grows in half an east and Somalia. Nevertheless, beyond his exquisite fragrance, the properties of the myrrh go beyond this one.

To discover them, Nadia Saleh Al-Amoudi and his collaborators of the University King Abd Al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia fed laboratory mice with myrrh extract and other vegetable extracts, to verify if it supposed some benefit for his health.

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