Friday, January 29, 2010

Benefits of the golden linen

benefits of the linen dorado.jpg

The golden linen owes his name thanks to the fact that this one comes from a plant that takes the same name: the linen. From this plant principally two products are extracted, one is the fibre of linen that comes from the stem of this plant, and other is his seed. Both are the persons in charge of the benefits of the golden linen.

World's Healthiest Foods mentions each of the benefits of the linen gilded for the health, which make sure that this food will turn into one of the food preferred in many of the hearths of the world.

Between the properties of the golden linen we find a high one component omega 3, proteins and fibre. These are present in several classes of bread, which creators use to this seed to give him a more agreeable and healthy flavor to the bread. Nevertheless, to make use of these properties it is advisable to consume like one more more of our food. Or, lonely. (I resided …)

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