Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Desintoxicar the skin naturally


The creams rejuvenecedoras and the tonics for the skin are of common use between the persons that they wish desintoxicar the skin. Nevertheless, his chemical content and his high cost turn a solution not always completely adapted to improve the skin.

That we prefer the option of the natural thing in general we usually recommend the application of natural products for desintoxicar the skin. In fact, beyond them several options exist in alternative medicine for desintoxicar the skin naturally without having to resort to highly costly chemicals.

For example, as for feeding it is a good idea to take a soft laxative before us going to sleep. To the awakening, to have breakfast with a glass of lukewarm water to begin to move the kidneys and that these eliminate the toxins of our body. Three glasses of warm water must be consumed before arrival the nochecita.

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