Monday, January 18, 2010

Grenades to prepare the breast cancer


I was never very fanatical of the flavor of the grenade, but to doubt the benefits of the grenade not only is an idiocy act, but also of ignorance. The properties of this fruit act especially to fight the acidity and to improve stomach problems, although other organs also benefit from them (as it is the case of the kidneys, for example).

His benefits are of wide application in popular medicine, and the science has demonstrated them in diverse opportunities. That of today is not the exception, since an investigation is concluído that the grenade is a possible suitable agent to prepare the breast cancer.

A group of investigators worked with the fruit applying it in laboratory tests, where there was observed closely in rodents his activity relative to the prevention of the illness. The experiments demonstrated that the acid elágico of the fruit was inhibiting the formation of growth of carcinogenic cells, which allowed to conclude that products rich in this acid might prepare the illness.

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