Thursday, January 28, 2010

To improve the sight with carrot juice


Although it can go so far as to look like a utopia, there is not he doubts that from immemorial times one has mentioned about the privileges that the carrot and his relation has with our eyes.

There are those who think that the absence of vision is related straight for to the age, logic that would remain discarded when we see children in an early age using glasses; and the fact is that in fact the absence of vision that a person goes so far as to have is rather related to few vitamin quantity A that could have the same one, something that has relation with the term Antooftálmica.

Other one of the reasons for which one mentions that a person could go so far as to have a poor visibility, alludes to the environment in which this person is, since the contamination can be an important factor that it affects in the eyes of an almost similar way to as there takes place an oxidation of a chemical reaction, and as it is logical to think, our eyes are always in direct contact with the ambience of the ambience in which we are.

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