Monday, January 11, 2010

Natural remedies for the breathlessness


The breathlessness is the sudden sensation of heat experienced by women who cross the stage of the menopause. This is one of the symptoms of the menopause, and his appearance often is associated with other associate, such symptoms as the sickness, to beat intensely of the heart, morning sickness or anxiety.

The breathlessness is normal and they happen in all the women who cross this stage. Nevertheless, in some occasions these can have severe consequences and harm the life of the women who endure them, becoming necessary of that the doctor takes control. In these cases, some natural remedies against the breathlessness can result from big help.

The natural medicine recommends several natural extracts to fight them, lists that they integrate the bilberries, the extract of sheets of olive tree, the turmeric, the green tea and the nail of smell, between some others.

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