Saturday, January 23, 2010

Retrogression therapy for all


To refer to the retrogression brings us inevitably to the name of Brian Weiss. The prestigious driving psychiatrist of this alternative therapy has spread the beginning of the retrogression in countless conferences and publications, and his work is known and respected worldwide for having applied retrogression skills with very positive results in patients.

Personally I have experienced the retrogression therapy, and in OtraMedicina we have discussed some things with regard to her. To carry out it not necessary implies believing in the reincarnation or belonging to a certain religion. It talks each other of an exercise purely personally that involves nothing more that to the individual and his past, the last one dealt with his widest conception.

The skepticism and the disrespect abound in many of the opinions that are used against these therapy, in general directed from a public lacking in knowledge and who has never experienced it. But the benefits of the therapy of retrogression are applicable to all the human beings, and absolutely all the persons can extract profit of this therapy.

(I resided …)

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