Monday, January 25, 2010

Celery: A diuretic revitalizante


Not they all like the celery, and the fact are that his flavor often relegates to the last places even between his those who like to consume fruits and vegetables regularly. Anyhow, the flavor of the celery can be exploited to cook exquisite plates that you can know here. Nevertheless, let's go to our area, to that of the properties of the celery.

So much the sheets, the root and the fruits of the celery can be used to extract their profit. One of the characteristics of the celery is his aptitude to act like a powerful diuretic, and perhaps it is this the one that characterizes it better. The celery is an excellent diuretic that activates the kidneys, making possible to treat renal insufficiencies, drop or stones in the kidney. Also, with his action it eliminates the toxins that exist in our body.

It is not quite in reference to the celery. This plant also contains one to drive aperitif and tonificante that awards a sensation of vitality and well-being in the one who completes it. When his juice gets together with that of tomato or carrot, his gesticulating in this sense multiplies.

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