Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shibashi as warming in the Thai Chi


Another day we were mentioning the importance of the warming in the Thai chi. As any practice that involves physical activity and demand (although it is light or moderate), we cannot face it in cold. If we do not realize any warming exercises before our exercises of Thai Chi, we run the risk of enduring muscular injuries or you will articulate.

Therefore, before beginning the routine, it is good to realize some exercises to warm. The shibashi is a good way of doing it, since there treats deuna exercises routine of qi gong that is very soft and harmonic, and his achievement does not need a lot of physical effort.

Basically the shibashi exercises are realized in a fixed position. Or, our torso is fixed to the soil in a certain position, and there are the arms and the legs those who move. The movements are realized in diagonal angles, extending our extremities and returning them to our initial position.

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