Sunday, January 31, 2010

The year's profits of Jalandhara Bhanda


We have already spoken of three to you bhandas that there exist in our organism, that is to say, those voluntary movements that involve contractions in the muscles to forward the energy Kundalini for the whole body. Today I will center on one of them, Jalandhara Bhanda, which is the one that first is learned in yoga.

Located in the gullet, the "key" of Jalandhara Bhanda exercises sat in the soil with the right back and inclining the head forward, with the slogan of supporting the relaxed neck and without contracting the side muscles. This way, our chin rests on the hollow formed between the bones of the clavicle.

With these movements, Jalandhara Bhanda immobilizes the cervical ones and the first back ones, and consequently the area of the nape increases the energy flow prĂ¡nica towards the top centers of the brain. The opening of the bhanda does that there are liberated the nervous impulses accumulated in the cervical plexus, what produces the activation of several cerebral centers.

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