Tuesday, January 5, 2010



The zumoterapia is an alternative way of making use of the properties of the fruits and of the vegetables, leaving aside the convention of eating hangovers and making use of them in the shape of juice. It is clear that the zumoterapia is not an alternative therapy in strict sense, but rather a nutritional strategy that acts in the frame of the beginning of the naturopathy.

The fruits are a highly effective, essential nutritional agent for any healthy diet and a very easily digestible food. Nevertheless, some vegetables are not so easy to digest, and his hard stems and fibrous sheets turn out to be not only difficult to process for our jaw, but also they bear a major effort for our stomach during the digestion.

Basically the zumoterapia consists of what moves forward his name. It is a question of consuming the fruits in the shape of juice and not hangovers. This not only makes our digestion of this food easier, but, also on having contained neither the juices nor proteins nor fats, they leave neither garbage nor toxins in our organism.

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