Friday, January 1, 2010

The Tai-Chi and his popularity in Google


Internet it is (almost) all today, and his increasing popularity every day confirm the tendency of which if you want to spread something, Google is the way for it. The alternative medicines inspired by a world that it has small or void connection with that of the computer science, do not escape to it either.

In fact, I read another day some lines with regard to the popularity of the oriental philosophy in Google, place in which if you look for ‘meditation‘ you find 3.240.000 results, 'yoga' 71.100.000 and ‘acupuncture‘ 3.640.000. Million Internet places associated with the alternative medicine and with the oriental philosophies infest over there, the Thai one - chi counting between them, skylight.

The popularity of the Thai one - chi is enormous, and Google is contributing enough to it. In fact, in Google Groups the tendency also demonstrates it with 330.000 groups associated with the subject-matter.

(I resided …)

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