Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mistletoe to fight the cancer


The mistletoe is one of the medicinal plants that are not provided with scientific approval, but of that profit has been able to extract the popular medicine with excellent results. His application has been realized to treat illnesses like the arthritis, the hypertension, the hepatits or the headaches, and the list keeps on growing.

One of the illnesses for which the plant has been applied more recently is the cancer. The medicine herbalist has used it successfully, and some laboratory studies have demonstrated that the mistletoe is not only capable of preparing, but of helping to treat the cancer in patients.

It has been observed that the mistletoe stimulates the immune system and kills the carcinogenic cells. Although it has not been proved straight in human beings, the studies have demonstrated that the mĂșerdago has componetes that allow to activate the immune system, and by it perhaps in a future be able to be applied safely to treat the dangerous illness.

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  1. It has been found that mistletoe helps in combating cancer. It has been observed that mistletoe cause lesser side effects than chemo and radiotherapy. Mistletoe extract bolster the body’s immune system in combating tumours. For more information on it, refer Mistletoe extract